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Love Mei Heavy Duty iPhone XR Protective Case - Black Reviews

Protect your iPhone XR with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible damage from water and dust - this is the black Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.

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 4.2 stars from 5 customers

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Extra Tough???
I absolutely LOVE this case. When it arrived I instantly loved it. It’s solid and heavy and looks awesome. So many people have commented on how cool it looks....
It is really heavy but I don’t mind.
Yesterday I dropped it from knee height (!!!!) onto a wooden floor and the screen shattered! I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was supposed to be extra tough??? I’ve had rugged cases for all my other phones before this and I have never had a broken phone case or phone.
I was really disappointed.
I would recommend it because it looks cool. But I would not recommend it for being particularly strong or rugged.
Protects really well but with a few flaws...
Definitely will protect your phone, this case Is most definitely secure and strong. Like other reviews have said, it is on the heavy side but feels good to hold. The silent button on the side of my iPhone took quite a few tries to get the slider to seat properly and it is surprisingly easy to put your iPhone on silent without realising it. Speaker slots an advantage as you can hold the phone in landscape mode without blocking them. A few paint chips showing after a few weeks so paint quality not really A1. Overall I would recommend this case.
I like the case, without doubt it keeps my phone safe from myself lol, it looks quite cool and is user friendly I would give this case a 5 out of 5 if not for the overall weight, I agree for this level of protection you have to sacrifice something but I just feel it could be lighter, as well as the weight the screen needs a little
More pressure to press in certain areas aside from this it’s a brilliant case that will no doubt keep my phone safe as long as it stays in there.
Good case
Solid case, easy to install. Downside very heavy and very bulky.

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