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Krusell DONSö Leather Pouch for Samsung Galaxy S i9000 - Brown Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This Slim minimalistic pouch will work wonders to protect you phone in strictly-boardroom-design.
  • Mobile Fun ID 25760
$25.20 inc. VAT
 4.5 stars from 48 customers

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High quality pouch
I wasn't sure what to get to protect my new Samsung S Plus i9000 but the Krusell pouch looked good on the MobileFun site. I wasn't dispapointed!!! The pouch is made of a thick high quality leather stitched together in both a practical and decorative way. A great choice!
A fantastic purchase from MobileFun.co.uk
I was looking for a substantial case for my new Samsung Galaxy S1 to afford maximum protection. Having searched several other sites I was unable to find anything suitable.One click on MobileFun.co.uk and my prayers where answered. I chose a fantastic leather pouch which was ideal. My product arrived in excellent condition and way before I thought it would arrive! Fantastic alround customer service MobileFun.co.uk Many thanks for your first class assistance and choice.
ideal for my line of buisness
I needed something to stop my phone getting damaged and this item has done the job 100%.
Great product
Nice quality case that's just snug enough without being too tight on my Samsung Galaxy S. Good quality leather and a generally quality feel to it. My only complaint would be that the case feels a little short as it leaves a small part of the top of the phone exposed and thus vulnerable to scratching and damage
Poor fit
Was very well reviewed so I got it for my Samsung Galxy S.
But it clearly is made for an iPhone not the Galaxy. Mine sticks out at the corners so lacks protection.
Also it is a very tight fit and there is no drawstrap to help remove the phone. No doubt this will get easier with time.
Nice suede lining, although it does muffle the ringing and notification jingle a lot.
So, all in all, a bit disappointing for the money.
Did the job temporarily
Protected the phone and did the job, however one downside the phone can fall out the other end if you don't pick up up in the right direction as the pocket expanded as time went on. Would recommend as the first cheapest case.
Just the job
I purchased this case as soon as I received my Galaxy phone and it's perfect, phone fits tightly and the sturdy construction of the case protects it.Very good item I strongly recommend it.
Not What I Wanted
Found this case to be too rigid for easy use, even with the cut away corner still quite tricky to get phone out. Having said that it is a good quality product just not what I needed or wanted.
Phone Case
The case fits the phone nicely (many items in stores did not) - samsung galaxy s.

Nice leather look and feel. Would recommend
Leather pouch
Best leather pouch ive ever purchased, definitely worth the money.....
leather pouch
Does what it says on the tin ! Haven't really put it to the test yet but seems very sturdy and likely to protect the phone from being squashed in my overfull handbag and should also protect it if I drop it - except on the top corners, but then you have to be able to get the phone out quickly somehow from this quite stiff cover. No doubt it will "ride up with wear"...
Galaxy S case
Feels like good quality. Quite slim so doesn't make it too fat. Basically, very pleased with it.
Good Case
Its a good case does what it says on the tin!
Krusell DONSö Leather Pouch for Samsung Galaxy S i
After switching to touch screen phones a while back, I realised that they have to be looked after more than traditional mobs. Screen replacement very expensive. Well, this case is superb. The quality of the leather is top class and the gorgeous black 'sheen' is offset by its funky white cross stitching around its perimeter. The Galaxy S fits in snugly. You need it like this to prevent the phone from 'falling' out.
A beautiful accessorie which is well worth the price.
Leather poch for galaxy S
Well made nice leather.
No strap for pulling phone out.
Could drop phone when removing from pouch, but other than that its OK
Krusell Leather Case
This product is very goood. I'm very pleased.
Excellent Quality Leather Pouch
Very pleased with this product, great quality, great fit and really feels like it will support the phone should I drop it or something. Sunny at Mobile Fun recommended this together with some other things - he was so helpful in helping me choose. Altogether very pleased with Mobile Fun and their products.
A Perfect Fit
Bought the Krusell leather pouch for my new Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and am delighted with it. It's a perfect fit, is very well made, is easy to get the phone in and out of, is not bulky and yet offers solid protection. Highly recommended.
Good buy
Excellent quality, fast delivery, fits phone really well, not too bulky, would recommend.
Very high quality and perfect fit for the Galaxy S.
Excellent case. Fits snugly. Rigid enough to protect screen (also to stop accidental screen touches).

Only used for a week and already shows signs of the scratches that would have been on my phone if it hadn't been for the case!
Krusell DONSO leather Pouch.
I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Si9000 and needed a strong case to protect it. Samsung had not yet brought out a case of their own so I contacted Mobile Fun. Immediately I saw that they had a case to suit my needs and ordered it. It was with me within 48 hours and it is ideal for purpose. I am more than pleased with both service and product.
Samsung Galaxy S case review
The mobile fits well, the case is slim, is beautiful and with very good quality!
Krusell DONSö Leather Pouch
Does a great job of protecting my phone,product is well made it may not be the design for my galaxy s but that's not as important than good protection and this does that. Delivery was extraordinary ordered after 5pm Friday got it sat morning 9. Am.
Great quality
Very neat/smart case - quite robust and high quality - keeps phone safe from scratches in your bag or pocket without being to overstated or fancy. Fab product.
Krusell DONSo Leather Pouch for Samsung Galaxy S
Beatifully made from quality materials & perfect fit for phone. Absolutely delighted with this!
Great case!
This is a great case! It fit perfectly with the Galaxy S! The case is made of a high quality leather!
Really good
I ordered this case to my Galaxy S on monday evening and it was delivered to my address in Finland on friday. So the delivery time was good.
About the case:
The phone fits in the case really well. The leather quality is excellent for this price, and the handstiching that goes around the the case is really well done.
Krusell DONSö Leather Pouch
Its a leather pouch ... so not many features. Its well made, precisely fits my phone and looks like it will last a long time. Its a bit pricey compared to others. Time will tell if the quality was worth the higher cost.
Does what the description says
Good snug fit, you can charge and plug in your headset while still in the case thus still giving full protection to your phone. Great accessory.
Krusell DONSö Leather Pouch
This is a great product. Described as a pouch, I thought it would be a softer leather. It is made of a harder leather and is quite stiff. This makes it more case like I think and the protection is much better than I imagined. However, the stitching has started to come apart after 2 weeks of having it, which is not so cool.
An excellent case.....
An extremely well-made and sturdy case. Fits the Galaxy S like a 'glove'. Internal lining keeps the screen crystal clean. One of the most secure cases I have ever owned...100% :¬)
Fits like a glove
Great case, superbly made and fits the like a glove, highly recommended.
Samsung Galaxy S pouch
Excellent service, swift delivery and product very high quality. Thoroughly recommend.
Good case
Spending £300+ on a new phone I wanted to keep it clean and not scratched. I'm on pay as you go and usually keep a phone for 3-4 years and a case does that.
Smart case, good quality
Bought this for my Galaxy S and very pleased with it. The case looks smart and it's quite stiff, so it would give the phone reasonable protection if dropped. The top of the case is tapered so it's easy to pull the phone out of the case, although this means the top corners of the phone aren't protected. Overall very good value for money.
Galaxy S I9000 case
Just as described, the case fits the phone perfectly, and is well constructed. Can't fault it.
Very strong
A very high quality case though the phone does stick out slightly so can still get scuffed on the end. Leather is really well made and looks like it could stand up to abuse.
Well made but not tailored
This case is very well constructed and looks very professional. However, it is not the perfect size for a Samsung Galaxy S. The width and height are perfect but it is slightly too thin. The problem is that the Galaxy S has a bulge at the bottom. If the phone is inserted with the audio socket facing outward, it is a rather stiff fit. The other way around is a perfect fit (but obstructs the audio socked).

In all a very nice product with a minor problem. I am still very satisfied with it.
Not quite for the Galaxy S
Nice pouch, but for people who paid for their Galaxy S, they just want the perfect pouch, and this pouch, presented as being for the Galaxy, does not fit precisely. Shame that I had to order another one, clearly made for the Galaxy this time, on a Hong Kong website.
Case for Samsung Galaxy
Its not a bad fit for the phone but the speaker is completely covered and muffles the ringing to the point that its hard to hear. I have had to cut a hole in the case to make it usable. I wouldn't have bought the case if I had known this.
Nice quality but fit very tight
Like most people who have bought an expensive phone wanted to prevent screen from sctratching, so bought the Krusell case. Nicely made and not too bulky - 2 ticks there. But the fit is very snug which makes it difficult to remove in time when answering a call etc. Still use when carrying the phone in my case, but if in my pocket just have the screen protector. Too much hassle otherwise.
It suits perfectly my Samsung Galaxy S, recommended!
Smart protection
Very smart and durable looking. I wanted a case that will protect my phone without compromising it's appearance and this seems to do the trick.
Krusell DONSö Leather Pouch
My first impressions of the leather pouch is that its well made and has a solid feel to it. The phone fits snugly into the pouch, possibly a little too snugly, because at the bottom of the Galaxy S where the bottom part protudes slightly, there are now two dull areas one on each side of the phone. This is only after a months use. one other point i'd like to make leads on from this and that every time you get a notification you have to remove the phone from the case to check, if your on the move this becomes a pain. (Case in one hand, phone in other, somthing to consider. One last point it is expensive for what it is.
Samsung Galaxy S
A shame that there is no light for the camera (for night pictures), nor a reminder/alarm and the battery life is short (if you are going to be using the phone a lot) but love the screen, the swype, zoom options and continual text conversations.
Great service
Case looks great and protects the Galaxy S well.Ordered 3pm received in N.Ireland next day very happy with my purchase thanks.

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