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Love Mei Powerful Sony Xperia XZ Premium Protective Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Sony Xperia XZ Premium with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible damage - this is the black Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.
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To heavy
To heavy, But certainly protected
Jämäkkä, mutta hyvä suoja puhelimelle...
Hardy case, but loss of functionality is unacceptable
So I've just received and fitted my Love Mei case to my Xperia XZ Premium.
It looks OK (huges, but OK)
However, I cannot currently open the cover over the USB charge port and I cannot use the fingerprint sensor. The latter is exceptionally annoying as fingerprint authorises my banking app, my credit card app, and a number of others. Big loss of functionality
Not durable enough
This is a heavy and sturdy case and feels like it should do an amazing job. But, I think its weight works against in when dropped. I dropped this onto carpet in a car from seat height - only about 60-70 cm and it cracked the glass protector screen and distorted the shape of the case. I threw it out.
Built for the apocalypse
Very heavy duty and rugged design, makes the whole thing weigh about 420grams and increases it to about a 7inch Phablet size; so not the most ergonomic of designs but I'm mostly concerned with not destroying the phone if I drop it.
A Well Made Robust Cover
I work on a building site and needed a solid cover. I purchased this cover and have dropped it many times and the phone is in perfect condition after i removed the cover. It is big and bulky but that was not an issue for me.
Bulky yet Stylish
Packaging was excellent, the product box makes it even easy for storage, installation is simple and looks good. Will definitely buy from you again.

Thank you!
I love the case it is solid but the only problem is that the glass screen protector covers the sensor so everytime I got a call or try to call someone the screen will go black and cannot see anything. I had to wait till the other end pick up or end the call so my screen will come back on which is very inconvenient. Especially whwn calling the companies that ask you to press1.2.3.4 depends on your enquire but since it remains black screen I can't realy press anything...
If you are looking for total protection irrespective of weight and size, you can go for it
excellent service by mobile fun in dispatching the product immediately. though i cannot say the same for the product. as it is huge literally the case is huge almost equivalent to carrying a 7inch tab. however you get full protection with nicely accessible to all ports accept for power button which inturn will make the fingerprint reader unusable. if you are looking for total protection irrespective of weight and size, you can go for it otherwise spigen rugged armor case will be good option.
Tough complete protection
It is a really great case but please please please can you supply it in the silver red or blue nobody in Ireland seems to be supplying them
And I would buy another one in a different colour in a heartbeat
Being a farmer I needed to protect my phone and boy this has proved to be worth every penny
Being a farmer I needed to protect my phone and boy this has proved to be worth every penny already very easy to fit. So don't think twice about the price it's worth it it's not flashy but rugged and built well you be glad you bought it

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