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Love Mei Powerful Sony Xperia XZ Protective Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Sony Xperia XZ with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible damage - this is the black Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 61753
$41.23 inc. VAT
 4.5 stars from 15 customers

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Very well made case
Phone case well made, But made my phone a bit bulky,
But I can live with it, Strong case, Happy Customer, Thank You,
Mobile Fun, Again 100% Happy, John Clarke, Skegness, uk
Perhaps the weight of the product. It is bulky and heavy. It could be bulky and light. Try less dense and strong metal frame. I love that Tank. What a 'Grogg'!!!
I am very impressed with the build and the quality of this product also the quality of the packaging.
OMG! this case is huge
OMG! this case is huge, I was used to Ballistic case on my HTC One, but this is like a brick, and weighty too. Make sure youve got big, reinforced pockets.
Full confidence in its abilities to protect my phone.Not yet tested
The only downside, not all headphone jack plugs fit through the opening.
Excellent product, the phone fitted perfectly. I will be travelling in SE Asia soon and this should be ample protection against the expected knocks and bumps.
I like this item
I really recommend this phone cover for mens.
Great Functional Case
Great, functional case, fits the phone well, buttons work fine however it is a little chunky and heavy. Overall the Xperia XZ case is a worthwhile buy that will ensure the phone remains undamaged.
Its great quality, over engineered and looks like its designed for the battlefield. So heavy almost impractical for daily use. So big only just fits in my pocket, infact, wont fit in pockets on some of my clothes!
But worth every $$$ imo
If you need a weapon grade case that could be used to chock a tire, or to knock someone out with a whack to the head, this is the case for you.
Do not buy it if you need a discreet light weight and comfortable one.
This phone case is fantastic well made
It'll certainly protect the phone. It's bulky and heavy with the phone in but it's super tough and I can't see my ever breaking my phone I'm super impressed with my purchase
Quick delivery too!
Love the case it may add more weight but I love it
Awesome case, I love it
Tough as.....
Before I brought this item I'd have liked to of known the dimensions of the case, it is everything I wanted it be except compact. Buy purchasing this case I know my phone is safe, my job is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and my phone never leaves my side, my phone is possibly my only life line and to protect it whilst I'm working is more than important. Phone insurance is pointless when your against the unexpected.
I know my phone is safe tucked away inside this case and although the case is inexpensive you still need deep pockets.. One the whole a good buy but bulky.
Great but horrible
This is by far the toughest phone case you will find, i honestly believe it would protect the phone from anything. But!!!! It's huge and heavy I can live with that for the unbelievable protection, what I cannot believe though is it is not waterproof, water gets between the phone screen and the gorilla glass and renders the touch screen useless, everything I ride my bike just the sweat causes inoperability so each time i have to remove all the screws and dry the screen very annoying, they really missed the mark on this aspect and I will he replacing.
If you want a tough case and water or sweat is not a problem this would suit but for sports enthusiasts no way.
Very happy with the phone case, I had a z3 experia with one. When I upgraded to the xz experia I had to search high and low to get another one..
Had one before for my Z 3, been stood on by horse, dropped in mud, puddles, and my phone still intact, worth every penny

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