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Kit: Premium Aluminium Smartphone & Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard - Black Reviews

Ergonomically designed with a premium finish, this highly portable Bluetooth wireless keyboard fits into any environment for fast and efficient typing on your iOS, Android or Windows smartphone / tablet.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57189
$32.86 inc VAT
 4 stars from 2 customers

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Lovely but with a trick up its sleeve
This is a very smart and pleasant Bluetooth keyboard, which is easy to set up. As a long time touch typist it is one of the better keyboards I have used and feels strongly built. But it is a little deceiver too. Trying to find @ and " on the keyboard required a little detective work, because hit one and you get the other. Still it keeps me on my toes and there are no other problems that I've discovered.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Stephen

Make sure you check the setting on your keyboard language setting on your device. This can affect where the @ and " are placed.

Hope this helps.
Nice but with a trick of its own
A lovely Bluetooth keyboard, which as a touch typist I really appreciate. But my black beauty has a trick up its sleeve, to keep me on my toes. Try to find @ and " and you hit a snag. Oh, yes they are there on the keyboard but type one and you get the other. A nuisance at first but you do get used to it, except during a senior moment. But easy to set up and good to use its welcome to stay.

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