Kit Multi USB Charging Station - 6 Port - 10.2A Reviews

This Multi USB Charger will allow you to charge up to 6 devices simultaneously. Auto Detect Integrated Circuit Technology automatically detects the device type and its specific charging needs for optimum charging.
  • Mobile Fun ID 71099

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 4.9 stars from 8 customers

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Amazing value for money.
Simple to operate.Looks cool.Worth twice this price.
Excellent piece of kit
All that was in the ad.
It works
Good bit of kit so far
Different output markings could be a bit clearer / bigger but that may be my eyesight
Useful and SupPORTive Kit
Excellent charger! Will be very useful at Youth Club for power hungry phones and tablets! Well designed product.
Best bit of kit in it’s field
Have bought multi chargers before,always big this is neat,love it
Noy yet received
It is taking time more than usual to receive it, and I do not know why
Great charger, great price
This is a really good 6 port charger, 3 high power outputs and 3 x 1A outputs. Compact and easy to use. Quick delivery and a very good price.
Space saving charger
This is a stylish bit of kit have only one plug
Instead of the 5 previously plugged in. The
fast charges works great on my S9 plus
and the other charge points I use on my tablets
and wife and kids phones.

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