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LifeProof Indestructible Case For iPhone 4S / 4 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Experience the freedom to surf, sing in the shower, ski, snowboard, work on construction sites and have true mobile freedom anywhere you go! In white.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34193
$61.86 inc. VAT
 4.4 stars from 79 customers

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Excellent product
I am very happy with my LIFEPROOF case. Its excellent protection for my phone. I dont have to panic now if my kids pick my phone up because i know its well protected.
Great product genuine item
This life proof case is fab just what I needed :)
Lots of fakes out there but this one is the genuine article thank you mobile fun!
Super Must Have
Does exactly was it says it should. Brilliant buy. Wouldn't be without one now. 10/10
Best phone case Ever
Lifeproof, foolproof idiotproof, best choice of phone case anyone can ask for.

Slim and sleek design, I'm option 10 out of 10
Does the job, not indestructible but I still bought a second.
This is the second case I have bought after the first one started to significantly deteriorate. I probably got about 18 months of everyday outdoor use doing the type of things this case is designed for.
The rubber around the edge failed and the rubber covering the mute switch also wore away.
However when I took the phone out of the old case it was in perfect condition.
I looked at alternative products but still thought this case had done a great job an saved my phone on several occasions.
Great case but not indestructible as the title suggests.
I am not sure there is a better product on the market and I doubt if there is an indestructible case out there, so I bought a second one.
The case gives me total confidence that my phone is safe even if it does not last a lifetime.
expected better
When I first got this, I was very impressed. A little less than 2 years later and the case is damaged and no longer waterproof. It has split in two places. For the price I expected a lot better longevity.
Lifeproof Armband for Iphone 4
I am very happy with the Lifeproof Armband for my IPhone 4.

It is very easy to clip on and remove!
Excellent product
This product is an excellent device, just what one can expected from a very good case, and more: all the features showed in the ads are true. Rough, slim, it worth having one, for sure.
Superb product
Although I don't intend to take my phone into a swimming pool, or drop it from a great height, I am confident that this product would protect it very well should it happen.
The design allows all aspects of the phone to function perfectly.
So glad I purchased it.
Lasted just 1 year
I was pretty happy with my Lifeproof case till about a month back. Got it from US last year. Its rubber part has started to come off now. So thats $50 gone in a year. Have handled it pretty rough though. So i guess if you take good care it should last you upto 2 years easily. Have used the Otterbox Defender earlier and found that damaging to the iPhone (got scratches on the top metal part) as well as dust getting in and the rubber exterior got out of shape and started hanging.

In short its the best protective cover for iPhone but not very long lasting. I intend to get a Griffin Survivor next or maybe another Lifeproof!
every application under the water worked apart from the camera. Very disappointed
Could improve screen
Screen does not stay flat so the touch isn't as it should be. other wise ok.
MobileFun after sales service though is 100%
Lifeproof Case
The delivery from MobileZap was prompt & successful, the second time around. I am absolutely satisfied with my case. Thank you.
I dropped the case once and it had a huge crack
Its verry big and touchscreen quallity goes back a lot
To much money for litle to less
LifeProof Indestructible Case For iPhone 4S / 4 - Black.
I purchased this case for my holiday. I have 2 young kids and loved taking my iPhone in the pool and taking pics of them. Was even better seeing peoples faces thinking I was mad taking my iPhone in the pool and underwater. Was a great thing when the kids threw me in with my phone in my pocket too.

The customer service is 100% from Mobile fun too, have used them for other purchases and recommended people to the Lifeproof case too.

Definatly recomend
Never received
Im sure the case would be fine, except that I never received the case even though it was shipped on the 14th of Dec. If I don't received it today I will cancel the payment. thanks anyway.
fab accessory
I think this is a great little cover giving all the protection you could want or need but without the bulk that you get with similar style covers.
what i needed
very good
Excellent product - first class service
The case is a high quality product, robust and refined. The phone is well protected with access to all phone functions easily accessible. I use this case with the Lifeproof armband for training - in short the best yet, outstanding protection and functionality. Get one - you wont regret it!!
Lifeproof but not foolproof !
Take your time and make sure all items are clean. Invest in an air duster. For maximum protection the case must be assembled correctly. That's my advice to potential buyers.
The case looks good and has a great screen protector. If you use headphones often, then the screw off cap may become a nuisance. It allows the phone to be used outside in all wether conditions with confidence but I wouldn't take mine underwater due to assembly error!
life proof
had it 2 weeks already droped it once and had it in the rain. the phone still in perfect condiotion im a carpenter and have the case and phone with me all day every day and keeps it pretected very well. great buy
Worry free
Wish they had made these for all my old phones. I wanted a waterproof case for my iPhone as I am always out on my bike, walking the dog or just out and about. Being 100% waterproof this fitted the bill perfectly. When it arrived I was very happy with the size as it adds very little to the overall bulk of the phone. I would happily recommend this case to everyone, weather they need a waterproof case or just some impact protection. So far NO issues. Very happy indeed.
When I first got the case I didn't expect much from it, but after a few days using it, it really lived up to it's name.
I've been using it at work (on a farm), and I took it out of the case to check inside. There wasn't even a speck of dust inside!
Very happy :)
Top level protection- but too much for everyday use
I bought this case looking for top level protection for my new i-phone 4S. I choose this case as it looked to offer the best protection level without compromising the size of the phone too much.
The case does offer excellent protection to the phone, it fits well and is easy to install. The o-ring gives you confidence that the case can live up to it's claims.

Now the down sides . While the case does not add a lot of bulk in width or depth it does make the phone quite a bit longer. So much that it wouldn't fit in the normal belt holster i carry my phone around in which also offers great protection. I found the port for the charging/data cable difficult to open and nearly impossible to remove the cable when the phone had been charged, i had to remove the phone from the case.

I'll still keep the case for when i am out walking, it does protect the phone well but for everyday use it's too much for me.
Brilliant for everyday active life !
Not the cheapest cover but worth every penny. If you arte like me and have your phone with you at all times - working in the garden, working in the garage, biking with kids, down the beach - really whatever and where ever then this is a great cover and a must.
Peace of Mind.
My 15 year old son was going to Outward Bound for 3 weeks.So far so good with the lifeproof case. Being up mountains, in the sea and rivers. Abseiled and ghyll scrambled. Oh and Jason did it too. I got peace of mind knowing it was in this case.Oldest son now wants one.

Perfect protection!!
When the iPhone costs SO much, it makes sense that you protect your valuable phone! Not only for your own use but also for future re-sale. (i sold my old Blackberry to a recycling company but had money knocked off due to cosmetic scratches!) This would NOT have happened had it have had a cover like this one!! First saw it on This Morning! I wouldnt be without it. It doesnt restrict any usage - so why would you NOT buy it?????
So far so good!
Had the lifeproof case now for about 2 weeks and so far mightily impressed. Not used it under water yet, but that will happen. I've had the Otterbox defender for about 2 years and was happy with that, but it is bulky and not 'pocket' friendly. The Lifeproof is 'pocket' friendly and very comfortable to hold. I've read comments about the screen plastic being flimsy and easily scratched, but I've had it in pockets with keys and screws and so far nothing. It does exactly what the manufacturers claim. The charging port is a pain and you can only use the 'thin' apple USB. There are various dock extenders, but make sure you get the correct one. I purchased the UltimateAddons Extension which fits perfect. I can now use it with any other device that will plug into the charging port. Brilliant!
Lifeproof case, does what it says on the tin
After looking around and trying loads of other cheaper cases, the lifeproof case is well worth the money, I work outside getting in and out of cars, I can rest easy knowing that my phone is well protected, I have been caught out leaving my phone on my tool box while using my Bluetooth headset, the rain came down and any other case would have let in all the water, I was able to pick it up, wipe it off and use it like normal, I don't have to worry about having change or keys in my pocket as the case is so well made it doesn't even scratch.
I would recommend this to everyone with an iPhone, I know that when I will eventually take my phone out the case when I upgrade it will look and work like from the box, 4 of my friends have already bought the case
Dust Proof and that's official
Bought this case as i work as a carpenter and always covered in saw dust. I had an Otterbox defender case originally but fell to bits after a few months. This case is brilliant. Totally waterproof and everything is still accessible. It makes the phone slightly taller but still quite slim and the corners are well protected. A bit pricey but still worth it compared to the cost of a new phone. Only gripe is that you have to use the supplied headphone extension cable as the socket is too deep in the case to plug straight in with case on. otherwise excellent
The best
Working in the building trade in needed a the best protection for my phone I could get and I got it withe this case
Exactly what I needed
This case is fantastic I've tried loads of tough cases some have been good but really bulky others have been terrible you'd get more protection from a tea bag. The lifeproof case has got the balance perfect slim without adding too much bulk but gives excellent protection.
just what i needed
I am a property maintenance manager on a pier.I needed a case which will withstand dirt and dust,hard knocks and just in case be water-proof!This case ticks all the boxes.
As good as they say !
Great case, does not add too much bulk to the phone. Truly waterproof and shock resistant.

All the features still work when its fitted to the phone. You can even still play music via the speaker.
What a great bit off kit, iPhone is now safe and sound in it's case.

Everyone that sees it wants one!
Lifeproof case for iPhone 4s
I've had this case now for several weeks. It does what it says on the tin. I finally plucked up the courage to test the waterproofing a sunk it in a bucket of water - no problems.
It is easy to remove the phone from the case despite reviews I read before purchasing, should you want to reduce the bulk when not requiring the full protection. Everything on the phone works as well within the case as without.
A bit pricey, but worth it, for the protection I need in my job.
Greetings Peoole
After trawling thro' the web pages for an iPhone case that can live in a working coastal environment came across the Lifeproof case at MobileFun. The ordering and delivery easy and speedy. The case went thro' my own testing - ever put a case in a cloths washer - hm?
One happy bunny.

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