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Martin Fields Screen Protector - Apple iPad 4 / 3 / 2 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The ultimate screen protector with best scratch resistance, durability and enhanced clarity for the Apple iPad 4 / 3 / 2.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28382
$32.86 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 25 customers

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Nightmare to install
I've used a number of screen protectors before. Bought this on the strength of recommendations.Impossible to install without loads of bubbles - tried for over an hour. Very disappointed particlarly as it isn't cheap
Slightly disappointed
Despite the headline, I would have been quite happy with it were it not been "damaged" prior to installation. It would seem that at some point the sheet had been bent, causing some creases, albeit small ones. This meant that it was not possible to get rid of all the bubbles. I think some more robust packaging would have prevented this.
I have always struggled to use screen protectors but not with this one! The instructions were very easy to follow & the tips for getting rid of bubbles & dust were superb. Added to that the product itself is excellent quality & I'm delighted with it.
Expensive but good result
Having just bought an iPad 2 i followed advice and decided to buy a screen protector. Not having any experience on these products i read reviews and decided to go for the more expensive one hoping it would tick all the boxes. I followed the instructions but did not get it perfect first time. I had cleaned the screen and ensured the sticky part of the protector had not finger marks but found after fitting i had several air bubbles. It advises you to peel the protector off to the bubbles and reapply, it took several attempts before i conceded that it was not going get any better. I suppose i expected too much for it to go on first time without any bubbles. The more you peel it off the less bonding there is at the edge of the screen. I am very satisfied with the quality of the screen, you do really forget its on its that clear. I cannot comment on the cheaper products as this is the first screen protector i have bought, but unless i was doing something wrong i still found it fiddly to fit and did not get a good result first time.
Was sceptical when I bought this, but I've just fitted it to the iPad and what a difference it makes. Easy to use, no bubbles and improves screen quality. Bit pricey for a screen protector, but it's worth it.
C through
Went straight on new ipad easily with no bubble/dust/crease issues don't know the difference without it but no apparent visual problems e. G. Viewing tv programmes. At the moment the ipad seems to get put down only to charge and then you can see the fingerprint smudges! a couple of wipes with a microfibre cloth (one from the car) and its as good as new. Not cheap but fit and forget.
Simple, easy and very good
Great, does what is says. Crystal clear, no bubbles and very easy to fit.
Fits ok but a bit too shiny
I like the Martin Fields product, but it would be good if it was less shiny. I had no problem with the fitting - but fingerprints and glare are a bit of a drawback.
You get what you pay for
It has to be said that these screen protectors are a little pricey but if you want a good quality product that does exactly what it says on the box, then these are for you. Comes with full instructions, re-useable and washable too!! You get two in the box so will last ages and when you price up some of the cheaper brands you will probably end up paying the same for a much more, with wastage, inferior product. Can be a bit tricky to align, but even for a novice like me, with a little patience the finished result is fantastic. The protectors are thicker than the cheaper brands and silky smooth - all in all a first class buy.
Patience needed
This screen protector is good quality but no easier to fit than others I have tried. I think that when you fit these they either go on first time or your hair is grey by the time you have fitted it. This cover is washable but be warned; I washed it after several failed attempt to fit it without bubbles (as it became dusty) and as instructed tried to dry it with a hairdrier, however who would have believed that water could be so impervious to a hair drier. I assume the sticky material of the cover was the reason but it was very difficult to dry. I would advise you not to wash unless essential
Does what it says on the "tin"
Really simple to put on and even if you make the odd mistake it's no problem just lift rinse and reapply. The edges on mine lifted a little when I applied the rear case that I bought but I simply trimmed those and was good to go.
Yes, the best costs more...
I have used Martin Fields for years. They cost, but you only buy once. They work and look fine. They apply easily, don't overly affect the light transmission and you feel the screen is genuinely protected. Worth it.
iPad 2 screen protector
I already have a Martin Fields screen protector on my iPhone. Although care is needed in fitting, it is a great product that does not hinder the screen operation at all.
The larger size of the iPad screen caused initial concerns with regards bubbles. This proved groundless as it went on first time and left only one minuscule bubble on the edge.
This product almost fits itself and is ideal for all touch screens.
If you take care fitting, it's excellent! But be warned, taking it off to try again, only seems to increase the number of bubbles.
Extra protection for ipad screen
Bit fiddly to actually attach and this doesn't come with a screen wiper (which when I bought a similar product for my iphone was included) but once on and the bubbles dispersed it's a great screen protector.
Clear instructions, easy to use, went on perfect no bubbles, you would never know it was there.
Easy to apply and no bubbles
Great value and easy to apply. First time I applied a screen protector and had absolutely no trouble at all - no bubbles especially!
only downside is, it is a bit harder and thicker than other brands on the market, but saying that it hasn't affected the performance of my ipad. Will definitely recommended it.
A first class product.
Easy to apply while avoiding bubbles. Unfortunately one of the screen protectors had a very tiny flaw, resulting in a "bubble" of around 2mm diameter that couldn't be removed. Otherwise perfect. An absolutely perfect fit for the ipad screen; much better than cheaper versions that I had tried before buying martin fields.
Brilliant product
With 2 small children I wanted something to protect the screen and this is a brilliant screen protector, was easy to apply with few bubbles which were easily removed, if there was one minor criticism it's that when I put the cool bananas smartshell for ipad 2 - clear on it's able to push the cover off at the edges, but i'd definitely recommend it as a way to protect the screen.
Martin Fields Screen Protector for iPad 2
Excellent product. Easy to apply. Got two very small bubbles under the screen but not in an obtrusive place. Considering I got loads of bubbles when I did a screen protector for my iTouch smaller screen to only get 2 was amazing! Would definitely recommend
The Only Screen Protector To Use
Good Quality Product care needed to apply, because of its size, but once applied it is superb. It beats the competion out of sight
Thought This was what I needed
Excellant service from mobilefun, received the item promptly, however after some use by my garndkis and myself thought I would follow the instructions for cleaning and ran into problems with placing back on ipad without lots of bubbles could be user erroer, but the item is still not on my ipad. So all in all not good.
Forget the rest!!
Tried 2 other screen protectors one about £12 and a cheapo one and they were both rubbish, very difficult to apply and lots of bubbles. This Martin Fields protector is easily the best, zero bubbles, went on first time, perfect fit and re-usable. Maybe expensive but definitely worth it. Dont waste your money on others

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