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LG Nexus Qi Wireless Charging Orb Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge you Qi wireless enabled phone without the need for wires with this Genuine Nexus accessory.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37194

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 4.4 stars from 20 customers

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It is OK, but...
although it does what it says on the tin, namely charge my Nexus 4, there are two disadvantages: firstly the charger needs to be in direct contact with the phone - any protective casing has to be removed as it prevents the charger working. Secondly, the sticky pad on the charger that the phone adheres to, attracts a lot of dust and quickly loses its stickiness. The phone then slides out of position or indeed off the charger altogether, and so no longer gets charged. The stickiness can be restored by removing the dust with some ordinary sticky tape, but that is still annoying. Given the high base cost and the high delivery charge, I am not convinced that this was a value-for-money purchase. Still, it does look quite cool.

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