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LG G5 BC-5100 Hybrid Battery charger & portable battery Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Part of the LG G5 Friends and Accessories range, this official LG G5 accessory will ensure that you have enough quality and reliable power available for your needs. Using the LG G5's built-in expansion module, you can ensure your LG G5 lasts the day.
  • Mobile Fun ID 58810

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 5 stars from 5 customers

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I use this hybrid powerbank every day!
I can spend endless hours of watching videos on the couch, which drains my battery.
I keep the powerbank charging. whenever i'm low on juice I just swap batteries and im good to go!
Also love the fact that there is a battery case included. Keeps the battery safe and dustfree.

Love it, would buy again
Good solid well made battery charger
Good solid well made battery charger. Very useful if you like to keep a supply of charged batteries for your phone.
Very handy!!
I found it extremely useful, not just for my G5 but also for friends and colleagues with other devices when they are to close running out power.
Very Useful
This is a very handy gadget, it enables you to recharge your spare battery without having to plug it in to the phone. It also enables you to recharge your other gadgets, and it is only £2 more than the battery on it's own.
Portable Charger/Spare Battery/PowerBank
Great bit of kit. Charge the supplied spare battery for your G5 in the charging unit and pop it in the clear case provided so you've always got a spare battery at hand Alternatively take it with you in the charger unit and you can use it as a powerbank for charging other devices. I've used it a couple of times to give my Coolfire 4 a quick charge.
I charge the unit with the USB-C cable shipped with my G5. I was a little annoyed the unit didn't come with a cable as sometimes it is necessary to charge your phone and the spare simultaneously. The other outlet is a standard USB so you could can your eCig/iPhone/other device directly from it.

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