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Love Mei Powerful iPhone 6S / 6 Protective Case - Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 6S / 6 with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible #bendgate damage - this is the red Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 51506

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 3.6 stars from 32 customers

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A flawed, but well made iPhone6 case
I would have liked to have known that my popularVW Golf car, with supplied media cable, that also charges the iPhone, is incompatable with the LoveMei case, as it will not reach into the case far enough to connect to iPhone even with an extension plug fitted.
The LoveMei case is well made and does its job, although it makes the phone heavier and more bulky.
Its probably not suitable for a lady, or her handbag.
Great cover for your lover
It is a fantastic cover for the phone and great value for the product - it is heavy though
I can't lock or switch on or off my phone with cover on, I can't turn on my wifi or Bluetooth flash light with cover on, I will be sending back the product
Does the job
The case is strong and well built. I use it when I have to take my phone on tracks or activities that the phone requires extra protection. The main reason is that the phone becomes too bulky to carry around with the case and that the screen doesn't respond as normally but it's expected since there is a new layer in front of it. The mute button on the left of the phone is very easy to change from one option to the other but overall I would definitely recommend this case to anyone that needs extra protection, but for me it wasn't suitable for daily usage.
Realizacja zamówienia szybka.
Realizacja zamówiewnia szybka i bez problemów. Polecam
Not good.
Very fidgety to assemble. Very heavy. Little or no grip. Screen cover touch sensitivity fades at screen edges.
Super heavy duty protective case - great value for money
This case gives all round protection - no problems with the operation of the phone - the glass screen protector is super sensitive. The only comment I would make is if the case is for an iPhone 6s (as is mine), you will need to remove the cases plastic home button to continue to use the touch sensitive features of the phones button. This was not a problem but perhaps this should be pointed out is the description. I would recommend this case - "it does what it says on the tin"
Very fast and in very good condition
Strong but bulky
Great product protection wise but not really something you can keep in your pocket easily
The most annoying thing though is the toggle that constantly puts the phone into silent mode so in brief great protection but major flaw with toggle
Amazing just got this and it's really good
Amazing just got this and it's really good the only thing for me is I did not want the glass cover as it makes the phone hard to work on key pad so I removed the cover with a knife and it is just a amazing phone cover I can not say just how good this is for me being a joinery it's just the jod 10 out of 10
Categorized incorrectly
This product was in the charging cases category so I purchased it expecting it to be a charging case. However it isn't a charging case. I tried to return the item but was told that because it had been opened I couldn't return it.
Would not recommend
Bought 3 of these for work phones, they are strong but the glass broke on one of them after the first drop.
The cases are far too heavy and make you phone difficult to use with one hand, due to the weight and size.
Additionally the button on the silence function moves in you pocket and you always miss calls as a result.
Would not recommend
Very strong.. but blocks phone signal.
Bought this case as I work in the construction industry, so needed something strong. This case is definitely very strong. Only problem with this case is that it blocks your phone signal. I had a normal case om my phone for the first 2 days and had great 3G/4G and basic phone signal. Put on the Love Mei case and I struggled to find any kind of signal where It had previously been great. Suffered this for 2 days then removed the case and hey presto great signal returned.
Very heavy and bulky - rubbish screen protector
The protection is excellent, but the glass simply isn't responsive enough. I can't actually get it to open the messages folder on the home screen bottom line.
For that reason, i won't be using it and have wasted the money.....
Just loving it
I bought love mei powerful iphone 6 and just loving it, make like a tank very tuff and solid also looks great. I recommend to anyone who want your iPhone 6/6S in safe and looking good.
Lost signal
Good durable cover was unable to use tho as it affected my signal severly phone went from having 4g without cover to 2g at best with cover waiste of money i spent
Absolutely great product protects your phone
Absolutely great product protects your phone.
I've never had a better case.
I recommend to all.
Good case, AMAZING customer service.
This case is decently designed and does what it says. However, I dropped it one time, from a sitting position and the screen cracked. I'm convinced that if I didn't have the case, that would have been it for the screen on my phone, which I have had for only two weeks. Upon informing the customer service folks, they quickly decided to send me a new one. I'm very pleased with them for doing so, as I have also purchased my wife's iPhone accessories through mobilefun and have plans to continue to use them for future purchases. I highly recommend this case, but more importantly I recommend this company for any accessories that you may need for phones and tablets. Thank you mobilefun! You are all an amazing bunch of people.
Love mei I phone case
Love mei I phone 6 case. If you want a high level of protection for your I phone then this is for you. A bit heavy and big but very well made and great design, fits very well and easy to fit. You can still use finger print recognition All in all very pleased and would recommend this case.
Good value, brilliant case!!
Does what it says on the tin! Why complain about weight and bulk on a heavy duty case? Heavy? Yes, big? Yes, protective? Yes! Looks good, screen protector is brilliant, full access, sound as good as without the case on, no reduction in signal, bought as a holiday case to protect against sand on the beach, absolutely love this case. Quick delivery and good service from mobile fun! But that goes without saying!!

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