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Krusell SEaLABox Waterproof Case - Large Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Krusell SEaLABox is a well made, protective and waterproof mobile case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28243
$50.39 inc VAT
 3 stars from 3 customers

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Krusell SEaLABox 3XL
I bought it for my Nexus 5.
Size fits well.
Water resistant - very good
Device Operation - very bad. can't reach on/off switch to activate the device. Can't operate the device while in call due to proximity sensor that shuts off the screen.
Bottom line - if I can't operate the device while it is in the case, the case is useless.
OMG a must have for the sea/pool!
Whether you want to be flash and splash in the water and take under water videos and pictures or just have some extra protection around the waters edge this is a MUST for your holidays.

The case provides a TOTAL waterproof solution for your iPhone 4 even with the 'Incipio Feather Case' which i had attached.

The whole screen is totally responsive through the rubbery screen (out of the water) but you have no access to the power button or volume controls. You can always set your timer to switch the phone off and adjust the volume through the settings.

I tested it first in a bowl of water then full submersion in the sea AND a swimming pool. If sealed properly not one drop of water enters the case and makes it possible to video what ever you want totally under the water. Still pictures are possible too but only if you use a timer as the touch the screen is not responsive under the water. A free photo app (I used 'Gorillacam') solves this problem by setting the camera to take photos after a number of seconds and even a burst of 3 shots.

The only weird thing is that the half of front facia is slightly opaque, i have no idea why but it does reduce the visibility although you do get used to it.

Follow the given instructions and should have no problems.

9/10 Stars!!! oh.. ok. 5/5
Advertised as for Nokia N8, best for iphone 4
At this price you would expect it to be more suited to n8 but the clear windows in the membrane are for the iphone camera lens. It is a pity the membrane is not clear all over but it does seem to provide good protection to the n8 though you cant use side buttons. I think 30 pounds more appropriate price.

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