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Maroo Moko Case for iPad Air - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your iPad Air protected from damage with this sophisticated and durable leather style folio case by Maroo.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41663

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 4.6 stars from 5 customers

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Safe secure & stylish
I had previously been using an Apple Smart Cover with a Belkin shell protector for the rear of the iPad but the corners of the shell cover had begun to crack and break off. After looking around for various replacements, I hit on the Mobilefun web site and the all in one Maroo Moko case.
The iPad is held in place by 4 semi flexible plastic mouldings which are fixed to the rear section of the case. As well as acting as fixings, the mouldings also serve to protect the vulnerable corners of the iPad. The top right moulding also has a clever little button which extends the iPad off button. The front of the case is cleverly articulated which allows it (when folded back) to be used as a stand with a recessed flap at the rear holding it in place to allow landscape viewing of videos etc. Finally, the who'll thing is covered with black leather which gives it a very executive finish. My only criticism of the case is the fastening, this being effected by two elastic straps over the right hand corners.
Overall I am delighted with the product and would be pleased to reccomend it to my friends.
Genuine Leather Bargain
Well happy with this case after 2 weeks solid use. Holds iPad Air nice and snug and protects. Slim, black and leather. Couple of straps inside for bits too but I won't use them as I'm overly protective of my iPad and don't want anything to touch the screen. I'd buy again.
Posh case
I really good quality soft leather iPad Air case with room for business card and stylus.
Holds the iPad in place very securely without covering any of the buttons or speakers.
Soft rubber corner protectors keep it safe if you drop it.
Case folds two ways for either typing or watching movies.
Excellent iPad Case
Really happy with the iPad Air case - excellent quality and real leather. Fitted the iPad perfectly, really compact while still giving good protection.
Beautiful cover for my IPad Air
I needed a robust cover which matched the amazing light and thin IPad Air which I bought on 1st November the first day of launch of this new product. Many sites did not have any exciting specialist cases for the new IPad yet or else had them on their sites but no stock yet. As always MobileFun came up trumps with their Maroo Moko Case in black which had miraculously come into stock on the day I needed it. It is fantastic. Great design and quality for the price. A two position stand plus shock proof complete cover in real leather and both tough and light in weight. It also has all the buttons on the IPad Air accessible. The IPad is held rigidly in the case.Just what the Doctor ordered. Perfect in every way.

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