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KSIX Free Pods True Wireless Earphones with Microphone - Black Reviews

With the Free Pods wireless earphones you can enjoy your favorite music for up to 12 hours. They are 100% wireless and its ultralight design allows to transport them comfortably.
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 4.6 stars from 32 customers

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Great product brilliant!!
The earbuds work flawlessly in single or paired mode. Battery life is on par with several other wireless earbuds I’ve owned at quite a great price.
Very good
I have not fully tested the ear phones and only use them in a static environment. I only use them one at a time because they do not seem to pair. But the sound from one is sufficient for my needs. Movies etc.
It's good n comfortable to wear.
I really wanted to know if I could use it for talking as I am on the phone a lot and doing other things at the same as talking is great and helpful. However it's better performance at listening to my favourite tunes.
Very good.
Worked very well for my samsung galaxy a10 phone.I even listen to it riding my motorcycle Recommend highly.
brilliant item
great buds, amazing sound quality for price, so easy to set up, great for out and about .
A fine headset
This was less complicated than I first thought. Easy to set up, intuitive to use and really good value. Mobile fun sent the item quickly with no fuss
Amazing value !
I got these to use until I find my misplaced Apple IPods . I was very surprised and impressed by the quality of these Free Pods. Having used them for a while I’m not sure I’d have purchased the Apple ones. I use them whilst walking the dog mostly, so am never in an environment where I can tell any difference in sound quality really. One of the rubber ear phone ends was missing from my pack which was a bit disappointing, but apart from that they’re great value !
Would purchase again, very comfortable and easy to use.
Great value for money

Excellent.great V.F.M
A little disappointed
Having received the item i was a bit disappointed as the USB point has moved inside the box and i cannot insert the charging cable. I have emailed to request a return but have heard nothing back.
Much better than I expected
Ok so they were a really keen price and I have been putting off buying pods mainly because I didn't want to spend big money on something I expected to be less than good. However, they are really good. I use them all the time. The sound quality is the best I have experienced from any type of in-ear speakers (but, remember, I have never spent serious money on these!) If you want a good solution without breaking the bank, you could do a lot worse than these.
small, but powerful
i'm quite impressed. i had a bit of trouble setting the earphone up on my phone, but i think that was user error and not the fault of the product.
i love that the earphones charge in the case, so like iPods, once you remove the earphones from the case and place them in the ear, they connect to each other and the phone and your good to go.
the case is dinky, like the earphones, and it has now become part of my EDC. where as before, i had to make sure i remembered to pickup my earphones before i left.
the sound is unusually powerful for the size. i discovered, purely by accident, i have very large ear canals, so whenever i buy new earphones, i immediately swap the earpieces for the larger size. this is very important as a good seal in the ear canal is vital for bass reproduction.
as they are very small and weighs nothing , there easy to forget your wearing them, apart from the music playing in your ears!
for the price, there a no-brainer...
Ksix Freepods True Wireless Ear phones with mictophon
I bought these not knowing what to expect. I was certainly surprised on using them of the quality of sound. Full, Rich all round sound. Really wonderful. What was even better, a few days after purchase, I received a £5 refund. This item is well worth the money and I'd certainly recommend it to anyone.
Excellent product
These wireless ear pods are excellent. Good sound quality and easy to set up. Self charging when placed in the pre charged case. Exceptional value when compared with similar products
Very good
Simple to use,all around good quality
Neat little ear phones
Bought these for my grandson to go with his first mobile phone for his birthday. They look neat and come in a handy little box. They were easy to order as the website lists all the phones these earphones are compatible with. They are very reasonably priced as well
Excellent product easy to use ear phones can work independently
Instructions are a bit scanty
Excellent product
Excellent value have ordered another pair for my partner
They seem to work fine good value for money.
Headline sums it up really, these are amazing! I was skeptical because of how cheap these are but they’re fantastic! I actually forgot to charge these when I first got them but they worked anyway! Speaking of charging them, I’ve used them everyday for about a week and I’ve charged them maybe twice and they haven’t ran out of power yet! They’re also very comfy and the sound quality is great!
TL; DR I love them and would absolutely buy them again!
Bought a pair for myself. So good I bought another for my son.
Great small and light earphones
Easy to connect to Bluetooth. Great sound and I love the small carrying and charging case.
Good product
Comfortable fit, great sound, but only ok battery life
Cannot yet complete the review as I have not yet used the item
Saw items on offer good value price
Really useful in a noisy place.
Really good ear buds
These buds fit and stay in your ears, Handy charging box that keeps them safe from damage and easy to carry. Easy to charge Really good sound for the money. I’m really pleased with them.

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