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Love Mei Powerful Sony Xperia Z5 Protective Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Sony Xperia Z5 with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible damage from water and dust - this is the black Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.
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 3.9 stars from 19 customers

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no GPS
the case is really solid (2 metal plates + solid rubber), adds lot of weight and size, but I have big pocket so this is all okey. The screen is responsive via the front cover, so just a positive thing. I did not loose any signal strength on the mobile network or wifi, so eveything looked good till I tried GPS. The metal blocks it that much, that I'm unable to get location fixed. So I'm currently looking for other cover.
Strong but heavy
I have no doubts that this case will protect the investment I made in my phone. However, I wasn't counting on the size or weight. It also prevents the use of the fingerprint scanner which is located within the power button.
Great product
I've had this case about two months as I liked the 'dropproof' and waterproof quality. THIS IS NOT WATEEPROOF! I got caught in a shower of rain earlier this evening and has my phone in my hand and an umbrella in the other hand... I was only walking in it for around 10 minutes ans I got home to find water trapped between my phone screen and the screen provided on the case. I took it off to find water residue down the back of my phone too. Really disappointed I wasted my money.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Abbey

Have you tested the case without the phone in to ensure all of the seals are working correctly? Also ensure when the phone is in that all of the seals are correctly fastened for a tight fit.

Please contact us so we can offer assistance if
Love mei sons Z5 compact
Negatives are screws kept coming out - paintwork fades - its heavy - also dust gets through the Case. My gorilla Case also broke in the first couple of weeks in my own pocket.

If you want to stop the hardware from being damaged this Case is probably one of the best out of whats available.
Massive and heavy
Very disappointed, this product is huge and very heavy!
Relative fast
Fast delivery within 2 weeks.

Case Is durable as heck.

Don't regret buying this case

It does double the weight of the phone but it is worth it in my mind.

You grow accustomed to it within a week.

You lose the fingerprint sensor and camera button won't snap photos when pressed.

Considering my line of work in the height area between ground to 3 meter I needed this protective case more than a regular case can offer.

It is very good.

Always love it when people see it, the shock on their face is sometimes fun to see.
I recently purchased the case and must say it's amazing. No dust buildup under the glass, feels solid. It does add weight and size but definitely worth the feeling of having the phone protected. I'd buy one of these again if I get another phone!
Very good choise
Very good choise.it keeps the phone really safe. The only negative is that is too heavy because of metal.
The case is extremely robust and covers the phone very well. It feels as if it protects the phone to a high standard.
Negatives are that it makes the phone very bulky and very heavy. Also, I was surprised that the paint on the case has started to wear at the edges after a few days. This doesn't affect the strength of the case but makes it look worn straight away.
Good product and good trade
The phone case weighs a ton, is solid, which I like
The phone case weighs a ton, is solid, which I like, and not sure if it is made of steel or aluminium, I wanted something I can grab onto and not worry about dropping it so it fits the bill there; it would also serve as a great paper weight, or in your pocket would protect you from any stray flying stray; however, I was surprised that it does leak a smidgen of water in the shower, but perhaps that is because I haven't assembled it properly, because after assembling it, there is one foam piece remaining that doesn't seem to have a place?

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