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Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Combining stylish metal casings, a comfortable fit with dynamic sound, in-line controls with mic for music, calls and wireless bluetooth support, the Kitsound Earphones in red are perfect for music lovers on the go.
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A waste of money
Couldn't even charge up or connect via USB. completely useless rubbish, the box it came in is worth more than the headphones.
A very strong basey sound their not magnetic but have a slightly awkward small rubber clip to hold them together around your neck when not in use.
Pairing is the fastest I've used so far along with a 4 hour battery(providing you turn them off properly)exactly as it says on the box.
good product
This product is slim and portable.
Constant Bluetooth connection compare to other products I had used before
Good product
Works okay.
Easy to wear
Second try at Sports BT earphones. These fit the ear and stay in.
Sound is great. Good product
My previous try had the solid buds and the control unit was to heavy.
These were a gift ......the recipient loved them and I thought they were very good value
Great value
Great headphones for the price. Easy to setup and use.
No dangly wires to snap
Having wrenched the buds from my earholes on more than one occasion with my normal earphones, I thought I would buy some bluetooth set. I found these and I am happy with them
Not working
I received my item in no time. Only problem, they weren't working.
Great for the price
For a set of earphones this cheap you wouldn't expect great sound quality. How could I be so wrong. These red earphones are really good for next to no outlay. OK, they are no beats by Dre but still if you lose these then they are easily replaceable without breaking the I bout 2 lots lol
Good sounds but bad durability
Looks fashionable and has good sounds however first time I purchased the item didn't work at all and the second one as the replacement, it only makes sounds on the right side and the left side was silence.

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