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Leather Style Flip Case for iPhone 5S / 5 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Designed to protect the iPhone 5S / 5, this flip case keeps your phone safe whilst still looking stylish.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36394
$16.49 inc. VAT
 4.3 stars from 15 customers

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Superb Quality iPhone 5s protective cover.
This is a high quality mobile phone protective cover. It is very well constructed and looks extremely neat and tidy. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to other owners of iPhone5S's
Good quality - bad design
I ordered this case in a hurry thinking it looked similar to the existing case I had for an earlier model of phone. Despite living in north Scotland, the parcel arrived from MobileFun within 16 hours of ordering - basically overnight - pretty impressive.
However, although the product appears to well made, and the camera aperture large enough not to interfere with the camera, the design is poor - the case hinges at the top of the phone, meaning that the cover flops over the camera or screen when it is opened - quite annoying! The cover also has to be manually lifted rather than dropping open. On the plus side, the design does allow the charger to be connected without opening the case. I guess you have to take the rough with the smooth!
Slim design & easy to use
I bought this phone case for my dad as we were looking for a slim case without the credit card slots and this one is perfect! It's exactly the same as the images provided. It has an attractive design and is very good quality. I like the detail of the brown stitching. The phone fits perfectly therefore providing good protection. The material of the case is also flexible, which is great and makes it easier when answering the phone.
Very happy, thank you.
Great product
Quick postage. Great product. As described.
Good value for money
Was specifically looking for a flip case that covered the screen when closed rather than a 'bumper' case type of thing, and one that flipped up rather than down. As ever, Mobile Fun had enough choice from which to choose something very suitable. Good value for money, this case seems well made so far (it's been in use for just about a fortnight now); very happy with it. And very happy to use MF for other items as I've done in the past and will do again. No matter what item you're looking for, MF seem to be able to source something to suit.
Better than expected
I must confess, I wasn't expecting this item to be of the highest quality for the price.I am truly pleasantly surprised at how well this case has been made and best of all, it doesn't feel plastic!
I am very satisfied and will definitely be buying from MobileFun again. My faith has been restored, thank you
It is a very robust and well made case. My lst one from here lasted 2 years and it was only the clasp magnet that fell out. This one seems even better
Exactly what I was looking for
Hard to find a flip case that flips up instead of down. Exactly what I wanted and good quality
Almost perfect protector of iPhone
Nice look, soft and pretty well covers and protects the iPhone. Initially the iPhone has to be pushed into the plastic holder (on the inside) which seemed slightly too tide but results in the iPhone being steadily locked. Only drawback is the bottom clip blocks the charging plug so you have to open the case to charge your iPhone.
Very unique case
Yet another good service from Mobile Fun. This is probably the 6th item I've brought from these guys and the delivery was so quick. In fact I ordered it around 5pm on Friday and it came the next day on Saturday. The quality of the case is amazing for the price. Very sturdy and protects my iphone well. I love the fact that the case flips up above and over instead of flipping down. So much more easier for me to handle. And these type of case's are hard to find so I was well happy to see mobile fun selling one. Thanks guys for such a wide range of accessories to choose from.
It's a matter of taste
When I got my iPhone 5 I wanted a quality case to protect it. There are no end of cheap and nasty ones available. This case, however, is sturdy, elegant and a perfect fit. It opens upwards. This is a 'Marmite' feature: you love the up or down opening. I'm all for upwards, myself so it's perfect for me. Looks like it will last too.
It's upside down!
I bought this having had a similar case for the iPhone 4. However the case is upside down!

When you have the phone in the case it opens such that the flip lid is at the top. When holding the phone to your ear the open lid is flapping above your head.

The natural thing is to have the fastener at the top and open it downwards, this case is the other way round. You have to open it upwards.

Other than this the quality if fine and to be honest it's the same as in the picture. It's all down to how you think it should open.
Not bad at this price...
Quite a nice cover, good tight fit that the phone slides into rather than clipping in, so easier to get in and out. For the price, this is very good and protects the phone well.
An Absolute Must
So, the new iPhone comes out and I am sent mine 2 days after release. But, of course, such a pristine phone needs to be kept that way - and there's a problem in trying to find a supplier who has the case to fit it - Apple's secrecy re specifications is legendary.

So well done MobileFun for having a case in time - its leather appearance, suede-type insides and magnetic fastening complemented the new phone exactly. What's more, both arrived the same day, so the iPhone never had a period of undress to risk scratches or buffing.

All the holes were in the right place (no vignetting of photos or fumbling with rocker switch slots) and overall it's a fitting - literally! - piece of kit for the new phone.

First come, first bought - and rightly so.

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