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Linearflux LithiumCard Portable Power Bank - Micro USB - Gold Reviews

Charge your Micro USB device on the go with this ultra slim and super fast Hypercharger Power Bank in gold. With 1200mAh charge capacity, your phone can continue to make calls, check emails and navigate to a location for total peace of mind.
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 4.1 stars from 27 customers

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Very compact
The item is easy to use and looks good. The only drawback is that the USB port is quite flimsy so you have to be careful when inserting it into the electrical device i.e. computer or other.
Didn't last a year
Great to start with, but after less than a year will not re-charge itself. Shame really as a good initial product but with no lasting power
Lightest Charger EVER
OK, I bought this for my wife as a) She always left the heavier charger at home, and we needed something that would provide a good quick charge for a Blackberry Priv. This can fit in her wallet, and it retains the charge for several weeks (so far), and it's so easy to recharge after it's been used provided your USB slot is the right height.

If I was buying now, I'd go for the newer model (Linearflux LithiumCard Pro) it has has 2 cables, making the recharging easier for some setups), a greater capacity (3000mAh as opposed to 1200mAh) and a faster charging ability (3Amps) - but by the time I realised this, I'd opened the blister style packaging and it had been thrown away.

Still really happy with this.
Spot on
Never really thought about power banks - got used to running out of power and then crying. Then EE gave me a free one and I got used to less crying, then having got me addicted, EE took it away again.
So I needed a replacement - this is not the most powerful around but it does the job, when you need it, and is really neat. Fits in a shirt pocket, looks techy and cool and gives you the vital extra hours, you wouldn't have needed if you had thought about it, before going out.
Great all round- recommended.
A pocket powerhouse!
The most impressive feature of the Lithiumcard is it's size - it really will fit in a wallet or a purse, adding little extra weight or bulk. It is super fast at charging and gives around a 40% top up to my phone.
The design is very sleek. This is a very useful piece of kit. For someone that doesn't like lugging a bag around such as myself this is an ideal 'pocket powerpack'.
I was very pleased to find an item like this with such stylish design. It's very small and portable and a value for money. Only one small disadvantage and that is it can over heat when charging you phone and using your phone at the same time.
Looks and feels fantastic but went dead after about a year. Binned it.
Great product
It is a great product and the mobile fun customer service cannot be faulted. I will buy more of these for family members. The charge adds about 60% to my iPhone 6, and it is so handy to have a portable charger cable in my wallet.
Compact power bank
Looking at the many power banks available, I thought the Lithiumcard design is an excellent one, with its built in cables and compact credit card size. So far I have used it once and it works as advertised and it is very well made and it goes everywhere with me, ready for that short of battery power moment, so I needn't be caught out with a dead mobile!
Awful - don't buy
Waste of money. Only had it 3 months and, whilst it provided just about enough charge on the couple of times I did need it, it's now dead as a doughnut (won't re-charge itself, let alone my iPhone). A complete waste of £30.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Geoff

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can see what has happened.
fastest portable charger
It's the fastest portable charger I've used so far, fits my wallet and serves great as a back up battery for when needed. The fact that all the wires and built-in also makes it a portable wire charger whenever there's a USB port close by I can easily charge my phone using this card. I only wish it had a bit more juice to give.
The size is good, same as a credit card, so can fit in your wallet or a slim pocket. However, it does not fully charge a phone. It gives my HTC one about 40% of a full charge. So, it is useful for emergencies when you're out and about, but not for a full re-charge.
Great standby charger
I bought this to sustain my iPhone 6 Plus on the long journey to Australia. Great that I can recharge it while charging my phone. Small, light and easily slipped into pocket or handbag, it's a great travelling companion.
Great charger
The best thing about this charger is that it is so small that I just keep it in my wallet and forget about it, so it is always with me! Also great is not having to remember to take a charging lead as it is tucked nicely into the unit. I have only used it on a couple of occasions as my motorola razr i battery lasts for ages, but I have used it for friends and it has really helped. Obviously it will not completely charge a phone, it is just for keeping you going, but it's perfect as you will not forget to take it with you and it charges very quickly. Seems to hold a charge, too, as I just got it out to see after months of inactivity. Basically it has given me peace of mind.
Thin charges enough to get by
Its very convenient to use as its thin, 7 credit cards thick. Say in a café it is quick to set up and use as its rather small. The only weak point is the USB bit that charges it, because it feels as though it would break easily if you weren't careful when slotting it into a USB socket on a plug or cable. The micro usb which charges the device is on a rubber fly lead, I don't know why they did not use this rubber fly lead on the charging USB plug.
Thin charges enough to get by
Powerful charge from a device the thickness of several say 4 credit cards. Chunky weight. Good build quality. The only flaw is no fly lead to charge it, so I use a short usb cable so my clumsiness doesn't break the USB charging plug. Very good device.
Received order quickly. Now using to charge while travelling. Not quite sure yet as charging is easy but it seems to lose share very quickly. Maybe was expecting more but it only seems to be able to add about 40% charge to my iPhone. Will monitor and see. Haven't tried it on my iPad mini yet.
Linear flux Lithiumcard Portable power bank
Very disappointed with this device. When fully charged it only gives out 30 minutes charge on my iPhone 6
MobileFun Reply
This is clearly not as intended. Get in touch and we'll replace it.
Linearflux Lithium card "rocks!"
My wife and I took our usual hour walk the other day (we bring only her iPhone), and her battery level dropped to 6%. She asked if she could use my new Lithiumcard so I handed it over...By the time we'd completed our walk (she'd taken several business calls) her phone's battery level was back up to 65%! Impressive and convenient.
Linearflux Lithium card power bank...Like gold
The dimensions of credit card, although slightly thicker, fits in the front pocket of my skinny jeans with NO bulge! Awesomeness in a little package. Charged my wife's iPhone from 6% to 56% in less than 1-hour - Wow, pretty darn good!
Great charger
Easy to use, love integrated cable. Attractive and works well
Best quality product as declared
Best Personal Charger Ever
Had loads of small chargers over the years for iPhones and none perfect. This is as near perfect as you can get. Very compact and fits in breast pocket of a suit or shirt. The USB connector and the Lightening connector both work perfectly and go back in the housing perfectly with no 'fiddling' to make them fit. One day all personal chargers will be like this.
Good product. & best response from mobilefun.
As I said brilliant.
First class product
Really small with loads of power just the perfect piece of kit to go with my Samsung mobile phone
Brilliant little device
Does exactly what it says on the tin, charges phone/ipad quickly. Brilliant for holidays, flights and also for when out and about at work. Great buy.

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