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KitSound BoomBar Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This portable Bluetooth speaker from KitSound delivers a beautifully rich sound, perfect to enjoy your music to the full.
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 4.7 stars from 80 customers

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Ticks All Boxes
Small portable Bluetooth Speaker which gives a big sound. Carry case holds everything, solidly built and easy to set up. Built-in battery is charged via computer. Listen up to 20 hours and didn't lose its connection when moving from room to room. Just cannot fault it. Small but powerful and handy for taking on a holiday.
Perfect tween gift!
I bought this for my 11 year old son for Xmas & it was the perfect gift, he had music playing remotely all day from his iPod. It is compact but quite powerful & will be great in his room. Even my husband liked it, making Xmas phone calls via it using his iPhone.
Stylish, Easy to Use, Compact
Really pleased with this product. We just wanted easy and portable to take camping. Really happy with the sound and its easy to use. Would highly recommend.
Just what I have been looking for
Just what I have been looking for, its perfect for my car and it’s so easy to work this boom bar is the best the price is great and quick post, Fantastic
I was amazed with the boom bar really good
I was amazed with the boom bar really good, it fits in the back of my car without any problems at all sounds really cool and the Bluetooth is no problem works fantastic with my Samsun galaxy 5 s just Excellent
Great speaker great service
Bought this to connect to my iPad it was cheap, easy to set up and the sound quality is really good. Mobile Fun delivered on time and without any fuss. Really pleased with my purchase.
Excellent value
Does what it says on the tin.. Great Value
What I was looking for
I ordered this for my husband. It was just what he was after. Ideal to use any where in the house. It's small compact and great sound. Ideal fr holidays as it is so light.
Kids are enjoying using it as well.
works great
Iv had the kitsound boombar for just over a week. Easy to use and great sound.
Great Device
Had one bought for fathers day and the sound is brilliant.
Surprisingly Big Sound
This is a nice looking speaker with big stereo sound. Well worth the money and I would highly recommend.
Get One!
Good things come in small packages! This is a little marvel. Instant Bluetooth connection. The sound quality is unbelievable considering the size. Neat, unobtrusive. carry it around the house and garden and be amazed!!
Great sound from a little box. Use it in your car, bathroom or out and about.
Easy to connect via bluetooth or cable. :-)
Brilliant piece of kit !!!!!!
This is a brilliant piece of kit just whati needed . After purchasing one of these Boombar 's for my son at Christmas and hearing the quality of sound it produces I decided to spoil myself and when I found that the price on this site was less than I paid for my sons I was over the moon .
great product
Does exact what it is supposed to do. Good sounds levels & love the case to keep everything together
what every iphone should have
saw this reviewed on mobile fun it took about 30 seconds to connect to the boombar already charged and used straight from the box it has a nice clear sound and used it with my iphone radio at work. I could actually hear my phone ring as well which is handy working in quite a noisy environment. would recommend and good value for the money
Bluetooth speaker
Works well. sounds great for the price. Battery lasts about 8-10 hours. Range for me is about 15 feet.
I would recommend buying this speaker at the price I paid.
Great product
The boombar speakers are great. Used them in the car and house to play music from my nokia lumia phone. Not the greatest sound quality, but very acceptable from a small speaker and will work from a good distance too. charge lasts for hours which is good.
Neat storage case. I would certainly recommend.
Great sound, great price
I looked at quite a few mini sound bars before deciding on the KitSound BoomBar. I was a bit worried that for the price it might not be much good, but I read the reviews and bought one. It is simple to use, has great sound quality and looks good. I'm very pleased with it and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
Really pleased with the Boombar, it paired instantly with my Galaxy S2 and the sound quality and volume far exceeded my expectations from such a compact device.
It has a quality look and feel and comes with a travel case.
Only negative points are on/off button is a bit fiddly and the volume controls on the front are difficult to see as they are the same matt black as the case.
perfect product
Ordered speaker for my tablet great sound easy set up showed a friend who asked me to order one for him
When a product sells itself
I bought a Boombar late last year. The moment my son-in-law heard it, he ordered one for himself there and then. My other daughter was equally impressed, and unknown to me bought one for herself. This one was intended for her, but when my grandson realised it was up for grabs, he was overjoyed to receive it.
Look, No Wires
This speaker is amazing. Delivery was quick and the quality is instantly obvious. Set up was a matter of following the very simple instructions. And then, just amazing quality sound. I have used it from across a large room without any problems whatsoever with connectivity or volume. I don't understand how such good quality sound, including base, comes out of something this size.
Big sound from small speaker with the kitsound boombar!
I purchased the kitsound boombar after listening to one a friend had, once I received my own I was amazed at both the volume this little device produces and the pure clarity of the sound.
For the price of this product there is nothing else on the market that can beat it, I would definitely recommend to anyone .
best buy ever
fantastic piece of kit,does what it says on the box,fabulous for the money,will be buying another for my mate shortly....excellent
Does what it says on the tin.
This product is great value for money. I have been looking for Bluetooth speakers for a while now. There has been a great difference in prices for similar devices but this product wins hands down. The service was 1st class also and I will use this company in the future without any worries. Well done Mobile fun.
Surprisingly good sound
I Have been looking a while for a speaker to listen to my music on my mobile whilst I was working away. I noted that a KitSound docking station was recommended in Which but it was too bulky for taking with me on my travels. So I looked to see if they did something more mobile. I noted the Boombar but I did not believe that it would be very good at the price offered, but the spec ticked all the boxes. I was surprised at the quality of the sound and everybody that I have played it to have been surprised at the reproduction quality. It is easy to use, comes with a stand, rechargeable battery and all the cables which pack into a very neat case.
It works!
It came quickly.
It looks really good.
It's well-made and has a great carry case.
It worked straight off.
It sounds great.
Thumbs up Boombar
The Kitsound Boombar is just what I was after, straightforward bluetooth speeker, the battery even worked for hours straight out the box! Have not had long enough to give 5* but so far its a thumbs up from me. After searching several websites, Mobilefun was tops for the most competitive price, some sites I had to double check it was the same prodduct concidering the price difference.
Packaging and delivery very good. This was my first purchase from Mobilefun, happy customer.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great item !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very good sound well pleased with
the speakers

!!! great service !!!
excellent little product
I bought this to take to my son's fifth birthday party. its got a great sound - not mega loud but just enough and really clear. comes in a nice little case and has a normal jack lead too. well worth the money - pleasantly surprised. thank you
versatile speaker
small and portable, as well as using with blue tooth, using with laptop, MP3 and even small portable TV to improve sound. Shame didn't have slot for SD card!
Great Little device. It is smaller than I expected but it packs a punch. The music is clear and plenty loud.
Love it!
Brilliant piece of equipment
Didn't know what to expect from this little speaker but ito fantastic. Sound is great and the look and feel of the speakers would make you believe you've paid well over £100 for it. Comes with a hard case as well so you know it's protected when you take it out and about.
Great sound
What a unit the setup was so simply then when I received a call on my mobile the sound was great and so easy to operate.
Ideal for all the family to use.
Really impressive, easy to set up. Great to gain that extra sound from something so small and compact.
Very good
Very good item. Works long time without charge. Brilliant sound quality. Recommended
Adds another dimention
However good iPad3 is in producing apicture, the sound is dismal & tinny. The Kitsound soundbar rectifies this problem. This device is so easy to connect via bluetooth, has loads of hours of power and sonically balanced. For the price its a steal for the benefit.
KitSound Boom Bar
Good sound and nice travel case.

The idea of a coin to use as a stand is neat but I would also have like some way to hook the speaker to a wall.
a Great bit of kit
As I routinely receive calls on my mobile that I wish others to participate in, I purchased this fantastic device. Its easy to set up and use especially for me not being a technophobe. Very easy to activate and use and it took no more than around 8 seconds to pair with my phone. Well recommended for its price.
Boom Sound
This is a great piece of kit- easy to link to devices. Sound quality is awesome. Love the fact that not only does it do the job but you can pack it away easily in it's own case for travelling. Would recommend this to anyone who want's a smart looking device with great sound quality.
A Must Have Bluetooth Speaker
A brilliant piece of kit that delivers a better than expected tonal sound. Bass response is good as are the mid-ranges.

A rechargeable Li-ion battery is very capable of delivering 2watts per channel.
Excellent piece of kit
Wasn't really expecting the tonal quality that this small speaker has.
It is light weight, so truly portable.
Very pleased with my purchase.
Very Good and Handy Product
I have always wanted to have a portable speaker with good and clear quality sound. My friend have similar item which he carry wherever he goes to, and I was really impressed with it.
When I placed my order I was told that the item will be delivered on Tuesday 5th, but it was delivered a day before, which I am impressed for the service.
Every one uses it at home, I think I may have to order 2 more in order to please everybody.
The product handy to carry wherever to want to, the sound is very clear, and it is very easy to connect to any other devices,
Excellent buy.
Good one
The bluetooth speaker is very usefull for everything but i use it for the ipad and it work excellent.
Excellent product at an affordable price
I had been looking to buy a small, low cost Bluetooth speaker system of reasonable sound quality, that was unobtrusive and versatile enough to use in a variety of locations, including in my car. I wanted it to connect to my Android tablet/phone to increase the sound output when playing music, listening to audiobooks, etc. I also wanted it to have an in-built microphone so it could function as a hands-free phone interface in my car.

On looking in all the bricks and mortar electronics/computer retailers in my area, I found that there were dozens of Bluetooth speaker systems available. But they were all either cheap and nasty with strange shapes and colours, or very expensive high quality systems. I couldn't find anything that met all my requirements, until I found the KitSound BoomBar on-line.

I've now only had my BoomBar for a couple of days, but already I'm very impressed by its stylish and neat (but unobtrusive) appearance, its ease of pairing with my Android tablet/phone, its ease of use (volume adjustment, charging, phone answering, etc), and its sound quality and volume (given its quite small size). All-in-all, it ticks all the boxes for me. Excellent product.
Superb Bit Of Kit
Ordered the boom bar based on existing reviews but I never thought it would be as good as it is. I bought this for my partner as her cd player was broken and with us now not buying cd's but downloading music it seemed the way to go. Now looking at what's out there you can pay a lot of money for something like this so I thought £30 how good can it be....all I can say is we are amazed. Superb bit of kit would highly recommend it to anyone. Ok you not going to hold a rave with it but ideal for around the house or in the garden - 5 star rating hands down
KitSound BoomBar
Does what it says on the tin
Decent Quality sound
ideal for Work-site
Keep Yer Phone in Yer Pocket BoomBar does the rest.

Great sound for size and money.easy to connect via bluetooth and cable supplied for non bluetooth devices.comes with handy case aswell.great buy.
Kitsound Boombar
I bought one of these after hearing my son's one on holiday. This is a great piece of kit with a really decent sound for a small item. It is compact and comes in a case. Perfect for holidays etc. My partner has heard it and he wants one too now so I will be placing another order! I would highly recommend this product.
Best boom bar
Best choice that I've done
I'm very happy with this product!
great sound
Great sound from a small and light product It does all it said it would and sounds great. Just the job.Mobile fun were good and I would definitely recommend both them and the product.
Fantastic bit of kit...and its cheap!!!
The boombar is a fantastic bit of kit...and its cheap!!!,

I would recommend this to anyone, you can use it around the house whilst my phones on charge in my room,

I can skip tracks on the device and the battery lasted for ages on one single charge,

Buy this you wont regret it!.
for the price, the boombar is really a bargain for the performance of the kit. sound quality and volume is superb for the size and with bluetooth and 8 hours playtime. I am very very happy with this kit and would highly recommend it.
for delivery, it arrived in time for my holidays and that's where it was tested.
Sounds good
Just received and tested Boombar with my iPod Touch. Sound quality and volume via Bluetooth connection are just fine. Exactly what I was looking for in a portable unit
Connected via Bluetooth with no problem - great sound quality for price. Very portable and good sturdy case. Very unobtrusive sat on window ledge.
A swift delivery. Boombar set up was easy and sound quality good. Bluetooth range is about 7metres thought it more have been a bit better but super bargain at that price.
Great Product
Would definitely recommend this product, small lightweight and good sound. Also great battery life when used over Bluetooth still going after 6 hours.
exactly wat we were looking for
Great product great customer service delivered next daydeffo use again
Easy to set up, easy to use and greatly improves the audo
The Boombar was easy to set up - it communicated with both my tablet and phone immediately and provided much better sound quality than either of then using Bluetooth. The inclusion of a 3.5 mm stereo jack meant that I could also use it with my old mp3 player which doesn't have Bluetooth.

It's so convenient to be able to carry phone or tablet and Boombar around, without wire, to be able to listen the music or speach anywhere in or out of the house - a really useful improvement to the sound quality of both.
This not only does what is says it will, it does it fantastically. Easy to set up, took me seconds (and I'm an old codger). The sound really is good, and when we are out on the patio having a BBQ, we can all enjoy my music. Buy it, it's very good
Excellent for the price
This item was discounted from £60 to £20. The speaker is very easy to set up. Once charged (4hrs) it took 10 sec for Bluetooth to pick it up. The sound quality is ok. I would have been very dissatisfied if I had to pay £60. For £20 it's definitely worth it. The size makes it very portable and comes with a travel case which includes a cable to connect devises that do not have Bluetooth capability. If u r looking for a system that gives u half decent sound for travelling purposes, this is the item for you. The only down side is the bass is lacking and the volume buttons on the speaker don't seem to work. The volume buttons are dual functional i.e. they control both volume and track skipping. To control the volume u r supposed to hold the button down until he volume changes, but this does not work. Instead it just skips the track that is playing. You therefore have to control the volume from the iPhone, iPod, iPad or whatever device he speaker is paired with. All in all I'm happy with the purchase and would recommend, only if it is on special offer.
boom bar
Excellent product used this site many times allways great service and very fast delivery
Rocks the Party
Don't know what to say about this, but just absolutely Awesome! After a first time good charge the battery went for hours. As for the sound. Me and some friends had this, used our phones on it had a proper house mobile party. Enough sound to fill a decent size room no problem. Best speakers kit for a mobile or tablet I've brought so far and for such a great price. Can't go wrong.
Surprizingly Good
The sound from this small speaker is really quite good.It connected easily with all 3 of my devices with no hesitancy at all.I am very happy with this KitSound speaker.All I hope for now is it's continued and reliable performance. A good buy!

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