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LG QuickCover for Nexus 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The LG QuickCover for Nexus 5 features a custom-fit unibody case and matte finish front cover for stylish protection from dents and scratches. Get access to your basic UI without swipe unlock by simply opening the front cover.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41892
$48.64 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 57 customers

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Nice & Slim but Will it Protect the Phone if Dropped?
Love how slim this cover is. You barely know it's there which is great. It has a nice tacky feel in my hand so it feels secure when I'm holding it. I'm not sure however, how much protection it will provide if I drop it. The cover flap is great at protecting the screen when the phone is in my bag but I wish it had some sort of magnet or strap which kept it closed. Overall, I like the case but find it was a over priced for the amount of protection it provides the phone.
Great product
10 out of 10 for this fantastic product. Right size, right texture, stylish and slim.

Lot of my friends noticed it and loved it. I like my phone now than ever before.
Excellent Quality
May seem expensive but very good quality and fit. Light and slim, good protection, easy to install and good access to controls and facilities. Confident it will be good long term as made by LG the Nexus 5 manufacturer. Arrived quickly and in good condition. Very pleased.
Quite Simply The Best
I know that you will look at the price of this product in comparison to many others available and probably question the expenditure...don't. It is quite simply a superbly designed and manufactured cover. It fits to the Nexus 5 like a second skin and you will love the way your phone comes to life whenever you open it up. I bought one a year ago and recently purchased this one for my wife who has finally upgraded to the Nexus 5. She loves it already.
Like everything else in life 'you get what you pay for'...this is a perfect example of that philosophy.
High Price, High Quality
The high price is what made me dither for ages, but it is well worth it. Really well built and locks the screen, which is brilliant. Highly recommended.
Nice bit of kit, protects the phone very well and keeps the phone looking elegant. Would highly recommend
Pricey but worth it!
I spent ages trying to decide whether to spend this amount of money on a case for my new phone but it's been worth every penny. This is a full body case which doesn't add much bulk to the phone and still retains the premium feel whilst making it seem sturdier. The camera lens on the Nexus 5 sticks out a bit and the case disappears this nicely, even recessing it slightly to avoid accidental scratches when you place your phone on a flat surface. The case leaves the ports and speakers available for use when shut, the only thing not accessible is the volume rocker (but this is no bad thing for me). The inside cover which touches the screen is slightly flocked and I absolutely love the auto screen on when you open the cover. The magnet which does this also helps the cover stay shut when not in use, perfect for in my handbag or pocket. Glad I spent a few extra quid on such a nice item.
Very suitable.
Expensive but it's very good product, very good material and very good finish.
It doesn't make the phone bigger at all and it's the same "minimal style" to the phone.
Absolutely satisfied.
LG Nexus 5 Case
Excellent case have dropped my phone twice and the case has saved it from breaking
Worth the expenditure
I hunted around for a decent yet unobtrusive cover for my nexus. I love the design of the phone so much and I didn't want to hide it too Mich as some other cases do. This keeps the bezel visible and the contours of the phone whilst protecting that screen. Worth the price - I'm two weeks in and no signs of wear.
So far so good
Our relationship has only just begun and I wanted to buy her a gift, something that would help protect her, care for her and allow her to keep her looks for longer. She was happy, she felt loved, cared for and protected.

Will it last? Who can say, but it fits well and allows access to all the right places, it also enhances the feel.

You get what you pay for in life and this is a good example of that.
Tailor made for the job
Very well made product, fits like a glove with all the holes in the right places. Tough thin wall case has tactile soft feel to it and keeps the phone feeling slim. Flip screen cover has small magnet which switches on display on opening and off when closing - no more fumbling with power switch! No charging problems with case thickness when using Google Nexus wireless charger.
Fits like a glove
Fits well, protects the phone, looks good and works with wireless charging
What more could you ask for
Amazing quick next day delivery.Case looks and fits perfectly.Very Slim fit. All controls accessible.Also works well with wireless charger.Really looks the part.
Good protection for my new phone
A smart and well made case
I was a little sceptical at first, paying what seems like quite a lot for what is essentially quite a simple product. However this is a very well and very smart case designed for those that want sleek protection for their Nexus 5s'.

Some people have noticed that there can be a small gap between the case and the phone when you first get the case. I found that to be true to begin with but it quickly sorted itself out.

The case activates the screen upon opening and has all the expected connectivity and can also be charged wirelessly.

All in all excellent product and exquisite service from MobileFun again
Great case, great service
The case arrived quicker than expected in excellent condition.

The black coloured Nexus 5 has an rubberised back that offers great grip and a very premium feel. I was looking for a case that could maintain this look & feel. It also has a great bright and vivid screen which I didn't want to cover with a screen protector, so I've decided to get a flip cover case.
The original one from LG offers all of the above with almost zero added bulk, which is usually an issue with other flip covers as it definitely diminishes the practicality of having a slim phone like the N5.

The back of the case is made out of the same material as the back of the phone and the whole case is quite rigid.

The power and the audio jack are exposed as, obviously, the camera and the flash, but the volume buttons are covered. However you can still operate them without having to open the case as the cover at that point is quite soft and thin. There is an opening at the front for the earpiece and the N5's bottom speakers are exposed as well. One thing that it is not visible with the case closed is the LED notification light.

The case is equipped with a magnet to turn the screen on when you open it and put it to sleep when you close it. This way you don't have to reach for the power button at all.

It is also worth noting that is it fully compatible with LG's wireless charger for the N5, so you don't have to take it off when charging it.

So, in overall an excellent case that does come, however, with a high price tag, at least with regards to the competition.
Slick fitting case - low hassle, high quality
Let's not stop to think this is a cheap case. It isn't. However, it is made to fit the Nexus 5 like a glove, which it does. It keeps the profile of the phone slim, and works to put the phone onto standby when closed which helps preserve the juice in the battery. It can also be folded back on itself and keeps the phone usable with a thin profile. You can also use it with wireless chargers... bonus!

The case is slim, nice to the touch, stylish, solid and has a reassuring feel of quality. Yes, you pay for it, but it's often the way in this world that you get what you pay for. It's nudging overpriced, but it does a great job of protecting your investment of a Nexus 5. If you have your finger hovering over the buy button, just do it. Recommended.
Cover for Nexus 5
Great cover sure it's dearer than most but if your going to invest in a descent phone you might aswel protect it properly can't fault the product
Quality Costs
Yes you can buy cases for a lot less money but you compromise on quality. This is by far the best protective cover for the nexus 5 and if you're paying £200 for a phone then keeping the thing safe does not seem too pricey to me. It looks stylish, is lightweight and after 2 months use I cannot fault it.
best case for nexus 5
I was using the SGP ultra hybrid before, i like that because it gets perfect protection. I drops my phone on floor several times and the case remains undamaged. Yet the case is really , too large and bulky. After that I discover the LG quick cover, which is really a good one. It is thin like putting nothing on the phone. The phone remains light but getting protected well. Also it offers protection to the screen that the ultra hybrid didn't get. In a conclusion it is perfect for me. Also the smart cover function is good that i can remove all auto screen app on my phone which does not works all the time.
Worth the waiting :) and perfect.
It's a quality cover, made by LG, and as thin as possible, compared to other covers over there, the soft touch finish is the best, I bought it, because it also protect the screen, yes maybe I payed premium, but it's always like that with original accessories. Also I like that it has sleep function, very useful. In conclusion for me, it is the best cover for nexus 5, that also not hide much the design of the device.
High Quality and smart cover
I am delighted with the LG Quick Cover and thoroughly recommend it. As you would expect from an official Nexus 5 product, the cover fits around the device and its buttons and camera perfectly. The luxurious and smooth rubber is very pleasant both to hold and in appearance. The thing I like the most about it is that it protects the entire device from damage so it is perfect when I have the N5 in my pocket with my keys!
Expensive but worth it
I was in two minds whether to buy this phone case or purchase a non branded alternative. I am really pleased I did purchase it as it is a quality product.

The phone easily fits into the case and adds very little bulk. I like the fact when you open and close the case the phone wakes and sleeps.

The case is smooth on the outside so any marks will easily wipe off which is good should you choose the white option.

An excellent product and highly recommended, especially from Mobile Fun who are a great company to deal with.
Right Choice
It gives the satisfaction that you bought right accessory and mobilefun rocks.
Great case, good price.
Great quality official case for the Nexus 5, I was going to buy this from Google Play until I realized they wanted around £12 shipping! Did a quick search and found MobileFun selling the exact same case for the same price but with a very reasonable £2 shipping. Item was shipped quickly, packaged well and I will definitely check this site out again next time I need phone accessories.
lg quick cover
'tis a cover, that I could put on quick and is made by LG for my nexus 5.
Accurate description, goods arrived quickly as described.
Very happy 5*
cosy fit
The case material is tactile and grips well, very comfortable and strong material. the phone fits perfectly and the quick cover works a treat. delivery costs were also about £8 cheaper than google store.

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