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LifeProof Indestructible Case for iPhone 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Experience the freedom to surf, sing in the shower, ski, snowboard, work on construction sites and have true iPhone 5 mobile freedom anywhere you go with this black LifeProof case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36678
$96.25 inc. VAT
 4 stars from 15 customers

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One of the best bits of kit I own
I work on a ski area in Scotland and have seen many broken, drowned and dying smart phones with no protection and wondered why anyone bothered owning one. With a Lifeproof case there is a good chance it will survive the vagaries of the weather and being knocked about working on the lifts. The case is light, strong and has been dropped in a river so is definately waterproof. One of the best bits of kit I own.
Lifeproof cover does exactly what it says!!!!!
Absolutely brilliant product, read the reviews first before I bought it, but being a plumber/heating engineer, I needed something waterproof, just in case I had a leak, (joking)!
I've tested it my beer as a prank, gave it to my granddaughter who thought I was mad when I dropped it in the sink, but she loved it too, now my daughter wants one, suits my needs and I think it's just great, no issues at all.
Nothing but problems
Had nothing but problems with this case. When the phone is inserted its so tight that the volume buttons are always pressed in. The plastic part of the silent button popped out too.

No way is this worth £50!
It was water proof when submerged though .
Just what I needed
Just what I ordered done just what I wanted and was delivered on time thanks
Just like to start by saying brilliant service as ever from mobilefun never fail to get the item to you ASAP so thanks guys

Onto the case the price, what a joke yes the case is waterproof but how many times are you gonna go underwater with it. There's always gonna be that little thought in your head saying is my phone ok.

2. Case feels cheap and boring and just fake feel, fits perfectly but not the case for me
Great case with a few very minor issues.
I bought one of these cases for my iphone 4s and it has been a great case for the last 12months plus, so i decided to pick one up for the iphone 5. Was suprised how much thinner the case is and it also incorporates a hole to attatch a lanyard on this one (my 4s case didn't) as the case with the phone in doesn't float, which was a thoughtful inclusion. I have used mine swimming for underwater shots and it takes fantastic pictures and video (be aware though that the phone screen doesn't work underwater, it's a physical limit of the capacitance type screen, and not a problem with the case, so the volume buttons are used for capture!)My only niggles were that sometimes there is a very quiet buzz in the earpiece when in a call (been led to believe this has been remedied by lifeproof with their newer revision of this case) and the "oil slick" effect that can be seen in certain angles under the cases built in screen protector, however I have completely remedied this by installing a Power Support Anti Glare screen protector from mobile fun on the phone before installing the case! Voila...gone!
(I should point out that the "oil slick" effect can only be seen from certain angles, and only when the screen is off. It is a natural effect that is caused by the different optical properties of the glass and the film in close contact, it does not harm the case or phone and the use of an Anti Glare screen protector is not required, but i'm a bit obsessively fussy)
Also, the screen protector doesn't seem to effect the touch sensitivity when used, which is great.
If your the type of active person that takes their phone everywhere with them, then I cannot recommend this case enough. I myself am a firefighter in the west mids and have had my phone on me in fires and floods and it has never let me down. I've even managed to take a few photo's while at some incidents to put in our internal magazine, and never had to worry about getting my dirty gloves all over the screen. It can just be rinsed off under cold running water. Also had my iPhone4s lifeproof case slide and fall out of the rear window of a moving fire appliance, but all it suffered was a few minor scratches to the corner of the case, the phone was still in immaculate condition, and this iphone 5 case seems built to be just as rugged! (although, hopefully I won't be chucking it out of another fire engine any time soon!)
Not recommendable at all. The case cant keep tight. After a few days it developed a slip next to the camera. The Sound is extremely bad, so its only being used for mountainbiking now.
Excellent product
The iPhone 5 Lifeproof Case is exactly what I was hoping to find. I sail, and need a waterproof and generally robust cover for the phone. The product sold by Mobilefun is ideal.

There was a considerable delay in the delivery of the cover. The fact that it was out of stock was not indicated at the time of purchase, but I was kept informed of the likely delivery date by the customer services dept.
Is it going to work?
I opened the product but felt very unsure if it would do what it said on the box.
I tested the case as suggested in the instructions. And was very surprised to find the case is water proof.
It is a very compact case. Nice to the touch and does not fill the whole pocket .
It was very nice to remove the thin screen saver and encase the phone completely. Screen included.
Sound partially effected . Slightly muted.
But even in heavy rain no probs. still yet to drop it but feel very confident in the life proof case for iPhone now.
If you can get one buy it
After using many cases whilst waiting for these to come out I finally have one and it works great. I knew it would be the only case that I needed but because of delays I was forced to try others whilst waiting. This one seems even more solid than the one on my iPhone 4 and it doesn't add as much bulk as the old one. I was worried about sound quality etc after reading other reviews elsewhere but I've not experienced any problems at all. If I was being ultra critical the silent switch is a little stiff to use however I view this as a positive we've all knocked an iPhone onto silent accidentally I doubt you'd do it with this case.

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