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Kitvision Escape HD5 Action Video Camera Reviews

The Kitvision Escape HD5 Action Video Camera comes packed ready for action and adventure with a waterproof case, bike mount, helmet mount and more. Film all your outdoor adventures including biking, diving, skiing and any other pursuits!
  • Mobile Fun ID 51640

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 4.3 stars from 40 customers

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You get what you pay for.
Good enough for mucking about with but do not expect professional results.
Present for my husband for Christmas. He loves it. Great service will use again.
Very good
Very good for the money sound could be louder very good product
Great Value but definitiely not a Go Pro - or at Go Pro prices !
Bought this for my son so that he could take action shots on his scooter and bike. He also uses it attached to a hat to get some in action shots whilst playing football. The quality is good enough and more than adequate for loading up to YouTube. If you want better definition then be prepared to pay a lot more.
The battery packed in after a few months and only held charge for about 5 mins usage. MobileFun replaced the camera without any questions.
I would recommend this for what it is - a cheap action camera.
small but well equiped
It has everything you need at a very good price. Ideal if you want to try before you commit to an expensive model. Probally my fault but I didn't realise it had no memory card included. Luckily I found out in time to purchase a card before Christmas.
Not bad for money
Very good for what you pay sound not bad picture good lots of fixings
amazing value for money
Bought this camera for my husband and it's is absolutely fab! Looks really expensive but a fraction on the price of leading brands yet the quality is just as good. Would definatly recommend and if you have a husband with as many toys and gadgets as mine the price can't be turned down!
Looks great and includes accesories
Bought as Xmas present so not sure how it works ye, but sure my grandson will be delighted good packaging and speedy delivery service form Mobile fun. Thank you
Looks great - excellent service
I can't tell you how good the camera is yet as it is a gift - but I can say it looks great value for the price, the service was excellent and arrived very quickly. I have been using Mobile Fun for some time now and would thoroughly recommend them.
Superb equipment at great price
Purchased this video camera as a present. Mobile fun were selling this at half the price compared to everywhere else online. Great delivery and would recommend to others.
fab and amazing value for money.
Bought this for my husband, it is amazing and such good value compared to other ones on the market and from what I can see its just as good quality. With a husband who has more boys toys than toys r us il take value for money any day ☺
Looks pretty cool, great xmas present
This was bought as a Xmas pressie, looks good in box, nicely packaged and has all accessories by the look of it. Was despatched quickly as well and was half the price of other stores for same item so I am really pleased.
As expected
I really wasn't expecting much for under £30, but initial impressions out of the box were very good, although the kit I got looks a lot different to the pictures on the web site! Old stock maybe? I continued to be impressed right up until I tried to import and watch some videos on my Mac. Although the videos seemed to play back ok on the camera, they were grainy and flickery and just unwatchable on the Mac. Not sure where the fault lies, the SD is new and I have tried it several times since all with the same result. Not going to lose sleep over such a cheap item, will give it to the kids and buy a Go-Pro instead!
Exactly what I expected
Very reasonable price and really easy to use. Exactly what I expected
Nice inexpensive action camera
This is a great little camera - glad I bought it. The price is great and I can't really see why GoPro etc are so much more expensive if you can buy the HD5 for under £40. It captures 720p or VGA video, takes a card with up to 32GB capacity and it comes with a multitude of mountings, including a waterproof case.
The only downside (I'd give it 5* otherwise) is that the battery lasts only about 90 mins on a full charge - I'd like a bit more.
Very poor sound quality and has a mind of its own
Yes it's cheep and if you buy one you will understand why . Have bought a lot of gadgets from Mobil fun over the years this is the only one that really disappointed me. The sound recording in and out of the case is very poor and the video recording was ok but can stop on its own accord would I recommend or buy another NO
MobileFun Reply
The sound recording is a matter of opinion. It's not really its forte.
It shouldn't be stopping of its own accord though Allan. Unless something is pressing against the button of course. If you believe this to be faulty, by all means return it and we'll
Good item.
It was just what i was looking for,
for when we go on hols.
It is the cheapest I have seen on
the internet, as the other places
it was much more. Looking forward to
using the camera underwater.
a good product for less
i got what I needed for a decent price. Camera and video quality is decent and fulfilling. I received the product in India; the packaging and handling during transit was well done.
outsdanding tool
this is a good solid bit of kit if you don't have one get one to good to miss out on
Great value. Accessories not so sturdy
I wish I'd known whether there'd be any options for fitting to rear of bike. It's not kept in place that well by less than secure accessories but tape has sorted it for now. I used longer screws and it is secure on the bike but ends up facing the wrong way. Picture is great for the money. Free waterproof housing too.
Excellent valiue and surprising quality
A superb piece of kit for the money, especially considering the number of accessories bundled as standard. 720p quality is perfectly adequate too, although who wouldn't want 4k resolution in a money-no-object world? I bought this to see whether I really needed an action camera before purchasing something more expensive, but I think I will use this for a while now, it is good enough. It does actually record 720p for about 90 minutes on the supplied battery too, as claimed.
Fantastic little gizmo
This is a fantastic little camera. Sits great on my stem. Quality of filming is great for the price & it lasts about 2 hours on 1 charge.
Waterproof camera
Great camera water proof clear photos & video easy to use, not very loud play back from camera but when played through computer it's fine. Having a problem playing through TV on video even with HDMI cable no picture but brilliant little fun camera some quality moment shots love it
Close but no cigar
I bought this to use as a rear facing camera in my car to complement the recently purchased Go Pro Silver I use forward facing so its interesting to compare the 2 devices.
Big advantage of the Kitvision is obviously price but it also:
1/Much easier to use,the controls are far simpler to understand.
2/Batter life is longer.
3/Much easier to access the recorded content.
Unfortunately it has a few downsides including:
1/No inversion of image so it has to be placed in upright position.
2/No LED on front to show that it is actually recording.
3/No looping function

On balance if you don't need sophistication or high resolution its OK so for my intended use as a rear view camera its OK and the only real downside is battery life with is limited to about 2 hours.
Huge upside if it gets stolen no great loss so great for holidays where that could be an issue say on a beach.
A great little camera for the price!
For the money this is indeed a great camera. Anyone expecting massive battery life, ultra high definition or anything else cutting edge won't find it here, and it this price they'd be daft to think they would!

It's a good quality, functional camera that will take a perfectly adequate amateur video! Could even double as a dash-cam if you wanted.

This camera is me testing the water with these action cameras, and its great!!
A neat little camera.
A little larger that I originally thought but it is light and waterproof. It works fineas long as you don't want a lot of volume on the video. I don't think you will be able to beat it for the price. I did have to buy a micro SD card for it
videos ok
Videos ok only 720, description said there was more options than there is for stills. Can't change stills quality and bursts etc.

However for the money it's great and great to get all the accessories etc. As much as I sounds like I'm moaning it's great value got the money.
Clever Camera
I first tried this camera strapped to my rucksack while out walking. When I returned and loaded the footage onto my MacBook (effortlessly, I may add), I was very pleasantly surprised (Nay - taken aback!) by the quality of the video. This is an exceptional camera for the price, and having all the included extras makes it a very worthwhile addition to my older camera equipmemt. It also has a waterproof case,which I've yet to test, but I'm sure it will be as reliable as the rest of the kit. Fun to use - great results.
Kit vision
Real value for money picture quality is very Good, the fitting kit is tops
great little camera
This is a great little camera for its price. It comes with several mount options.
Excellent value for money
I found this camera to be excellent build quality for the price its that good I purchased two because they are so good.
Excellent value, easy to use and very versatile.
Greta little camera for the money, lots of accessories for mounting it wherever You want to, a suction mount for a car windscreen is available but not included. The picture quality is excellent, and very easy to use. I have to say, I would recommend this to anyone who wants a camera.
Amazing value for money..
Well worth the money. Obviously the video quality isn't up to GoPro levels, but I'm using it as a dash cam and it's perfect. The battery lasts few days with quite a short drive to work - I'd say around 2 hours in total. Comes supplied with plenty of accessories and feel very well made and secure in the protective case. Get one!

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