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Love Mei Powerful Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Protective Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Galaxy Note Edge with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible damage - this is the black Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.
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 3.9 stars from 15 customers

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great tool
I work in a garage and my phone is always dropped or bumped my problem is solved no worries.
Protective like a momma bear
Great case at a great price! A little on the heavy side before putting on but with full coverage.
good product
I think its a great cover but to big for my needs especially in a corporate job i need something more descreate
I have to say I love this case, although I will say its pretty big. It is essentially a phone tank, so having large pockets is sort of important. But this case definitely takes good care of your phone. Its got pretty good weight to it as well. I definitely recommend this case as this phone is pretty expensive and worth protecting. I don't think I'll be buying any other cases from here on out. Love Mei has me hooked.
This thing is MASSIVE...
I gotta say...when I first picked up the package and when I first opened it my first thoughts was how crazy - large and heavy it was...BUT - it has two metal sheets on either side of your phone and it is screwed into place...making it sealed off and completely and utterly waterproof, smashproof and screen protected as well - providing you do not drop it on something that points in the air but even in that scenario...because the metal plate on the back now makes the back of the phone heavier than the front...whenever it drops it is designed to fall on it's back rather than it's face so the phone case design is almost foolproof...only under very EXTREME circumstances would you drop a phone with this kind of protection and actually damage it...it's awesome and for someone as clutsy as me - a lifesaver!
Very heavy
it is very heavy
Excellent case five stars
The case is as useful and as beautiful as depicted.

The Love Mei case fits my Samsung galaxy note edge perfectly and nothing is loose or placed inadequatly. It just feels solid and right.

The extra weight adds to the overall toughness of the case and is in no way a deterrent. Small details really bring the case together like flaps for ports and lanyard hole. It's evident that the case is being improved upon previous versions by details such as hole in the earphone jack cover for sensors.

Every part of my phone is accessible from the physical buttons and stylus to the edge panel of my note edge.

Aside from performance and usefulness the case looks very nice indeed. Impressive.

I could easily describe more details but in short this is easily a 5 from 5 case. Keep up the great work.
Too heavy
This phone case is extremely well made, everything fits perfectly, every button position and port is perfectly aligned. However, it is just too big and HEAVY to carry. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is already a big phone, and with this case: much bigger and very heavy!
I do not use this case; but can't complain about it's design-just too heavy!
This cover is very heavy duty. The sides and rear of the Note Edge are protected by substantial amounts of metal or rubber. But,the screen has no covering to protect it. This means that if the mobile falls face down onto a hard uneven surface it will possibly damage the screen. The extra weight will probably only increase the impact. Given the substantial protection elsewhere one wonders why the screen is so unprotected. It makes the cover rather pointless if you are looking for good all round protection. I will be ditching it as soon as I can find a suitable replacement.
great case
Love this case protects everything on the phone and on the side where the screen curves. Theres not many good cases for the note edge, and this one is the best
Missing parts
Upon receiving the product I noticed that it was opened. The only piece missing is the Gorilla glass impact lens.Would be excellent if all the pieces were included.
great cover
Great cover very durable best one I've ever owned
Love my "Love Mei" case
I recent got the Samsung Note Edge and have been looking around for quite some time for a sturdy heavy duty case.
I have found what i was looking for in the Love Mei case, its is strong and durable and far meets my expectations.
The only negative is there is no screen protector with it which when spending this amount on a case you would think it would be included. So if your looking to protect the screen, then you will need to buy a screen protector.

All in all, great case and i love it.
An Abrams for your phone..
Built of Dalekenium and Andamantium alloy i think. Nothing short of a nuclear strike will harm your phone in this baby. Just be aware that the combined weight of your Edge and this cover is 438 gram. That's nearly half a kilo! AND IT WILL NOT FIT IN YOUR POCKET! Unless you have very big pockets. Love it, but its a lethal weapon should you swing it at someone’s head..
While i think of it, there’s a possibility the metal construction impedes signal reception. I’m almost sure both wireless and 4g reception is not as good as before?

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