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Luxury Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leather-Style 3-in-1 Wallet Case - Tan Reviews

This luxury wallet pouch case for the Samsung Note 9 in tan combines exceptional utility with a professional aesthetic to create a case that's perfect for everyday use. Complete with detachable inner frame for travelling light, as well as a zip pouch.
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 3.7 stars from 8 customers

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Excellent phone case
Very sturdy case with many pockets for cards etc
Will certainly keep your phone from being damaged
fantastic product
Secure holder with wallet case.
Not too bad but can be better. Please consider a fixed phone holder with the wallet. My phone has detached and end up on the floor many time. Make the phone holder more secure.
Screen write problems
Nice case. Had the same style for my s7 edge. This one does make the phone very bulky. But the main issue, apart from the wireless charging, is using the stylus. The magnets in the case stop you writing to parts of the screen. If you remove it from the main case it is better, but not perfect. As the main reason for getting a note 9 was the ability to write notes and screen write,this case is totally unsuitable.
Fits nicely but problem with wireless charging
I wanted this wallet style mobile case as I wanted a 2 in 1 situation. The mobile itself can be taken out and put onto the wireless charger. I have an original from Samsung Wireless Charger and as soon as I put it on the mobile recognises it and starts charging. But within 1 minute, the mobile indicates that WIRELESS CHARGING IS PAUSED. It then never charges again. I tested it several times and it always pauses with the case on. When I remove the case, the mobile charges nicely as normal. Still a nice case but you need to remove your phone from it before it will charge wirelessly
Great but there's one big issue
Great quality. Looks very nice. The inner removable magnetic phone case looks really nice and the hand strap is a useful addition that should reduce the chances of the phone falling to the floor. The one issue is that, like the phone, it's quite big. Once your phone is in and there are a few cards in the wallet section it gets quite chunky. Not exactly discreet in jeans or suit pockets. Any insecure men buying this might need to be consider that they may get the pi55 taken out of them for carrying such a lovely purse. My girlfriend thought it was an old-fashioned filofax.

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