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KleverCase False Book Kindle Fire - Sherlock Holmes Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
KleverCase False Book Kindle Fire Case - Sherlock Holmes.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36885
$26.54 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 19 customers

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kindle kleavercase
It was worth the wait. The case looks just like an old book cover the quality is excellent and I am very satisfied. Excellent.
I ordered this product as a present , it is brilliant quality and definitely a pleaser
Not your usual e-reader cover
I received a Kindle Paperwhite for our anniversary. I was actually looking for a leather cover for it that looked like a book when I ran across this one. It's not leather, but it's more like a hardcover book. I've never seen one like it before, and I LOVE it. I ordered it online and received it within a week. It says, "my Kindle" on the spine....cute! Have you had any thoughts about personalizing them?
Great book cover for my Kindle
I am delighted with the book cover for my Kindle. Kindle fits nicely and is well protected. Looks like an old book!
Excellent protection
and kick-arse design. The corners are slightly bent and the back is slightly scuffed BUT this is after over a year's daily commute in my bag and constant handling and my Kindle is pristine! So glad I can get this for the Kindle paperwhite as thats my next Kindle (I dont like the Kindle Fire). I do recommend it.
Classy klevercase!
The Burns' Poetical Works Klevercase evokes a smile every time I look at it. Its charming design reminds one of an old, lovely book created when quality was revered, and it functions perfectly! The hard cover provides good protection for the Kindle Paperwhite which fits snugly and safely inside the silicone-type casing. Unlike other reviewers who said it was difficult to insert the Kindle, I found it quite easy after watching a you-tube instruction. With this unique Klevercase, my Kindle now feels like a 'magical' book - the inviting cover luring me to open it for the wonderful stories waiting inside.
Elementary, my dear Watson!
I've only had the Sherlock Holmes Klevercase for about a week but it seems to be top class. The quality is great and it looks even better. The cover doesn't fold back like some kindle cases but that makes it more book-like which I personally prefer. The case is unique and you're guaranteed to be one of the few with a truly cool case. Also, it seems to inspire a sense of mystery solving within one's self. I was at the beach and decided to go for a quick jaunt, only to come back and find my kindle missing! So I put on my deerstalker and deduced the only plausible solution, that cheeky shark Mary Lou had nicked it. I dove into the sea like a deranged dolphin and swam to Mary Lou's lair. I punched her straight in the nose and took back what was rightfully mine. So was the case of the missing case.
Klever case cover for Kindle paperwhite MY KINDLE
This item is exactly as it looks on the website and is jusr what I wanted. Really delighted with the product.
KleverCase for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite- Burns' Poetical Works
I wanted something different for my Kindle. I loved the case as soon as I saw it. It's beautiful. I only hope it holds up as it's basically cardboard.
This KleverCase IS very clever!!! It looks just like a book, but it is a cover for my Kindle Paperwhite!!! This is amazing! I just wish they had more of a variety of covers to choose from!
Exceptional quality and excellent value.
The Klevercase for kindle is beautifully crafted and holds my paperwhite very securely. I am genuinely thrilled with my purchase. I shopped around online for the best deal and the price I paid was unbeatable. Couldn't be happier! :D
great product
It's a great product worth the price
Really Authentic
My daughter wanted a cover for her kindle fire i found the dracula one and it was perfect so authentic a really really good find .
Kindle cover
Product has look and feel of real book
Best received gift of the season
great deal
Christmas Present
Dracula Kindle Paperwhite case.
A fantastic cover hand made to the highest quality bought as a Christmas present.
If you want your Kindle looking great I would highly recommend it.

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