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Leef iBridge 256GB Mobile Storage Drive for iOS Devices - Black Reviews

Backup, store and share your favourite photos, videos and music between your iOS devices with the 256GB Mobile Storage Drive for iOS Lightning Devices.
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 4.7 stars from 116 customers

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This is the best gadget ever love it I
Great for people like me who spend a lot of time in bed due to ill health watch movies on your iPad without having to reformat love this gadget
Excellent product
Just as it says - easy to install, easy to use.
Verry good
a very useful product
Excellent product
Purchased this product on line. I am very satisfied with the product. I was able to transfer photos from my iPhone onto the USB key and onto my laptop without any issues. Easy to use. No instructions came with the product but you can check YouTube they have a few video on this and very helpful.

I no longer have space issue on my phone. Yeah!

I would recommend this product to anyone.
Leef iBridge 64 a great buy!
I bought the Leef iBridge 64 Gig to increase the storage capacity of my iPad and IPhone and it was a great decision. Movies, music and photo storage and backup as well as the capacity to transfer stuff to and from my Mac book and the inbuilt camera facility is really useful as is the ability to watch movies on the iPad without needing to load them onto the device itself. I'm very pleased with it and its ease of use.
s great
Easy to use, looks good, works great
Great Product
Great product which works as promised & easy to use across MS OS & Apple
Once it works, it is brilliant
Once it works, it is brilliant, but they might have included instructions in the box on how to set it up. I had to rely on helpful comments, and several explanatory videos, before I was able to get it working. It is especially useful to me as I can transfer documents from my iPad to the computer and vica versa.
I haven't had much time to test it yet, but so far it seems very good. Delivery time was great.
Once it was working Leef iBridge memory is brilliant
I would have liked an accompanying instruction leaflet to help me set it up. I found people on another website who were very helpful in doing this, but ultimately I took it into Apple Store, and they set up the Leef app. From there in every is brilliant. However, I could still do with guidance about certain issues. The video by the Professor goes too quickly to pick up everything and needs to be repeated several times to pick up points. The memory is useful for passing documents on to other people. Just plug in and it is there.
amazing product!
I got this item for a festival as I always take a lot of videos and pics and I constantly run out of memory and this was just the biggest God send!! Took whatever I wanted off my phone to spare the memory and wow it was so handy!
Spectacular piece of technology
I bought 2 of these as both my daughter and I are flying to England and back twice in the next few months. My son has put 30+ movies on each for us so we can watch them on our iPads. BRILLIANT!
Easy to use, good size & value
Easy to use, good size & value for money and convenience when travelling to have photos backed up.
I bought this for myself because my iphone was nearly out of storage. I like to download things to watch when i'm travelling so thought this would be ideal!!! It was. Was very easy to use - didnt even look at the instructions. It's also very unobtrusive so doesnt get in the way at all. It was so good that my son decide to try and swipe it so i ended up buying another one for him. Would highly recommend this gadget
Love it!
What a fantastic product! We are using it to take extra movies on a 23hour flight. Love it's funky design.
This is my 5th iLeef mobile memory.
Great for iPhone/iPad
We travel for extended periods. Managing files such as photos between the iPhone and iPad using photo stream or the cloud is time consuming and expensive (data fees) unless you can find free wifi daily.
Looking for a solution, I stubbed upon the Leef thumb drive. Not readily available Mobilzap organised it's supply and delivery. After a couple of weeks use I am more than happy. The accompanying app makes file transfer simple and quick. It also acts as a backup for my photos should a device be lost or stolen. I would definitely recommend the Leef iBridge.
great product
one of a kind nothing can compare to this device
iBridge - good product, good price, delivered on time
First time shopping with this company. Good experience. Asked a question ahead of purchase. Got it answered. The price was the best in the market. The product itself works great, the iBridge 32Gb, allowing me to quickly transfer files between my iPad and PC.
Wouldn't be without it!
I purchased the Leef iBridge as I travel quite a bit, and am always taking video footage on my iPhone. With the iPhone 6s I can take 4K video - which does eat the memory - and the iBridge is a huge help for backing up or, indeed, having my videos stored directly onto the device.
Very tempted to get another!
On ipad, it is good but on my iPhone it is not good. I don't know why, but entirely good.
I thought I could save my purchased movies to the ibridge
I thought I could save my purchased movies to the ibridge, but I guess you cant from what I read about this item. I probably wouldn't have purchased it if I would have known this.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jack

Unfortunately not as Apple places strict DRM (copy-protection) on their own video content. You can however store your own created videos or ones from your computer without DRM on to the iBridge.

Hope this helps.
Problem solved
Storage almost full is a notice that us iPhone users hate to see. Now with this little usb - problem solved.
Love it
I don't know how I managed to live without the ileef, it's awesome and so easy to use. I'm glad I invested in it.
The product is excellent and it gives me convinent in my life.
I love it.
iOS device space saver
Works as described - lets you shift files & media off your iOS device. Gives you large portable file storage w/o internet dependence.
Only drawback so far is file size limit preventing storage of large video.
Good product, good service
Product arrived quickly and as ordered. Definitely recommend these guys
Great invention, very handy!
Great addition to using your iPad and iPhone. This is a well designed usb storage , with the cover for both ends! Just plug in and 'go'..... No hassles, with specific choices of operation showing on your screen. Would recommend this device.
Very good service, and quick post!
AMAZING service! Very quick processing and delivery as we needed it before we went overseas. Very impressed would use this site again.
Very happy with product simple to use with app.
The leef works very well and most importantly very simple to use with the app. Highly recommend this item if extra storage needed or if you want to view on an iPad videos or pictures which are on another computer or storage device. Just down load to the leef and plug in to your iPad or iPhone and watch.
Awesome product
One of the best investments I have bought. I own an I phone 6+ and an I pad. Both of these are getting fairly full with apps, photos, music etc. I purchased the Leefbridge and the speed which it arrived was amazing. Thank you. Using it is a breeze. I just plugged it into my Mac, and downloaded my movies, music and photos onto it with ease. Did tests of different formats and everyone of them played through both phone and I pad. I love how you can take photo and it can be saved directly to the Leefbridge.
Store your videos or photos as you take them, good value
i bought this device a number of weeks ago,but only used it today for the first time great for extending the memory on the iPhone just plug it in and download the app for the device, the menu comes up on the screen and you can transfer your music,photos into the device or i think you can leave it attached to your phone or iPad and use it to store your videos or photos as you take them, good value,using it on iPhone, iPad.
Love this product so easy to use and just what I was looking for
This is what I need
After struggling with my 16gb iphone for a while, I decided to get this stick to complement my iphone. It works like a champ! watching movies and listening to music without having to sync it to itunes is a very pleasant feeling. Apart from a quite high price tag, this item is a must have one, especially if you short on storage.
iBridge is what my iPhone has been missing
It's super easy to use and love the fact that I can swap devices with ease, must buy for anyone with a iPhone
Excellent product
Just what was missing on my iPad, an easy way to transfer large documents and photos which would have taken ages via email. Works with iPhone, iPad and laptop equally. Best buy ever!
Leef ibridge
It's an amazing bit of kit well happy with it .
iBridge Problems
I have just updated my phone and iPad to IOS 9.3 and my iBridge has stopped working. I have only owned the iBridge for about a week and very dissapponted to find this device is now useless.
Prospective buyers should be wary about buying any leef product made for IOS as there is a possibility that they may not be able to reinstate the iBridge for Apple products
MobileFun Reply
Hi Bruce

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this accessory. We haven't heard of any other problems with iOS 9.3 so might be unrelated to this update. Please contact our Customer Services team for further assistance.
I am really please with my 64GB iBridge for iPhone. It works like a treat. My only wish, that more file types were supported.
Great Product
What a great device. We are going overseas and I needed a portable device to backup photos and videos taken on my iPad and iPhone. Saw reviews on the iBridge and went ahead and purchased one. No regrets at all. Does everything I expected of it. It also a great way of moving files back and forth between Apple and non Apple devices. Holds tons of info, pictures, songs and videos.
Good product
Very happy with the product, works well, easy to use. Looking forward to use it during my trek. Small, light, perfect for travelling and save pictures.

Great deal!
The leaf ibridge is wonderful to save everything to and so stop get messages all the time that I need to upgrade iCloud storage, it's all on this handy easy to use leaf. It's brilliant.
What an amazing device very pleased with it
What an amazing device very pleased with it.
The Leef ibridge was easy to use. Even more importantly, I was very impressed with the company MobileZap's customer service. My delivery was messed up by Australia post so I did not receive the devices at all. When I contacted MobileZap, they sent me replacement devices using DHL instead. Thank you.
Fit for purpose
Ideal for loading movies/series to while away a long flight without compromising my iPad's storage capabilities.
Excellent device, well designed and pleasingly functional.
Excellent product
iLeef Bridge is a wonderful product. So easy to free up space on my iPhone and transport all of my photos and videos.
great product
excellent service, thank you mobile zap. product is awesome.never run out my storage. I can store 20000 songs for my I pod touch. surely I will recommend for this anyone.
i was thrilled to get this device, as with no storage left on my iphone 6s plus, i thought i could transfer everything over to the ileef. Not so, it took most of the photos, but all the videos just didn't work at all. I dont think its meant for apple devices, and was very dissapointed.
Excellent item easy to use
Easy to use
Happy As :)
I absolutely love my leef bridge, gives me the extra space I need to fully utilize my iPad, worth every cent :)
Heaven sent
I needed to know if this device could transfet my stuff from my iphone as Apples bluetooth is very restricting. This device is perfect and when you diwnload the leef app it works perfectly. Doubles nicely as a flash drive and the feel oozes quality at s a great price. Highly recommended.
Best device for iPhone ever!
I was so excited when I saw
Leef Ibridge 32 gb. I downloaded all my pictures and it worked great!
I'm very pleased and it was worth the investment! Told my brother and he's looking to buy one too!
Thank you so much!
Top Notch
My sister recommended this product as I had asked her about saving photos from iPhone onto an external hard drive and NOT the iCloud system which we are both (wife & I) struggling to understand.The Leef Bridge is the perfect piece of kit as you upload the photos from the phone,transfer them to a computer and thence to and external hard drive for relatively permanent safe keeping. Highly recommended!!
5 stars exceelent product
I purchased two of these. They are perfect transfer and storage devices for the iphone to the pc. Great , well made, easy to us app and overall great product. I would highly recommend them.
great item
Great item for loading pics n movies not to bulky either.
Great little gadget!
Really easy to work, the phone did it all for me! Takes a bit of time to transfer lots of pictures all at once but once it's done it's brilliant!
My sister told about this amazing piece of kit when I asked how to save pictures safely from my iPhone. So I bought one and was able to use it immediately without having to decipher a manual written in Gobbledekookese. Moved all my photos onto it...safely,dumped them onto a PC then onto an external hard drive for permanent storage. Highly recommended.
Very good device and well worth the money
I found this device very easy to use and it installed quickly onto my iPhone and I was able to back up all my photos, music and contacts without any problem. The only backup I could not do was some films I purchased through iTunes (I was able to store one film and two TVs programmes, but the rest kept coming up as an error 0 code and they would not transfer) Overall this product is easy to use and worth the money and much easier to use than other similar products I have seen advertised.
Great innovation!
Item works well with ios9, iPhone and iPad. Simple plug in, and use like a usb.... I'm very happy to have discovered this useful item!
Versitile storage for iPhone
Love this idea. I have previously owned android phones where there is a SD card slot. When I bought my iphone I wanted a way to store my music and photos without using up my phone's memory. I am really pleased with the Leek ibridge usb. Easy to use and adds heaps of memory to my phone.
Excellent customer service
Excellent product for iPhone and really satisfied customer service from mobile fun but product delivery is slightly delayed.
Overall had a great shopping with mobilefun.
Totally awesome tech !!!!
The leef ibridge is fantastic. One of the best and simplist pieces of tech I've ever purchased. So easy to use and with loads of space on the 16gb drive when transferring photos, movies, music, spreadsheets, pretty much anything you can think of really, freeing up valuable space on your phone or tablet using the free app. I can't recommend this item enough..... Brilliant !!!!!
Not friendly with iphone covers
Very dissapointed at product. It looked so promising. But It did not fit into iphpne connector when I had otter box on. The lightning conmector pn product is thicker than standard iphone liphone lightning cable. The only way i could make clean conne tion was to remove the entire otter box protector. Come on! This is silly! I checked the product with about 10 people at work. Every person had a cover. It was only barely able to fit in one of thses and it was a cheap cover. Really sad. If u dont have an iphone cover, its ok, but who doesnt? Did the engineering team have even a clue tharpt people use covers?.
Loves it
Bought this as a Christmas present for my teenage daughter who's at college and finds that she sometimes needs to save or download files or photos when her device is running slow. She loves it says it's one of her ideal gifts.
Love it.
Love using the Leef App and Leef iBridge Mobile Memory 128 Gb with my iPhone 6 plus. Fantastically easy to use and perfect for extra storage of photos, music, documents, some apps etc and also easy transfer to computer. Friends want one.

Happier holidays knowing I have extra storage for pics.

Expensive. Easy to lose - Bright colours would be helpful to help it stand out from all things black. Should come with a lanyard.

Impressed. When I checked in for a flight on my iPhone and wanted to save my boarding pass, Leef came up immediately as an option where to save it as a pdf.

Concerned. I hope this product will not become obsolete or lose usability when yearly new iPhones come on the market with possibly different connections in the future. Then, this product will indeed be a very expensive outlay for short term use.
Worth the Money
There is no easier way to transfer Stuffs between iPhone, iPad and a Computer. Lovely device though expensive compared to Android micro USB pendrives, it's worth it as there is no other device like this in the Market which looks like an Apple product itself and works in a similar way.
Pretty good
The item was delivered promptly, does what it is claimed to do and functions okay. The instructions could be a bit more comprehensive, though.
This was exactly what I was looking for, I am able to watch movies and transfer files onto my iPad mini. The delivery was super fast as well. Extremely happy, definitely recommend this product.
Best Buy
I wasn't sure if I truly can upload the video on to this device. I am so happy that I made this purchase.
Easy to Use. Love it
Easy to use.... Love it
Excellent for heavy photo / video users
This memory stick works very smoothly with my iPhone 6s - had no issues transferring photos and videos from my phone to the stick - some very large files. I wanted to be able to transfer videos and larger sets of photos that I don't necessarily want in my iCloud library, but want on my Macbook for editing and sharing. I can see this would also be handy for going away and sharing a movie or two between multiple devices too. If you're worried about photos and videos taking up space, this is a really easy way to clear up your device whilst away from a computer.
buy quick
brought this so easy to use and freed up so much memory on my phone great idea.
I used this device to remove 2500 photos to free up loads of space on my iphone
I used this device to remove 2500 photos to free up loads of space on my iphone
does exactly what it says on the tin Brilliant
I'm am asked to write what I would like to have known before I bought this product !
The truth is this is the best and most useful bit of kit that I have baught in a long time and anyone with am iPhone or iPad that wants to save the data safely and transfer that data and pictures to other devices should not be without this little master piece , sensibly priced , easy to use and not to be without , brilliant invention why didn't Apple think of it ?
Allan Hender
Won't forget this little baby
This is a fantastic little gadget the leg lbridge 64gb. Does a great job transfers every thief rom my PC
Movies music photos it's a real doddle have just placed an order for the 128gb.
Oh and the delivery is great too. Nothing is a problem with mobile fun customer service
Give them a try
Really disappointed
You are led to believe that this device will store (accurate) videos from your PC/iTunes programme and transfer them to your iPhone or iPad. It will store them but they cannot be transferred due to Apple's system preventing that. I will probably find the device useful if my iPhone or iPad's memory is pushed to the limit. However, I specifically bought this item for its alleged video storage/transfer advantage and I am really disappointed (and feel misled).
MobileFun Reply
Hi John

Sorry to hear you are disappointed. Of course, Apple's own DRM management has certain limitations of which all accessories are limited by unfortunately which is there to prevent piracy.
Gives a new dimension to ipads
This product provides extra memory for the wife's ipad, she can now download films and and watch them on her ipad without using ipad memory!

Easy to use as Apple store provides App. to use storage drive !
Just brilliant!
I had previously tried a cheaper item from elsewhere to use for storing movies etc to watch on my iPad on long flights, but it never worked properly. So I decided to try the iBridge, and I couldn't be happier, it is absolutely perfect for what I want. Easy to use via USB, and the app on the iPad works perfectly without crashing. I also love the way it is slightly flexible, so fits with my keyboard case without any problems.

This is the perfect way to expand the capacity of your iPad or iPhone!

Delivery was cheap and fast, thank you so much to MobileZap :).
excellent and promt service
very pleaSED WITH THE PRODUCT. company is great keeping me up to date with the whereABOUTS of the product
Excellent Product
I bought this product after searching for a while looking for a good storage device and I have not been disappointed,but it would have been nice to have some instructions on how to use it,and as its for IOS,
IT should be noted that it won't work with a 30pin apple device and there's no adaptors to convert it,
But other than that it works okay on main pc and in car.
this is a great product with loads of storeage and transferrable between computers. It is neat
Small enough to fit in a pocket or a handbag
Small enough to fit in a pocket or a handbag. Is not heavy or bulky and yet it can contain more than enough data to keep me busy for hours.
It frees up space on my phone and backs up all my music and photos.
A very good purchase.
Spot on
This Leef is a fantastic bit of kit !
It's the best way of doubling your memory and being able to move stuff from the i phone or iPad to a PC
I have used mine for all my songs as I was looking at a iPod but this is so much cheaper and universal
As it stands now I can't fault the device but I wish I could get hold of the charge cable that lets you charge the phone via the Leef
very happy
It is very easy to use and nice and compact
Brilliant, just brilliant!
We bought one of these to use on a holiday with our kids... and frankly, it saved our lives. The transfer of files was easy (just like any usb-thumb drive) and the app worked on my iPhone and the iPad without a hitch. I also used it to backup our photos from the iPhone and it was such a breeze to use.

Highly recommended and worth every cent.

5 stars.
Early days but looking good
Having only just taken possession of my Leaf bridge storage device for IOS devices, it is so far so good. It is certainly easy to use and the only downside is that if you have your iPad or phone in a case, you can only have the stick over the top of the screen which on the iPad then means you cannot operate the main button on the screen, so for effective use, you need to take the iPad out of the case.
Extremely Useful
Quick Copy and transfer photos and files
Excellent additional storage
The specifications were accurate and the device does exactly what I wanted. As with most things for Apple it is a little overpriced imho however it has given my 16GByte iPad a new lease of life!
A purely Innovative product - Leef iBridge 16GB
Thanks to Mobilefun, I got to know about this product whilst I was on vacation in Austria some weeks ago. Whilst visiting various shopping malls in Austria and Munich, I looked out for this product but was not available. Therefore I purchased this product from MobileFun directly. I received it within 2 days, and the Leef iBridge does exactly what it states. It is small enough to carry it with you. It is Stylish with the innovative cap which protects both connectors when not in use. The iBridge is easy to use and copying of files from your laptop to your iPhone or iPad is a very simple matter. Taking photos or videos directly to your iBridge connected to your iPhone or iPad is very convenient indeed without taking extra memory from your phone or iPad. I highly recommend this product.
The missing link!
This is what ALL Apple users have been wIting for! Use to have Android and had the luxury of dragging & dropping files/ films /photos etc to my phone. Now on an Apple product you can! With the iBridge you can drop a PDF or doc on to the iPhone and the apps will read it. Brilliant!! It truly is, the missing link for Apple products and the design is superb with no restrictions to speak of and cover or not, it still fits!!!
Perfect for saving and storing photos from my iPhone. Couldn't be easier to use.
An ideal storage device, especially useful if you are accustomed to taking a lot of photographs.
Exactly what I needed to save and store important photos of my kids. Couldn't get any easier, just plug it in and follow the steps. A bit pricey, but worth it.
Leef iBridge
Excellent product, easy to set up and use. A far cheaper way to get extra space on my iPad. Great work Leef team.
Great product
The product is fantastic my son has used it for the MANY photos he has on his phone
extra memory
I asked the Question wether the device would be able to upload photos & video from the iPAd also music files Knowing how problematic Apple products can respond to non Apple devices I was a bit sceptical. true to the response to my question.IT WORKED perfectly. I now have a Happy wife knowing she can take photos with her iPad and download at leisure when away from a home computer Thanks
Great product very happy with the service
I was initially hesitant in purchasing this product from a Web based seller. However I am extremely happy with the level of service provided by mobile zap and the product itself. The ibridge is something every iPad/iPhone user should have.
Not so good
Not as good as I thought it would be.Works perfectly with the Laptop,but I bought it for my ipad,it does not work so well with that.If you download pictures from your ipad to it more than a couple then they are not all transferred. Anything transferred from your Laptop to it can be seen on your iPad ,pictures etc. There are no instructions with it so its trial and error for a while. If I did not have a Laptop as well then I would be very disappointed with the iBRIDGE.
Ideal add on
This device is just what I need to make it easier to store and transfer data from my iPad. So glad that such a gadget is available.
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