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KleverCase False Book Case for Amazon Kindle - My Kindle Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Disguise your Amazon Kindle as an innocent copy of "My Kindle" with this cunning cover from KleverCase.
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$33.18 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 24 customers

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Slightly disappointed
Although the product looks as nice as it does on the website, I have to say I was slightly disappointed when I removed it from its packaging! Considering that it is supposed to be a case for an electrical item it was a lot flimsier and more delicate than I would have expected especially given the price! I don't feel I got my money's worth with this case!
Kindle cover
Great quality and very unique
Snug fit but very attractive
The case was extremely snug fitting for my kindle and if you have any kind of problem with dexterity you would find it hard to fit your kindle into the case but that said once it is in the case is a beautiful book cover that you can genuinely store on a bookcase and it blends in really well. It's very good quality and I feel would offer more than adequate protection during travel. Overall a very good purchase!
Beautiful but not long lasting
I bought the A Midsummer Night's Dream klevercase about this time last year and was absolutely delighted with it. It is beautiful and lightweight, and it was fairly easy to get the kindle in and out while being a great fit. I was reading loads.

A few months ago I noticed that the paper with the book printing was coming loose at the spine. I had not been bending it backwards at the spine or reading in the tub in a humid bathroom or anything of the sort. I haven't dropped it at all either. I was just reading loads and keeping it in my bag. I glued the paper back and it held up for awhile and today while reading the spine has complete ripped apart in the centre.

So I would say that while this is a gorgeous case, it is not very durable and you would be better off spending the same or a bit more to get a leather book style case which would last a lot longer.
This case is pretty amazing. I love the real old book feel, and that it's maker signed. It is a bit greener than I thought it was going to be based on the pics I saw online, I assume that was just because of my computer screen. Definitely brings a more comforting, natural touch (and grip) to my kindle. Totally worth every penny.
My Kindle doesn't look like a Kindle
I wanted a Kindle case that doesn't look like a Kindle case. This fits the bill perfectly, it looks enough like an antique bound book to look smart and protect the Kindle at the same time. Very nice. The case fits the Kindle very firmly, I used a hoof stick in one corner of the retaining frame to get it into place.
Totally delighted
I was totally delighted with the Burns Poetical Works Kindle cover.
It was a surprise present for my wife.
She opened the package and gave a delighted exclamation.
I was very pleased at the way it was packaged so she could open it as a present straight from the post.
The cover was better in reality than it looked in the picture and that was pretty good.

What a good idea
My cunningly disguised kindle
I chose this because I'm not very good at remembering to keep my bag closed and the klevercase book design kindle cover doesn't shout ''I'm a lucrative bit of electronic equipment you can sell on easily!''Pickpockets aren't going to steal a Midsummer Night's Dream! Other than that it does what it says it does. It seems quite hard-wearing fits the kindle nicely and doesn't inhibit page turning etc.
clever! like the name!
Looks like a real book! Very clever! I love it!
Delivery was super fast! Didn't expect it to arrive the very next day!
a little disappointed
I was a little disappointed as I was expecting the cover to be faux leather but it is just shiny cardboard. However, it does keep the Kindle safe and looks ok but is definitely over priced for what it is.
Good buy
Love the idea of a case resembling that of a book, however the colour does not match that of it's picture and I found it hard fitting my kindle into it's inner case - very tight squeeze. Above all it's a good buy
in with the new, in with the old
I got a Kindle for christmas, and amazing gift, but I love the look and feel of books and don't want them to die in the shadow of their electronic counterpart! I imagined this product in my head, searched for it, and luckily it already existed. It is a really great product, looks fantastic. My only criticisms would be that I would have liked to know whether or not it had a stand for reading (which it does not) and that the 'faux book' is not made from authentic book-material which it appears to in the pictures (of course, this would make it less durable but I would have preferred to know). Lastly, the slot for the Kindle means that one have of the book is thin on the left where you hold it, which doesn't feel very natural to hold. Though I'm sure I would get used to it! None of these things would put me off buying the product though and I would definitely recommend it.
KleverCase False Book Case
I love this, it really looks like an expensive book and protects my Kindle really well, my Kindle doesn't seem to weigh any more with it, and I don't get fingerprints all over my kindle. It holds the Kindle in securely whilst allowing me to use the controls. I really recommend this.
Looks like a real book on the shelf, feels like a book in your hands, more durable than a book in the wide open spaces. Fits like a glove and provides protection for my precious Kindle. Thoroughly enjoy using this.
Want one for myself!
My brother bought my technologically allergic dad a kindle, so I got him this case so he would remember what to use the kindle for! It's really beautiful and looks exactly like a normal book, so much so that he keeps it on the bookshelf and you wouldn't even realise it wasn't a book. It also arrived in time for Christmas even though it said the product was out of stock, very impressed! It's a little fiddly to get the case on at first but that means there's no worry of the kindle falling out. Jealous I bought this as a gift now!
Bought for my 8 year old neice. She was delighted and immediately went and purchased the kindle edition of the book and began to read it. Looks good on the shelf and provides protection.
An all round success.
a really Clever Case
This is a really great case for your Kindle 4. It is a real hardback book cover made to look old from a distance. It's nice to hold and is rigid enough to offer great protection even without the gel case that holds the Kindle inside. There is also a great selection of classic titles to choose from too. I love the contrast between what looks like an old book and the high tech inside it.

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