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LifeProof Fre iPhone 6 Waterproof Case - Black Reviews

Make your phone waterproof and experience the freedom to surf, sing in the shower, ski, snowboard, work on construction sites and have true iPhone 6 freedom anywhere you go with the LifeProof Fre case in black!
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 4.3 stars from 15 customers

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Practically perfect
The cover was very easy to apply and is comfortable in the hand. Does its job brilliantly (inadvertent testing weekly!). The cover at the bottom needs to be opened to charge the phone and needs to be closed fully after. I have been guilty of not fully securing, resulting in slight (bearable) moisture on screen. A screw-in adapter is required to access the earphone jack, which is also waterproof.
This is the second one of these. It took me a year to wreck the previous one. Better than wrecking the phone!
It's good but not perfect.
I bought this case about 2 years ago from mobilefun.
It does exactly what it says it will do.
However There some design flaws;
1) toggling the mute button is never easy. The mechanism on the case never quite mates with the toggle on the phone.
2) The flap at base of the case for lighting port did become loose and would not stay shut.
3) 2 years of sliding in and pulling out of my pocket has caused the "soft sponge/rubber cushiony" at random points on the case to flake away exposing the hard casing.
I would have liked it to remain whole for at least a few more years for the price.
Overall I am pleased with experience of using this case.
lifeproof case
Firstly i needed a case that was not too bulky i previously had a 5s and was worried about increase in size this is ideal.When i first got the phone i was worried about dropping it and being a builder i wanted a case that was practical dust and water resistant. This one does it all and is totally waterproof although i wouldn't purposely try it. The grip on the case is excellent and doesn't slip in your hand and even the fingerprint recognition works with the cover.
Ive just taken phone on a weeks snowboarding,the cover got splashed and banged around in my pocket and every function worked fine even the camera functions worked perfectly through cover . Expensive cover but well worth it for functionality and peace of mind.
This is an excellent case... Ive been using lifeproof since 4s times... Always had this case onmy iphone... Complete protection.. Love it recommend it
Have a IPhone 6 for work, which includes site work, grease, dirt and water, so wanted something to protect an expensive phone.
Looked at a few others, but all looked bulky and cheap.
Received the cover in a few days , fitted it and am very impressed. Doesn't add too much bulk to the phone and hardly any extra weight. Comes with a waterproof headphone extension as well. fingerprint I.D. works, but a bit hit and miss, otherwise an excellent, light (but not cheap) waterproof cover. Would recommend.
Great product
Overall Great case, it's not too bulky. However looks a bit plasticky on the back I'd still recommend this product, does exactly what it says on discription
Not bad, Lifeproof should take note though
Great service from the seller(s). As for the case it's ok it's just a shame that Lifeproof still have some minor glitches which I'm sure they could iron out if they tried.
Great service from you guys, many thanks.
Secure waterproof cover, stops Iphone 6 bending
The product does live up to its sales pitch. It is water proof, tough and yet provides easy access to use the phone. When my wife upgrades to a Iphone 6 I will buy her one. Next month I will test the product to death on a 500 mile walk. Very happy with the product
Give your iPhone a cat's 9 lives!
The LifeProof cover completely encases the iPhone and means that if it accidentally ends up in water, it will survive! If you accidentally drop it, the screen work crack! It does seem a little cumbersome to start with but you soon get used to it and it the iphone doesn't feel like its going to slip out of your hand at any moment. LifeProof have also improved the screen cover and the iPhone works really well now. I can't however unlock my phone with my fingerprint......
LifeProof fre case. Peace of mind total Protection
First used a Lifeproof fre case on my iPhone 5. Later changed to a nuud case but ther was always a concern about the screen. I now have an iPhone 6 which is very slim and slips easily out of my hand dropped it twice though no damage thankfully. My choice of the Lifeproof fre case now gives me peace of mind knowing my phone has Total Protection. Fantastic service from MobileFun the case arrived within 24 hrs of placing the order.
Great case
I've had one of these cases on my previous iPhone 5 for 2 years now and it's been superb, totally water and dust proof. This new case is equally as good on my new iPhone 6 but with just 1 reservation. The lightning charger port on the case is only just big enough to take the genuine Apple lightning connector. You may find that most 3rd party leads won't fit so be aware. This wasn't an issue with the iPhone 5 case but this case is much slimmer.
Have bought a second one of these for me, following wife's approval of hers! Protects brilliantly against keys, cash etc in pockets without adding bulk. Retains neat feel of the phone, whilst providing good grip. All the buttons work, unlike Otterbox Defender. Scared to do the underwater test, but should resist rain OK.
Best ever
Got to say if you have an iPhone 6 you have got to have this case for it . much slimmer than the iPhone 5 case .the design is much the same and the Touch ID accaully works every time .I had the otter box defender and I know they are made by the same company but this case blows it out of the water I must say it was well worth the wait .if the iPhone is the rolls Royce engine this is the ferrari shell

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