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Krusell Horizon Hector Leather Case - Large Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Once this universal case is in your hand, the high quality leather and the perfect stitching will speak for itself.
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$27.80 inc. VAT
 4.5 stars from 189 customers

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Tight fit for Huawei Nova
This is a tight fit for the Huawei Nova although its useable once you use it a bit and the case looses its initial stiffness . Had several of these cases and in general I have been very happy with the quality and how long they last.
They do wear a bit around the edges of the flap but I guess that's to be expected
A good leather case
I bought this case for my samsung galaxy A5 2015 as I needed a new case as the belt clip on my old one give up the stitching went.
When I seen this one it looked the part ,but unfortunately it didn't suit my phone as it had the following problems
(1) It was a very tight fit
(2) when put in the case there was very little space left around the phone.
(3) I have arthritis so if you have this medical problem then this case is not for you.
I was very surprised as this problem never happened with any of my other cases as I have always carried my phones in a belt case and that's why I treated myself to a leather case but sadly it didn't work for me maybe if the case had been a bit bigger I wouldn't have had this problem as this case is very well made and the leather is first class but when you buy off the web one takes the chance that it's going to do the job.
Good quality
Excellent service
Excellent service
Fits perfectly
Fits perfectly and protects my husband’s phone at work just as we had expected. Super service and FAST delivery much better than when ordering things online in Denmark.
Fits iPhone7
I've used these cases for years as they are one of the simplest for wearing on your belt comfortably in that there are no clips, just loops, and they sit low enough on your hip not to get in the way. My cases for iPhone5 were still in good condition, but a new phone meant I needed new cases for bigger iPhone7. Length is perfect, height has some slack. Retrieval is easy with ability to push phone out from below rather than extracting it from above.
Great product
My brother-in-law had one on his belt and was raving about it so I promptly ordered one for my partners birthday. Brilliant pressy, so much better than keeping his phone in his shirt pocket!
Never falls off your belt
This is the third Krusell case I have owned. The other two were used with older phones. The Hector 4XL fits my Samsung Galaxy S7 perfectly. The case lining protects my screen (and screen protector) from scratches, while the thick leather protects it from objects I might bump into. The most important feature for me is the leather belt loops. Your belt passes through the loops to keep the phone on your belt. Other cases I have tried have clips, all of which can be pushed up and off of my belt when doing daily activities (like sitting down), even those clips with small "hooks" at the bottom of the clip. The Krusell Hector's leather belt loops are robust, and will not allow the case carrying your phone to leave your belt. Period. The magnet clasp helps keep the case closed, but is easily opened to remove the phone. The timeless Swedish design and Thailand manufacture of Krusell cases uses top-quality materials, and provides a case which always looks good, and is extremely secure on your belt.
Great product
I bought this for my husbands phone and it fits perfectly. It means that no one can see his phone and keeps it safe from theft and damage. Very nice styling.
Product quality is very good
Product quality is very good. My phone perfectly fits into the pouch.

One point; After purchasing order tracking was not possible.
Good quality
Two looped belt Phone wallet. Good quality, convenient & stable and easy to get phone out.
Lovely but too small
Very stylish and well made, but a snug fit for the phone without any protective case and too tight with a protective case on. If you're ok with risk of damage to your phone if you drop it, then this works well.
Even i can not say any weakness for this case, just love it
Hello mobile Funssssss!
Aprechiate what i got, amaizing staff!
Even i can not say any weakness for this case, just love it :)
Thx for the exchange, thx for the help!!
Good luck
Product is just what was required
Product is just what was required. Details on site were very good especially , dimensions etc.
Tracking of delivery fantastic
Draw it from the hip!
Krusell pouches with belt tabs are for me the only way to carry a mobile phone. It's safe and always at my side. I've been using Krusell pouches for many years. When I upgraded my phone my only concern was that it would fit into a Krusell pouch. So I bought the 5XL before I chose the phone. It was delivered 18 hours from ordering. Well done Mobile Fun! It is amply large for a Samsung Galaxy 6 edge +, not even a tight fit, so there's no struggle getting the phone out. I wondered whether, since the pouch is such a big one, wearing it would be uncomfortable, but no, not at all. I'm delighted with both the phone and the pouch - a perfect combination.
Quality product which met my expectations
This case is a well made product which is unobtrusive in use. The time frame for delivery was as expected even though it was to the other side of the world.
Cracking Mobile Belt pouch
This leather belt pouch is superb and well worth the money. The leather is beautifully soft and the calf leather on the inside keeps the phone safe. The magnetic flap is very handy (much better than Velcro) and using loops that your belt goes through makes it much more secure.

Krussell products are great and I cannot see a reason to buy anything else.
Amazing quality and so useful
My father wanted a smart phone as he had one of the oldest nokias made ! But I kept resisting as didn't think he would cope with one, eventually I gave in and got him a really cheap smartphone, but unfortunately as my father says you get what you pay for as he couldn't use it, so I gave in again and bought him an iPhone, stating that it was expensive and he mustn't lose it or leave it anywhere. I came across this item on the site and thought what a great idea for him to keep it safe and on him. Then he said he felt awkward about having an expensive phone and worried that he would lose it. I gave him this belt pouch and he was over the moon with it. It is not only an amazing idea, but the quality of the leather and the style is so nice. I would highly recommend this item.
This pouch is big, but so is my phone. Quality is very good. Pouch is quite thin, so the hone doesn't slide in very easily, but it gives a feeling your phone is secure. The lid is thick and keeps well close (with magnet) for extra security.
Love it
This pouch is wonderful - no more concerns with the mobile phone falling out of my pocket. The hole underneath means that I can easily push it out to answer phone calls. It fitted my mobile even though the recommended length dimension was slightly less probably because the width of the phone did not meet the max recommended width (the website did indicate that this cover was suitable for the phone I have). It has magnet in it to hold it closed.
Good quality product
What a refreshing experience. Had tried all sorts of stores on-line and otherwise, for a clip on or similar belt looped case for my Nokia 'phone. Drew a blank until I looked at Mobilefun. I couldn't find a suitable case but upon request their team produced this one which I purchased on the spot. Delivery was following day and well packed. Good quality product and excellent service all round. Would have no hesitation in ordering again - including large ticket items
It looks good, is easy to insert and remove my iphone
This holder is a good quality horizontal phone holder, the correct size for my Apple iphone 5S. It has two sturdy leather loops, which means the holder cannot fall off your belt. I believe it is good value and in the short time I have had it ( purchased 21.9.....received on 24.9) it has been permanently on my jeans or trousers every day. It looks good, is easy to insert and remove my iphone and has a magnet in the flap which covers the phone in the holder protecting the phone inside and prevents it from falling out. If the holder continues to impress me as it currently does, I will obtain another identical holder, ideally in brown if they do one.
Belt pouch for Samsung Glalaxy S5 phone
I have been trying to find a quality phone carrying pouch for the Samsung for a year and have had two other version that have fallen apart within weeks of purchase so I am pleased that this one has proved to be a reliable secure version. It was a good price and came with no delays. The quality is good and the phone (although a little tight) fits into it without to much effort. This is my second Krusell pouch as I had one for a previous phone and this was also good quality and lasted well.
Love the case. Fits perfectly with my Galaxy Edge S6. I work on chimneys and not having to worry about phone damage in my back pocket or in an open style case. Delivery was fast.
The replacement is fine and no issue
Purchased Krusell belt holster as was pretty sure the quality would be good
Regretfully not the case as the stitching was all coming out
Nothing to do with Mobile Fun but the way they handled the return was superb and no hassle
The replacement is fine and no issue
So well done to Mobile Fun
Thank you again
Ricky Gill
Not up to the job
Have had many Krusell items before & have been very pleased with them all. Sadly this one falls short - it looks good & works as you would expect but it is just not up to withstanding normal everyday wear & tear as much as it should be. It is a belt worn case & should be able to withstand reasonable rigours without falling apart as mine has.
This seems to maintain the Krusell tradition of quality and good design.
Best belt pouch case
This is my third Krusell Hector leather pouch case. The other two are still in good condition but phones keep getting bigger so I have to buy a larger case each time I upgrade my phone. The S5 fits tightly into the case but as I prefer a looser fit, I just stretched it a bit. The stitching on the case is very strong and the quality of the leather is excellent. If you like to carry your phone on your belt, then I would definitely recommend it.
Ususal Krussell high standard
My only reservation is that Krussell don't seem to market their old easy-release system to hang items from your belt.
Item very good
Item very good and most useful and easy to use would recommend to anyone and service excellent and contact very good will use again thanks again
Good quality
I was looking for another case to carry my phone and wear it on my belt for ease, especially carrying such large screen phones that we have today, just make sure you measure your phone as they have three sizes, the case once arrived, rapid delivery of course, looked and felt great quality, the stitching detail really sets it off, in use its easy to get your phone out with no hassle, even for the slightly rotund of us, I have found this to be a very good purchase for the purpose that I needed it for.
Excellent quality
Carrying a bulky smartphone without damaging it can be quite tricky - this case has the answer! The quality speaks for itself, and looks quite stylish when worn on a black leather belt.
Perfect for what I need
Title says it all
Right Size
I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini to which I fitted a Flexishield silicon case. I initially tried a Krusell Hector 3x hip case but found it too tight with the silicon case (which doesn't add that much to the phone size). After a bit of stretching the 4x case fits snuggly and I am quite happy with it. It is really nice leather and the stitching is perfect. These Hector pouches suit slim phones, otherwise I might have gotten away with the 3x. I would have preferred a belt clip to belt loops, but you can't have everything.
Stylish but too slim
I bought it to house a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini to which I fitted a slim Flexishield case. I lucked out and it's too tight a fit to get the phone out easily. I've since bought the X5 size and it will do with some stretching, but the thickness of the phone is again the issue. Nice case for a naked slim phone though.
Good quality case fits perfectly and securely to my belt. I use this every day at work. As my Nokia Lumia 625 is on the max limit for the capacity of the case it sometimes activates the camera button and I get lovely photo's of the inside of my case. If they did one slightly bigger I would have one but this one is fine for now.
Great service
I ordered my phone case 3 days before Christmas ans didn't expect delivery until January.
It arrived the next day, and frankly there is no case as good as a Krussell. Leather, with belt loops and can accommodate an iPhone 5s with ease
A High Quality Product
I had been looking for some time for a Pouch for my mobile phone that was both large enough to allow me to remove the phone easily and that was of a quality that would last. In this product I found it. Previous pouches were never roomy enough for easy access and rapidly became shabby. This is not only a good looking product but from the quality of leather in its construction I have no doubt it will give many years of service.
Beautifully made but a bit too tight for a Samsung S5
Elegant and beautifully made. The design, the quality of the leather and the stitching are all excellent. Unfortunately the case is slightly too tight for the S5 and the belt loops are quite large (45-50mm). Hence it is slightly fiddly to get the phone out of the case when attached to a belt.
Leather Badly Marked
Great case, perfect fit but leather has marked badly on case after less than 24 hours very light use. Have been unable to remove marks/scratches so really disappointed with purchase.
Krusell Hector 4XL Leather
Great product, second one I have ordered, tough and stylish.
Look no further!!!
I've search the whole net and found it here and this is the best what I'm looking for. The case itself look stunning and its pure leather and suede inside. It's slim and perfect for iPhone six plus. I put a silicon case on my phone and its still perfect to fit. I tried putting on the tech21 classic shell case and still perfect on its size. The only a bit downside is that if you put a silicon case on the phone, its a bit hard to take it-out from the case because of the suede made material inside the case. But its not a deal breaker. I'll give it a time, maybe just because the case is still new. Thanks mobilefun and the delivery is fast as well.
Phone Pouch
This is a well made product I would have liked if it had been a little more plyable but it will probably break in with a bit of use. I have a protective skin on my phone so the fact that the case is a little bit larger than is needed for this size of phone is probably a good point.
krusell 5xl case
This is a smart case.
Made well. The flap has a strong magnet on it so it Won't fall out of the case. Well done krusell. Brilliantly made.
Perfect match
Purchased this for the iPhone 6 Plus. Fits just right with just enough room to put a case on it as well. Perfect match. This is the third Krusell Leather Pouch Case ofe had. Hope this one serves as long as the others.
Top notch product
I was delighted with the Krussel hector pouch. It fits nicely on my belt. It looks and feels high quality and seems strong enough to last a long time. I would recommend this product to anybody needs somewhere other than their pocket to carry their phone around.
Top notch product
I was delighted with the Krussel hector pouch. It fits nicely on my belt. It looks and feels high quality and seems strong enough to last a long time. I would recommend this product to anybody needs somewhere other than their pocket to carry their phone around.
Excellent Product
Phones are getting bigger but the choice of pouches for bigger phones is very limited, even more so if you want a horizontal belt loop one. This is a nice looking good quality product. The only thing I don't like about it is the leather is very stiff- I would have preferred more supple leather.
Perfect for phone with case
I originally had the size below this for my HTC One without a case but then decided a case would be sensible! This allows my protected phone to be carried around on my belt loop and not hinder my movements. Unfortunately, the 1st one I had of these, one of the belt loop stitching gave way but MobileFun exchanged it with no quibble or fuss! Excellent customer service - thank you!!
Case for Nokia Lumoa 630
Nice slim case for the Lucia 630. Provides good protection for the telephone, is conveniently sized to slip into a pocket and the 'phone can be quickly removed when answering calls.
Product review
The black kreugal case has a good finish and has a good packing. The quality of leather is good.
Servizio eccellente,dopo solo 36 ore il prodotto mi è arrivato in ottime condizioni,la custodia ha rispettato le aspettative,ottimo materiale,protezione integrale e,dulcis in fundo,è praticamente impossibile che si slacci dalla cintura offrendo così una portabilità eccellente e assolutamente sicura.Assolutamente consigliata.
lovely case
Top quailty case fits a Samsung galaxy 3 very snuggly. Excellent quailty product which I can see lasting many years.
Perfect for my needs
I needed a mobile phone belt pouch for my new Nokia 625. It had to have a belt loop to ensure it never falls off my belt, a magnetic catch and be made of real leather NOT the advertised PU 'leather' which most have and are only PolyUrethane ie (plastic). In short it offers security, build and performance.
My old mobile phone was in a similar pouch in leather and lasted several years never failing. I think this Krusell Hector will last
similarly a long time.
it very good ,
lovely well made case,fits the phone very well
lovely case nice and smooth, i got this case for my wife she loves it better than me,thanks.
Just the Job
Having bought numerous 'leather' holsters over the years, I've now found a real leather holster. Its well made, strong, correct size for the phone and I would anticipate will last for years - certainly outlive the phone!
Very satisfied, high quality and realistic price.
Well done MobileFun for finding such a product.
just the job
Right size for phone excellent quality,looks and feels really good. Highly reccomended
fits galaxy note 3
good quality and fits Samsung Galaxy Note3
well up to the job
communication was good, delivery was prompt, product was absolutely first class and worth the price. The leather was shiny and supple, fit my cell phone like a glove and the attractive contrast stitching robust enough for me to know that it would hold secure on my belt. Altogether one of my better buys and would certainly use this seller again!
Leather Phone pouch
This is a beautiful quality pouch and my Xperia Z fits into it very snugly.
ideal solution to not carry the phone in your pocket
I hate having a to put a phone in my pocket.
Tried a number of belt clip solutions but none of them were up to the task, found they broke to easily.
Came across the Krusell range a number of handsets ago and never looked for another type again.
Well constructed and as there are two strong loops no fear of it falling off.
My last one out lived 3 phones.
So when it came time to upgrade to a new handset first checked that I could get a case to fit before I took the upgrade.
Good; but....
Lovely case, but if you wish to use a plug in headphone, access in not possible. I had to physically cut the leather on the side to allow the use of my headphone whilst the phone is in the case.
Spot on.
This case is 100% of my needs and is a good quality - well done
Nokia Lumia 1020 Users
The 3XL case is not for Nokia Lumia 1020. Though the dimensions compared to the dimensions of the phone - width and depth - are the same or larger - it doesn't - the phone is a skosh larger. I didn't notice the compatibility tab that excludes the 1020. Go for the 4XL - it's a very nice case for the 1020 - definite high quality.
A very good fit
This pouch takes my iPhone 5 even with a Griffin thin protective case. It is well made and one of the few pouches of this type that will fit on your belt. It isn't the cheapest case available but so far it looks worth the extra cost.
Fast delivery of a superb item. Very high quality, At first I found it difficuly to remove my phone, then I noticed the clever cut-out at the bottom of the case - problem solved! Highly recommended.
Krusell Hector ,neat and tidy
The Krusell Hector Leather pouch is neat and tidy ,does the job keeps my phone safe as I cannot have phone in my breast pocket as I have a heart icd in situ.I tried to get a belt type case for my phone in Dublin without success ,good price for a quality product thank you.
Well made case
This is a well made case that is a perfect size for my HTC One V. The only small concern is that the magnetic catch that holds the flap down appears a little weak. A stronger magentic catch or even velcro would be an advantage, although to date I have not had a problem with the case opening accidentally. The case is provided with loops for mounting it on a belt. This is very secure but does mean that there is no quick way of taking it off the belt.
Just the job
feel robust enough to protect the phone hopefully will last a long time as it is real leather
Excellent Product
I have been searching for months for a quality leather case for my phone. When looking at the ipad cases I came across this case. It was delivered the next day and is of the highest quality, and is highly recommended.
Build problems
I purchased the case for my Samsung Galaxy Ace, helped by the good reviews. The case is indeed a quality item and a pleasure to use, however, within a couple of weeks, the stitching has come undone on the right hand corner. It is merely a case of bad finishing, which spoils an otherwise very nice product. I find it hard to believe that a problem like this can arise from such a good manufacturer. I notice another reviewer has had this problem, so maybe it is something they should be looking into at Krusell.I'm hoping the replacement wil be in beter shape.
Just what was needed
Bought for partner who worked as a decorator. Needed a phone holder with belt loops. Very nice leather holder with magnetic closure
Does the job
I am pleased to see Mobile Fun has added the Krusell Hector leather pouch case for the HTC One S. It is an excellent quality pouch that does the job. I specially like the cut out in the base to enable the phone to be pushed out - for ease of access.
Quality item
This is a quality piece of kit. I bought it primarily because of its belt attachment method, which is very secure. One thing I would wish to see improved though, is the magnetic fastening.
Leather Case
I had a case for the Mobile but the stitching went.
The Krusell case is a quality keather case right down to quality stitching. I am pleased with the case and the sevice provided by MobileFun
Case For Mobile Phone
Perfect case for my phone. The fact that it can be attached to my belt makes it so much more convenient than carrying the phone in my pocket. I have purchased Krusell cases previously and this latest one lives up to the high standard I have come to expect from this manufacturer.
Krussell hector belt case
I have used two of these so far they last about a year and then the stitching on the belt loops gives way.
But no shame to them it lives on my belt all the time and is always getting knocked and pulled but it keeps my Samsung B2100 safe and sound.
Of course I always buy from MobileFun best service and quickest delivery
Quality Item
The case arrived promptly and is a best quality item
The krusell horizon hector leather case - large is perfect for the job and as with all krusell products, exceptionally well made. The lumia comes with a very useful rubberised protective cover which made it a little bit of too-snug fit at first but, after a few days, it now slips in and out of the case perfectly. Excellent product.
Smart, sturdy and functional
There is not a lot you can say about phone cases but the krusell leather case is made in good quality leather, unlike some of the very cheap looking items that I have seen. This is important for me as I have to visit clients and need to look smart and credible. I also like the fact that the it has sturdy belt loops rather than clips. It means slightly more work taking it off at night (unlike some I do not sleep with my phone) but it means that the case will not slip off the belt be accident. It is only just big enough for my nokia lumina but that is a very long phone so most smart phones should be fine.
Krusell Case
This is the third Krusell Case I have purchased from Mobile Fun over the years and the service has been 1st Class. The Krusell Case is robust,hard wearing, and has protected my phone well against everyday knocks. Well done, Mobile Fun & Krusell!
"Just what I needed"
Top quality case, well finished. A snug fit for Xperia X10 but I am sure it will 'give' with use. exceptonally quick delivery.
Great phone holder
This is a real quality product and is just right for my Nokia 2330 classic. Well worth the few extra pounds compared with the last one I bought which disintegrated within two years.
received swiftly with thanks
Thank you for supplying a cover for my phone which is just what I wanted stylish but practical
This item is just the job it is what I wanted
Afer trying other cases that were to tight and very hard to remove mobile from,
I would recoamend it is the best one I have used and well made
Looking for weeks
At last, a leather holder that looks great and do`s the job keeping my BB 8520 safe and secure. Thank you
Just what was needed
The krusell horizon hector leather case - large phone case was by far the best horizontal case I have used, and although the nokia express phone was initially a tight fit, this improved after a few days usage. Recommended.
Replacement Case
This was bought to replace the same case as my old one finally broke, the new case is of the same good quality but the strength of the magnetic closure is nowhere as strong as my old case so it loses a star.
Just what I needed
Lovely case for my telephone. Appears well made and sturdy.
More great Service
Yet again you have come up trumps with just the product I was looking for and delivered very promptly with service second to none.
Xperia arc case
The case is exquisite quality & great for my wifes i-phone but unfortunately the Xperia arc is slightly too large for this case, something MobileFun may need to take into account so they don't get a mass of returns.
Otherwise very good quality.
The case is very well made and of good quality leather, good fit for the phone.However it is more rigid than invisaged and has belt loops which women tend not to use.When not in "belt mode" the phone is not always easy to retrieve from the case,especially in handbag.
Quality That Works & Looks Great!
Simply quality. The stiching in the pictures may look a little 'tacky' Not so.... a really smart item. My Samsung Galaxy & Blackberry Curve fit in this case very snuggly. I have made the mistake in the past of buying good looking cheaper items. A false economy - these are built to last for sure & look very chic/professional.
good stuff!!
Very pleased, does what it says on the box. Always make you look a bit nerdy, I don't care. Keeps my new baby safe and by my side.
Fits HTC Desire Z like a glove
Good quality, smart and fits like a glove - very snug and took a few days to slide out easily but will not fall out by accident. Good choice.
Suits my purpose
It is a stylish and functional case. The Nokia 5230 fits snugly/tightly. The flap is of sufficient depth that it remains closed.
Looks nice but not suitable for the N8
It looks very nice but as it is very thin it covers the sound output of the mobile phone and then it is almost impossible to hear when it rings
not exactly
this is listed to fit a n86 but its a very tight fit. decent quality though
the perfect phone case!
This phone case is just the perfect phone case, comfortable, fits in to your hand, keeps your phone protected and really does the perfect job!!!
there is'nt another one like it!
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