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LifeProof Fre Case for iPhone 5S - White / Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Make your phone waterproof and experience the freedom to surf, sing in the shower, ski, snowboard, work on construction sites and have true iPhone 5S freedom anywhere you go with the LifeProof Fre case in white!
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 4.8 stars from 16 customers

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Great looking case
This case is really tough as well as waterproof. It looks smart on my iPhone, is slim and light and still fits in my back pocket. What more can I say, I love it!
Great case
Really good case, very easy assembly but not suitable for every make of head phone due to the size if the hole where the jack hole is sealed.
I work in construction so needed this to be shock proof and dust proof , I haven't dropped it yet but it is completely dust free and the fingerprint ID works fine. The delivery was lightning fast so would definitely recommend mobile fun to everyone.
Worth the expense to Lifeproof your device!
So worth the money - my iPhone is now waterproof, drop proof, dust proof and snow proof as described. Slim line and light, excellent product.
Lifeproof Case
Ordered this product quick delivery.
Had a problem with the case spoken to Customer Service dealt with the problem handled quickly and effiently sent a replacement.
Product seems good but I think It look quite cheap which is a shame as it's quite expensive.
The battery charger part came off but managed to clip it back on.
Might return it as I find it gets quite sticky when messaging
Almost perfect
Ugh. Finding a good case to use with the 5s is a real pain thanks to Touch ID.
I'd heard nothing but good things about the Lifeproof Frei though and after watching several you tube videos stress testing it, decided to give it a punt. Mobile Fun got the case to me super quick, even though it was only standard delivery and they had the best price around bar none for a genuine item. Great stuff
Installing your 5s in the case is super simple, and once done it's waterproof and small explosion proof, well a good drop onto a concrete floor anyway.
Why not five stars then? Well you see the plasticky material Lifeproof use to enable Touch ID to work is flexi, and with this comes a bit of air, not unlike when you dont put a screen protector on properly, but more severe. It can alter the touchscreens sensitivity a bit and does take a bit of getting used to. That said, I'd rather have a slightly bubbly screen at times over a smashed/ wet phone any day of the week. Oh, sound quality is surprisingly good for a waterproof case, I was impressed and the case doesn't add an unnecessary extra size or weight to your phone which was another unexpected bonus.
All in a very, very decent case, I'll need some convincing to swap it for a different one.
Brilliant case
Brilliant case keeps dust and water out. Expensive but worth it.
Awesome case
This case is brilliant I'm a builder and my pockets always get filled with dust and wrecks my phone. This case keeps all the dust out and keeps my phone looking new. And I'm also lifeboat crew so I needed a waterproof case and this works excellent, had no leaks and it's had a very good testing.
Bombproof -near enough!
This case has to protect my wife's iPhone from being dropped in horse buckets, kept in the same pocket as dog biscuits and being driven over by the car. Okay, I made he last one up, but it's only a matter of time. So far it has offered compete protection, including with the screen cover which doesn't interfere with function at all. The case is expensive - as is the phone, so I think that it is well worth the money.
Good solid case, without getting in the way
I had used a LifeProof case on my previous iPhone - a 4S - and been very impressed with it. When I moved to a 5S, I was caught in a dilemma: lose the "Touch ID" feature by using an older case, or go without protection? Particularly after getting caught walking in very heavy rain, I didn't like that idea.

Enter the latest LifeProof. Somehow, they had managed to find a waterproof shield which didn't obstruct the Touch ID sensor - the incredible protection I had enjoyed before, without giving up any of the phone's features.

For all the protection, it's incredibly easy to fit, too. It isn't cheap, but it's certainly great value: nothing else comes close for peace of mind without any loss of access.
Lifepoof like it says on the box
What with my job and hobbies I wanted a case that would provide protection from all elements, but mainly the case needed to be waterproof and rugged enough to survive the occasional knock. After doing a bit of research I found the majority of the cases on the market did not support the Iphone 5s finger print technology which I felt that was a handy feature in the phone. LifeProof name kept cropping up throughout my search and I decided although slightly expensive, to give the case a go. On the case and doing the important dunk test the phone was fitted into the case with ease.
Good Points: The case is not bulky unlike others and due to it being completely sealed in does not require the screen to have a screen saver fitted. The screen still responds to touch well and the all important finger print recognition works 9 out of ten times with dry hands.
Plenty of accessories fitting the case
Bad Points I have not picked up on any bad points as of yet the reason I have dropped it 1 star is mainly because of the price.
100% protection
I just upgraded my iPhone 4S to the 5s and had to get another lifeproof case as it protected my 4s so much. This 5s case is excellent in every way it gives me a good grip on the phone when using it, I can use the phone when raining with no worries that my phone will have any water damage so as ilifeproof stats it's shock,snow,water and dirt proof I know the price is a lot but such an expensive phone needs a good case to protect it.all round great case. I bought both lifeproof cases from mobilefun and with this 5s case I must say it was the only place Which had it in stock and both times I've used mobilefun they've been excellent with service and delivery

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