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LapPad MacBook, Tablet & Smartphone Lap Tray Organiser Reviews

Make using your MacBook on your lap a truly enjoyable experience whilst keeping your smartphones and tablets in view with the Lap tray organiser from LapPad. Made from exquisite pieces of wood, the LapPad matches the sleek aesthetics of your devices.
  • Mobile Fun ID 59729
$119.48 inc VAT
 3.7 stars from 3 customers

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Great laptop tray
Great laptop tray, use with Macbook and iPad or iPad and trackpad, great to have everything balanced. Well made and practical
Love this item - have bought so many cheap Laptop Trays which do not lat. The one will last forever so will be a brilliant purchase for me
Making things worse
I used to use the Next product catalogue on my lap when using my laptop. I thought of getting something proper and bought this product but this heats up my laptop even more than that! it obviously drains the battery a lot faster. It is also to heavy and clumsy. Thelittle space to hold your mobile or tablet is to small and they tip out from it to easily. The little foam type space is useless. nothing sticks there. Would not recommend anyone to spend money on this.

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