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Kit Magnetic Battery Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This 2 in 1 red design allows you to use the high quality case on a day to day basis, and when you are running low on battery you can use the unique magnetic design to hold your 2,800mAh emergency battery to your case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42166

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 4 stars from 6 customers

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what a shame
Such a gorgeous case that I am GUTTED that it drops my phone signal by 2 bars. This takes the signal to "no service" sometimes. Such a shame as I love everything about it.....
MobileFun Reply
Hi Matt. Sorry to hear you're having problems. Interference can sometimes happen with magnetic battery cases but this sounds a bit extreme. Can I suggest contacting your service provider to see if there is another issue.
Worth purchasing
Would recommend this battery case to anyone who finds they are always running short of battery power n their commute to and from work. The price is very very good compared to other battery cases. I've had the morphie case previously, it cost 3 times as much! Also, the case is convenient as it allows you to carry around a slim phone when the situation requires it. No need to carry a chunky beast of a battery case anymore. The fact the battery component of the case is separate means you can charge it without having to tie your phone to the mains cable as with the morphie case. The headphone socket is able to be used by all headphone manufacturers where other cases need an adaptor or a long straight connector. The main disadvantage is the wire at the bottom that connects to the lightening port. It sort of spoils the overall look of the device. Otherwise, would recommend it
good choice
I purchased this for my 17yr old grandson, and he loves it! his words were, I am very impressed with the battery case, just the fact that he bothered to comment on it is praise indeed, it sounded great and according to him it is great, what more could you ask for
Has a great feel
The case is fantastic and feels great and a little rubbery, the battery is also a very handy piece of kit to have.

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