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Kit: In Car Phone Holder for Large Phones Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hold your phone safely in your car with the Kit: Phone Holder
  • Mobile Fun ID 27222

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 4 stars from 22 customers

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Kit: In Car Phone Holder for Large Phones
I bought this "Universal" holder for my OnePlus One, but the phone is pretty wide and it's very difficult to insert the phone into the holder. Basically impossible with one hand, you have to stretch the holder to insert the phone, and it looks ugly too.
Spot on
ive been after another one of these for ages, no where stocked them but mobilefun did and delivery was next day too. This has the disc in the kit which can be stuck on non smooth surfaces (dashboards) which is a complete bonus and god send. Thanks again mobilefun.
almost perfect.............
A great holder that does indeed hold the phone, however may need a little surgery to make it perfect.

The holder is robust and sticks well to the windscreen with a sticky pad AND vacuum pump, perhaps a little difficult to get off if you move it around, but for using on one car only, spot on.

The phone is held by two clamping arms, on my phone they are a bit in the way of the volum buttons and the charger socket, however 10mins with a dremmel customised the holder to my phone.

As a non specific holder I doubt you could get any better.
Really great car dock - even for bigger phones
I was really happy with this dock. I have a Galaxy Nexus and my wife has an HTC Sensation - fits both with no problems at all and is really sturdy. I did have a clingo before but it always struggled with a phone as big as the nexus - no such problems for this very reasonably priced car dock.
Utter Rubbish!
Continually loses suction, whether on the provided disc or the window.

Even the slightest vibration makes it fall...

Utter, utter rubbish!
Biggest waste of £17 + p&p that I've ever made...would avoid!!!
Perfect for the job.
I can't fault this holder. It does the job perfectly. I've just changed phones from a Blackberry to iphone 4s and they both fit a treat, even with a bumper on the 4s. I have it located on the dash mounted on the 'sticky' disc provided. Great service from MobileFun also. It arrived the day after I ordered it.
Perfet for what I needed
I don't agree with Greg's comment. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 with a CaseMate case and it fits perfectly the holder. No button is touched and the holder seems to be solid. I put it in a Fiat Qubo without any problems. Stucks strongly and never fails. Great 'universal' product.
minor issues but does the job
Purchased the holder for my HTC Wildfire. the clamp edges keep operating the volume controls so I have had to cut a small slot in the clamp to accomodate the control also the usb charger slot is covered by the clamp. another slot cured this. Generally the clamp does the job well, good suction on the windscreen sucker and is removed with a firm pull on the tab.
Not for Galaxy S2
Delivery was quick.
Item's box was damaged when i open the package.
When i put the S2 into the holder the phone turnde off because the holder is to high and when i push the phone all the way down the holder push the side bottons all the time.
And make same new marks on my phone.
Grips & fits well, needs longer cable.
Bought this for my Desire HD. Fits pretty well, with or without the gel case on the DHD. If I insert the phone all the way into the holder, the volume rocker is partially covered by the holder. But, it holds the phone in tight, is easy to fit, sticks well to the windscreen, and the additional dashboard plate was useful in our MPV so the phone is actually within reach. The only downside was the charger cable length is a bit short. Have to stretch it right out as my power socket is down by the handbrake.
Just perfect
Exactly what I needed. Fits phone perfectly and sticks to pad and windscreen like glue.
Top sucker
Bought this so I could use a samsung galaxy s2 and an htc desire in the same car, in the same holder depending on whether my wife or I are driving. Fits both phones very well and really locks to the windscreen well. Haven't tried the baseplate for sticking to the dashboard yet. Have also tried an htc hero in the holder - not very good. The holder's a little too wide.
Very flexible
Bought this item after many reads of other product reviews. My needs were for an iPhone 4 holder that allowed the iPhone to remain in its Bumper Case, or my wife's silicon case. This allows both as well as access to all of the phones functions. It is even future proofed for whatever smartphone you get next. I am extremely happy with this product that can be stuck onto your dash or window in seconds. I am ordering a second one for my wife's car so that we don't have to keep buying customised holders for each phone we upgrade to.
Great for N8
This simple device works really well with my Nokia N8 with & without the silicon case. It's hardly noticeable behind the phone compared to some 'long arm' bulky holders with chunky grips that i've had in the past, but the phone's angle is fully adjustable in all directions. It's extremely secure and can be stuck on the dash as well with the added suction base. Another plus is the curved design that means the N8 rear speaker isn't covered like many other holders.
Kit: In Car Phone Holder for Large Phones.
Bought this for my son who was using the dash genie holder for his blackberry but the phone kept unstuck and dropping on the floor! He said he liked the dash mounting but needed a holder to grip his phone and we found this and it does the job perfectly.
Great holder, but not for my phone!
I bought this for my Sony Ericsson X10, and whilst the phone does fit in the holder, there is a slight problem in that the side buttons get "pressed" by the unit. This is more a fault with my phone than the holder I guess. The actual mount is very good - nice strong suction cup with a tab to pull to release from the screen.

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