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Love Mei Powerful iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus Protective Case - Black Reviews

Protect your iPhone 6S Plus with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible #bendgate damage - this is the black Love Mei Powerful Protective Case. Also compatible with the 6 Plus.
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 4 stars from 31 customers

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Great service - delivery took a while, but very helpful folk; great product
Thanks, excellent product and even better service.
it look great and very safety for my Iphone 6plus .
Screen does not work once in case
That you need a screwdriver just to get the screwdriver out that you need. Can not work the phone screen one in the case had this case before and was very good but this time it is a very poor fit
MobileFun Reply
Hi Emma

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this case. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate for you.
Good protection
For I Phone 6 plus this is my 3rd case and so far it is the better one . this one is not falling apart. I have dropped it and the phone has not been damaged
Got this case as I'm really clumsy and it WORKS amazing design amazing quality and real good price , this isn't a cheep Chinese case that's flimsy this is a heavy duty tank for your fone
The business
Ok so what you have here is the Love Mei Powerful protective case for the 6 plus/6S plus.
it is a beast of a case, gorilla glass screen protector built in so no fiddling about, metal front and back casing with a rather nicely fitting rubber gasket sandwiched between the front and back metal casing all screwed together with 6 allen key drive screws, all the access ports line real sweet and the bonus is that mic/headphone and the charging sockets have good dust plugs fitted, all the buttons on both sides work very well, the only fuss is if you use thumb print for you access you have to remove the metal home button on the face panel,
I have had mine for about two weeks now no problems, ok it is big no mistake there but i think its worth the money.
Fitting took me about 5 minutes just make sure you clean the screen and the inside of the screen protector well before you screw everything together.
Comes with spare screws, handy allen keys, cleaning wipes and a wrist strap if you wanna use it.
If you want protection for your 6 plus/6 s plus this is the dogs dangles.
Beautiful Product Overall
Product is great, but more of a challenge to use than anticipated compared to similar products. Required tools, which was not expected.
The rock case
It Coust a lot of money to fix or replest iPhone class screen,this product better to keep your money inside your Walt
Not good
Great case but had to remove glass , too thick and phone wouldn't swipe with it on !
Good product however smashed screen
I would say this case is brilliant as I tend to drop my phone so in this respect it's great however I have only had this case less than 2 months and the screen is smashed which I'm very unhappy about.
Very funky unit
Only had it a short while but so far so good. It's bulky in width but not thickness. Very funky look. Feels like someone out of Star Wars or Star Trek, waiting for Scotty to beam me up. I am enjoying it. Haven't dropped it yet but feel it wouldn't be a problem. Very well made and solid feeling.
Pity the finger print access doesn't work but then how could it with this level of protection.
All in all very happy with it.
Delivery service was good too.
Well designed
I would have to say Love Mei powerful iPhone 6 Plus Protective Case-Red, is one very well designed phone cover, it is great to have so much protection for my phone, the Corning Gorilla Glass takes all the worry out of ever damaging the screen, it's amazing.
The cover certainly gives my iPhone total protection.
On the other hand, once my phone is in the cover it no longer fits in my pocket and it is quite heavy, also I'm unable to use the Fingerprint login for security, maybe something could be done to improve this function.
Overall I think the designers have done a great job.
Not as expected
It seems fine but quite often the home button does not work or the phone will just ring random people, so Im sure the cover is either too tight or hitting buttons , Its also extremely heavy
Slight overkill!
An extremely hardcore case in general and Offers great protection from knocks, drops and debris. On the other hand, the case is very heavy and bulky. Those with large phones eg. iPhone 6plus will soon find their phones even larger and difficult to pocket - forget putting it in the pocket of your skinny jeans!! Mine has raised a few eyebrows and it's been the centre of jokes but after getting used to it I rather like it, even if it does covers my head while I'm on the phone!.... It's great to hide behind when it's windy and sturdy enough for self defence... A multitude of uses I've found :-)
Too heavy and bulky
The case is too heavy and it makes the phone too bulky. The cover makes the touch screen hard too use. Overall disaster. I have thrown in a drawer
Far Too Heavy
Bought these for our companies new I phone 6 stock. They appear to offer excelent protection however theyare so heavy andbulky theyare difficult to hold. They ad such a considerable weight to the phone that you can no longer operate the handsets with one hand.
Oh dear! Back to brick !
I really needed to know that this beautiful case was so heavy!! I'm sure it would protect my phone and was super to look at, but required many muscles to hold the phone and use it! So although it was attractive, it is now in the drawer! The iPhone 6 plus is big and heavy enough as it is! I could not cope with the extra size and weight ! But others might!
Better than Otterbox
This is a fantastic high quality case. Be aware it is heavy as the screen protector is glass but it looks brilliant. I have always used Otterbox cases but returned mine for this one as the plastic screen saver seemed to sit proud and caused the phone to be intermittently unresponsive. Excellent protection and you even get a lanyard for added security. The only drawback is not being able to use fingerprint recognition as the case button is opaque. However don't let this put you off. You won't be disappointed.
Excellent covering have told others they like it too
bloody beautifull case for iphone 6 +
am a plumber and working in harsh conditions and with apple phones you need a decient case to protect them and this one is a beauty
Good but...
I do find this case good, but it is big and bulky.... .... You can't use the fingerprint part of the or bring the icons down lower, that is a it of a pain. But on the othe hand the phone is protected from drops and scratches so I do like the case the power button makes it lose full marks.

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