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Love Mei Powerful Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Protective Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Sony Xperia Z5 Compact with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible damage from water and dust - this is the black Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.
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$39.82 inc VAT
 4 stars from 32 customers

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Great product
Great people to deal with, fast reply, fast order delivery thanks
Good product
Perfect fit and perfect protection for my mobile. Hopefully my phone last a bit longer with this kind of protection.
Love mei tough case.
This case is extremely effective in its protection of my Xperia. I am a stonemason so especially in the winter the case gets another of abuse and stands up to it all. The only issue is the jack access in the case doesn't line up with the jack port in the phone accurately so you are limited to a choice of headphones. The case again though is robust to say the least.
Hi guys.
The phone case is awesome! Things I would change are: send another micro Allen key and a few more grub screws. Reason, the people who use them are not office people and have massive fingers on top of being in demanding enviroments. This culminates in loss potentially of both frequently. Obviously you cannot supply a endless or indefinite amount but a few more would be greatly appreciated. Just a suggestion. Emphasise the with thanks because it is quality, with thanks, Tim B.
good product
good product a bit expensive and took long time to arrive

Products as expected
Great service! Products as expected and shipped quickly
The Best
If you don't mind the additional weight... this is a great buy!... Metal construction which is assembled via secure screws on each corner and with scratch resistant Gorilla glass screen. Strong enough to withstand accidentally been dropped and looks great when fitted. Comes in a alloy Black finish. RECOMMENDED!...
Heavy but secure
I have not dropped the phone in the new case yet but it is feels VERY SECURE. Heavier than I expected. Combined weight of phone and case is 294g. Good quality. No other issues.
This Sony Love mei case is larger and heavier than I expected, however it was the compromise that I felt I needed to make
This Sony Love mei case is larger and heavier than I expected, however it was the compromise that I felt I needed to make, in order to ensure proper protection that suits my lifestyle. I am active and work outdoors being out in the elements year round, which means I needed a case that was durable enough to handle moisture, drops, bangs, etc. After much research I found this case to be one of the most durable on the market. The only negatives were that the metal edges scratch easily (within the first week) and certain chargers and earphones do not fit easily due to the thicker rubber around the sockets.
Not as protective as i thought
I am a Builder and bought this case to protect my phone .The first one cracked in several places after about two weeks . I had a replacement but this has not faired any better havingcracked today .The glass cover is too flimsy and with any pressure seems to give in . If you do any job other than office work i would give this a miss . I had to give it 1 star because it wouldnt process otherwise .
I bought this case for my Sony Xperia z5 compact, after breaking 5 phones in a year at one point! I hoped this case would do what it said on the tin, and it hasn't disappointed. I've dropped the phone in it's case multiple times, once from approx 6ft onto concrete and it has survived everytime. Amazingly, my phone inside is pristine still.
Sometimes the screws work lose that hold both sides together (probably due to my constant dropping) and this can affect the accuracy of the touch screen against the glass. But they are easily tightened with the tool and they provide you with extra screws incase you loose one!
Would definitely recommend, especially if you're clumsy like me!
Protective case
I bought this case as i am a builder and my phones get covered in dust etc .It lasted 2 days and then the glass cracked from corner to corner . Not so protective . Still awaiting response almost 2 weeks later. Had to put one star as it wouldnt send unless rated
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ray

Sorry to hear you are having issues with this case. Can you please check the SPAM area of your email as we have attempted to contact you back and we haven't received a response?
Good Case but made my mobile heavy tocarry
This is a really good protective case and covers the entire mobile, however please be aware that it does make the mobile very heavy and heavy to carry. I would have given 5 stars had the case not made the mobile so heavy.
Very sturdy but reduces functionality
The case is super tough and easy enough to install even though it came with no instructions. It weighs a ton and really makes the phone overly bulky.

Using the case also limits the functionality of the phone. Obviously the finger print doesn't work but more importantly it is really difficult to reach the menu from the top of the screen. Often the screen will not register that I have pressed at all. I have now removed the cover so I can type this review. I wouldn't recommend this product for general use but I guess it would be ideal for extremely rugged conditions. So long as you have the Allen key available to use the device when needed.
ighly recommended product
The Love Mei case arrived the next day, which was brilliant as my last phone I dropped the first day it was delivered. The dink on the front edge of that phone case haunted me for the two long years of the contract, even though it looked a total mess when decommissioned, with marks, dents and scratches. The Love Mei case is very well made, easy to fit and even with its size is not a problem fitting into a jacket or coat pocket its even OK for a back trouser pocket. Its been dropped already from over a meter high onto concrete. I feared the worst but, the dust wiped off and the phone and case were fine. Highly recommended product and good fast service from Mobile Fun.
Excellent phone case, definitely not going to break my phone with this on. Fast postage too, would highly recommend getting one of these.
This case is AMAZING
Easy to put you phone in comes with all the stuff you need.

The case itself -

It does make your mobile a tad heavier but you know your mobile is safe!
The touch screen works 100%
Its sturdy and made really good
The fingerprint scan does not work as the button is covered by the case.
I tried the phone case strap thinking it looked a bit pants at first but its really handy and made really good.

10 out of 10 and really pleased

Best phone case I have ever had
Very protective case!makes the phone bigger but still stylish and does not effect the phones use at all
Good product
The product that I purchased completely fulfilled my husband's wish to protect his new Z5 compact. It was delivered in timely manner and the product was in a good condition. The small plastic was broken, so we need another tool to open the case.
Great sturdy case
This case is great for me as I work in the construction industrie already been dropped and soaked and also keeps dust out which normally get into other cases .
So overall will probably prolong the life of my phone good product
I do like the cover very much
I was getin a bit worried that MY cover would not be sent since its been over 2 weeks but it had arrived when I got home from work yesterday so I am now very happy and I do like the cover very much I happen to be one of those people that wreck phones by accident no matter how I try to not drop or damage them it just happens so I am now glad that I have a good cover to protect my new mobile from getin damaged and it only took me a couple of minutes to put in on I haven't even looked at the instructions yet so thank you I like the cover very much.
Very Solid
Its a super Cover, BUT it makes the phone HEAVY.
tough case and nice design
I did need a case for work tough so dirt and water wont go into the phone and I found it .Really nice design elegant and not bulky at all easy to put on the device and screen sensibility remain the same very well done case !
Very pleased
Happy with phone case. Very sturdy and fits well on phone. Do be aware, however, that it is heavy and will weigh down your shirt pocket. Sturdy enough for your jeans pocket.
tough case but too bulky
the case is well made, fits around the phone very well and would provide excellent protection. however i find the case makes a compact phone very bulky and difficult to hold and use in one hand which i need to do. the case makes the phone heavy and too large to easily fit into many standard size pockets. other tough cases i have used in the past such as otter and fre manage to make a protective case without the bulk, this love mei case would be perfect if it was slimmed down.

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