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Kit: Micro USB Mains Charger With Spare USB Port Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Kit: Micro USB mains charger is designed to allow you to charge your Micro USB device and a separate device with the extra USB port.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34481
$15.11 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 23 customers

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My device doesn't recognise the charger
I bought this for my phone as it says it works with all micro USB devices. Yes, it fits into my phone port, but does not charge.

Very disappointed and I would have returned it but it works with at least 3 other devices in the house, so I decided to keep it

I liked the idea of being able to charge 2 devices simultaneously, a great design (if it worked with my phone!)
No frills just does the job
Very handy item, no frills just does what it says.
great service and quality
Bought this charger for my Samsung galaxy s3 and it works great the cable is longer than other chargers I've used. Was packaged well delivery was quick
So far, so good
Bought this for my daughter who seems to kill phone chargers! No sign yet of mine being borrowed (again). If it has always been the cable that suffered, this charger should last, having a USB socket for an additional cable. The charger received actually had 2 sockets plus one cable (not as illustrated)so even better value.
Wired for power
wonderful piece of equipment. Am now wired for power wherever I go not only for the phone, but any other USB power cable provided device. Luckily I am a Samsung fan so camera, kindle etc all the same power cable.
Great Charger
This is probably the best charger I've bought, I've owned one of these for around 18 months now, It gives a good quick charge on my SG4, it happily charges my SG4 and TAB 10.1 at the same time. I never bother with the manufacturer supplied charger I just use this one for every phone.
I normally charge my phone overnight, the charger is warm when it first starts charging but by the morning it is cold, I can only assume it switches it's self off when charging is complete.
I'm going to get another one of these while they're still available.
It's good to get a double sub connection, though I have not used it for anything else yet I know it is there ready.
great product
does exactly what i need

will use this site again-
Very useful
Being able to charge my smartphone and kindle at the same time is really useful. An excellent product.
just what i needed
enables both kindles to be charged together or seperately. charge time very reasonable .
Does what it is supposed to do
Works as advertised 'need I say more'
I was desperate for this
I had mislaid my charger, never to be seen again. When I saw this I couldn't believe my luck, great charger, promt delivery, excellent service. It's all I want from a Company plus it had a port great product. I will use this Company again that's for sure.
Absolutely brilliant!
Could not get any satisfaction out of Samsung and chose Mobile Fun instead. I wondered about delivery charges as Orkney usually attracts high costs. But no, everything Mobile Fun did was exactly what I required. The USB charger is absolutely the right thing - well done Mobile Fun.
Just right and received next day
Mobile Fun despatch the same day and it is received the next. This is excellent service.
The charger has a spare USB port so I was able to charge up my watch and mobile. Efficiency and cuts down on carrying extra bits.
Item was a reasonable price too.
Essentila second charger
I tend to need a charger in the office & one to carry in my bag. This item is fine, does what it needs to for a good price.
excellent charger
charger works really well and the cable is nice and long which is very helpful. great service from mobilefun: next day delivery and 100% order accuracy
Does just what it says on the tin !
Although it's nothing to get over excited about, the charger arrived within 3 days of order and basically it does what it says on the tin! One nice little extra about this device is the additional USB port, this allows me to charge two devices at once utilising only one plug socket which, if your a bit of a gadget nut is great because once you've got your giant TV, games console, DVD blue ray and suround sound etc......... plugged in you'll find you have no sockets available !!! Great charger but isn't it time we had something a little more universal ???
Best One yet
The extra USB Port is sooooo handy.

Both arrived in the post promptly and having a spare is real plus.

Nice Work!!
High quality item that is perfectly described on the website.
save me fighting over a charger with the wife
me and the wife were always fighting over the plug by the bed to charge oue phones.. now she can plug her stupid iphone in the spare usb port and i can charge my samsung gal s2 off the micro usb.
His and Hers charger
Having the USB port means that both my husband and I can charger our phones up, only using one plug socket. Great for space saving
One charger I needed
this chargers my phone and my car kit when I use another USB lead, and as I only have one socket near my desk I am very pleased.

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