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LifeProof Nuud iPhone 6 Plus Case - White / Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Experience the freedom to surf, sing in the shower, ski, snowboard, work on construction sites and have true iPhone 6 Plus use anywhere you go! In white / grey.
  • Mobile Fun ID 48839

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 3.3 stars from 15 customers

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Great case
The case has a very tight fit. It took awhile for me to fit on my phone. Once I took it off and put it back on it was ok. The sound is really muffled when trying to hear calls. If you don't mind not hearing the audio on your phone as clearly as when the case is not on your phone, then I recommend it.
Faulty bottom clip
I two have had two of these cases and on both times the bottom clip door has broken and won't shut. Witch of cause doesn't make the case waterproof anymore . Witch is why I purchased both cases in the first place. Really frustrating because another than that there a great case.
Design flaw, breaks within a few hours of use!
The clips that hold the charging port cover in place when closed are very weak. I have had 2 of these cases and on both occasions the clips have snapped within a couple of days meaning you can no longer close the port (which just hangs loose) and the case is no longer waterproof. I have been impressed with previous LifeProof products but this case just isn't up to scratch.
Life proof nuud
I brought this case back when it first came out, I was happy with the case for the first few weeks then I found things I didn't like about it, I found that the case made the phone very heavy on your "pinky" whilst you was using it with one hand the charge flap was weak and mine broke but mobile fun replaced it no questions asked with version 2 a improved case. And that accessing any of the edges of the screen could be difficult at times and sound was muffled a little. I'd rate the case at a average sort of case as it is expensive but then on the better side of things it does do what it says and like you see in the videos you have all seen I personally dropped mine in a bucket of oil washed it whilst phone was in the case and works fine had it run over by a bus as I got a little intoxicated and dropped it in the road and it survived so durriblily is great from my point of view would I reccomend it.... It's a 50/50 if your a clumsy person this is the case for you for sure buy it now ! but if your a normal careful person there's other options
latch breaks easy, hard for people to hear you
Poor quality
I had this case on my iphone 5 and loved it nice and solid however. They have made this case so slim that the charging port cover is thin and flimsey. The pins on the charging port cover have broken meaning the port just stays open and cannot be closed. This results in the case no longer being watertight. Also when talking on the phone others struggle to hear what I am saying which is not good.
Life proof
Looks good, but muffles sound.
Only Works with Apple Chargers
If you travel a lot, have chargers that are not Apple or use others' chargers, don't get this case. Only Apple chargers fit into the case.
This is the third life proof I have had they are great!!! Just 2 hours after putting the case on the phone I was at the local river steelhead fishing releasing one I had caught and the phone slipped out of my pocket on my waders!! DUNKED into the water without a problem!! Man I love these cases! On ph previous phone the case became damaged, I contacted lifeproof and they gave me the steps to replace the damaged product!! It did not cost me a dime and they replaced the whole case!! They stand behind there product!!
Great Product...
Great product and good customer service, would purchase again from this site.
Good case but very expensive.
I have been very happy with the purchase of my life proof case for my iPhone 6+. I like the fact that I can put it in my pocket without a problem. And that he gives me peace of mind since I don't have to worry about dropping it. I have had the case for five days now and I am very happy with it. I would purchase the case again without hesitation. Definitely would recommend to my friends.The only downside is that the case is way overpriced. I would think somewhere between 30 and $50 would be adequate.That is the main reason I would not give it five stars.
Iphone 6 plus life proof
Case is exactly what I wanted and delivery was very timely. Will continue to be a customer in the future.
Excellent, tough case, just two minor glitches
I've had several LifeProof cases before and always been impressed. My previous two iPhone cases were both the "Fre" version (with a thin plastic sheet covering the screen, but that doesn't seem to be an option for the 6 Plus, perhaps because of the larger size. It does come with a separate stick-on screen protector instead, which seems like a good alternative.

The LifeProof team put together some impressive videos of their previous iPhone cases in testing, abusing their device pretty hard without any damage at all; of course, I try to be more careful with mine, but it's great to have the peace of mind that a drop or a splash of water isn't going to turn my handset into an expensive paperweight: heavy rain is not exactly unknown here in Scotland, so I bought my first LifeProof after being caught out walking in a particularly heavy downpour with my iPhone in a damp pocket. (I rushed to a shop to get a carrier bag to wrap it in, and resolved then to buy that case - and haven't had a moment's regret since.)

The two snags I've hit are that it can be a little tricky to catch the very edge of the screen for the various swipe-in gestures - the edge of the case gets in the way a little - and the opening at the bottom for the Lightning cable is extremely small: smaller than even Apple-certified 3rd party plugs, but apparently just large enough to accept the original Apple cable (but not Apple's own micro-USB adapter plug or anything else).

A tiny bit more clearance at the screen edge and around the Lightning port, this would be the perfect case; as it is, I'm pretty sure it's the best on the market.
Top rated product without any doubt

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