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Kit: High Power 20,800 mAh Dual USB Portable Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Small, portable and featuring a massive 20,800 mAh capacity this high-powered portable charger includes a dual USB output and charges almost any USB compliant device including iPads and Smartphones.
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 4.8 stars from 13 customers

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Flat battery thing of the past
You have mobile phone or tablet that runs out of power when you are out and get stuck? This is the device for you. Can charge 2 things using the USB ports at the same time and can fully charge iPad and tablet before needing to charge this device.

Never be without the phone again as you can charge it on the go - so easy. Any portable device that has a USB charging cable can be charged withit.

To charge the device I found it quicker to use a tablet charger with a higher output, and used the adaptor cable provided - it worked fine. Best left to charge overnight. If completely flat might take longer.

This device is well worth the investment and very high value for money. Dont leave home without it!!!
Feels robust and offers high capacity - very useful
This feels like a solid piece of kit and appears to work well.

The single supplied cable doubles for charging the power bank or a device, which minimises clutter when travelling.

The only drawback is that it will not deliver power to the USB outlets when it is on charge, so it can't be topped up whilst supplying attached devices.

Overall, a useful piece of equipment which is seeing daily service.
This is the second one that I have purchased. We run a small family business taking kayakers on wilderness trips and needed power to charge up our various gadgets such as cameras, phones and tablets. I was a bit dubious at first about the claims of 20,000mAh as there are a lot of fakes around but because I have used Mobile Fun quite a lot in the past few years, I took the plunge and bought one. It did not disappoint. It managed to keep 2 smartphones and a nexus 7 tablet topped up for 4 days last year. This year, we've managed to keep our gadgets topped up for 8 days with the use of a solar charger. We used a solar charger to top up the Kit charger during the day and charge are gadgets at night. It's so good, I had to buy another one as the other half has nicked mine!
Excellent product!
Excellent product! Have now charged our Galaxy phone at least 8 times and still not empty! Perfect for those trips away camping! Wonder how we did not buy one earlier!
Power in your pocket
Affordable Power gives Peace of mind
great to have by your side.
I was so happy to have purchased this item, and I wonder how I ever managed without it, I was so happy with it I purchased my friends one in southport ,who I helped move there a few weeks ago, it was a boon on the way home as my phone sat nav was low on power, but my charger took care of that, don't go on your holidays without one. a little hevey, and takes time to charge that powerful battery up, but when it is, youll have all the power you need.!
Good charger
Fast charger for iPhone &ipad
Very satisfied product.
Hi there I am writing this review to explain my views and opinions of this product. I would like to say it is kinda pocket size. but a big pocket if you carry a bag of some kind it will fit nicely in there. I have used this now a few times and realising I will use it a lot more. I ride a motorcycle and travel around a bit and it's become useful for the fact of my phone dying I can just connect my phone up and it's charging as I continue. . or my tablet that I use as well and now also using it for my hd camera that is mounted to my bike. Once I arrive where I'm going I can charge it back up. Also since having this device I have only charged it once and done all this which is great. even though it's not much to the eye. its a good product so far. It has a micro usb on the back for charging the battery. and 2 normal usb on the front for your devices. and 4 led blue lights and a button on top to turn it on.. After all my use and only 1 charge my lights have now gone to 3 so it still has a lot of power in it..
Very Good
It has a huge 20.800 mAh battery and has 2 USB ports of 1x1A and 1x2.1A suitable for tablets and allows a rapid recharge and since has a good battery it could recharge full my ipad3 with a 11.600mAh battery.
I'm happy with it.
It's a pretty big but fits well in a pocket and comes with adapters for Apple 30 pin, microusb and mini usb.
just what I needed!
The delivery was great very fast, within24 hrs! There were no instructions with the charger which didn't help to understand the gadget as much I would've like. But it didn't take long to work it out! Took over 8 / 9 hrs to charge it fully, and it charge my mobile for 4 days and still have half of battery power left! While I was away camping with no power!!
great phone charger
this is fantastic. its fully charged when I got it, and has lasted 3 full charges for my z1 and still more juice, its come in handy not only for me but friends, I keep it in my car ready to go and it charges quicker then the car, I never leave without it now and its power cord, you never know
Simply outstanding
Fantastic battery. I own the kit: 15000 Mah battery and this provides way more power for those tricky situations. This charges very efficiently from most newer laptops just as fast as a decent USB mains charger. Its a bit on the large side but thats to be expected for such a huge amount of power its just about pocket sized. Also this can be charged at full speed using a 15W solar pannel during moderate sunny conditions so perfect to keep portable gadgets topped up for days at a time. The battery came three-quarters charged up with 3 leds being lit and it still hasnt ran out after a month of intermittent use. This doesnt lose its charge as quickly as much as the 15000 Mah version so perfect for immergency situations when your devices need a quick top up. Works flawlessly with all of my USB devices including a Fiio E12, Ipad 2 and 2 AA micro usb battery chargers. Deffinatly grab one of these before stocks run out.
Great product.
Have not had to charge it yet as comes ready charged. Charges phone quickly. Easy to use. Great service from Mobile fun.

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