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Kit: High Power 10,000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Small, portable and featuring a massive 10,000mAh capacity this high-powered portable charger includes a dual USB output and can charge almost any USB compliant device including iPad - in black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 47552
$53.10 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 51 customers

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Great product!
Did I or didn't I need this?
I was due to do an inland flight, would they want to check my phone charge? Maybe, so I bought the charger from Mobile Fun, charged it and packed it. Went through airport security and they did not check phones! Should I have bought it?
Yes, yes, yes - on the way from the airport I had a call to say there had been a problem with a bank payment - this was a long and important phone call. My phone was running down and the bank were in full flow - my charger came to the rescue! without it I would have not been able to correct a large payment from going astray. Review - fantastic, timely and works wonderfully.
just perfect..
my requirement... pocket sized but with power for weekend and beyond camping trips by bike...
Although owning a similar powerfull unit, it was rather large to be carrying around by bike.. I therefore took a chance on the advertised unit.. It is just perfect for my requirements.. Small but powerful and it works..
Love this Charger. When my phone's Battery runs low I can charge it anywhere. So handy! Very quick charge and easy to use
Great Device With Massive Power
The high power charger certainly lives up to it's name.
Enough oompf to charge multiple high consumption devices.
The only shame is that it doesn't come with an adaptor to enable charging of Apple I-phone 5s
Great gadget for music festivals
Great gadget for music festivals, some time back i was on music festival and battery on my Nexus 5 was almost empty after just 1 night of partying, luckily i had this little gadget. So now i have great memories caught on pictures and many new friends because i could help them to fill their phones!
Great for long journeys
I purchase this item as I travel long international journeys, the devise is a little heavy and large for a pair of trouser pockets but would be suitable for a jacket. I have managed to get two full charges from 5% and one charge from 5% to 95% in one full charge of the devise to my IPhone 5. I have managed to get one charge from 10% to 85% on my IPad Air. I also use this devise to charge my battery on my electronic cigarette. From reading the specifications before buying and reviews I've received what I was expecting and am very pleased with the item.
Does exactly what it says on the tin
I'm very happy with this purchase, my fella uses it for when he goes on fishing trips and needs to recharge his phone, it's small and light enough to fit in his bag, doesn't take up too much space as he has lots of other stuff to carry and he can be away for days in the knowledge that his phone isn't going to run out of battery thanks to this new device he has. Very good choice to of made.
Huge Capacity
Wanted a backup charger as my phone often runs out of charge when I am not close to a power socket or need to be mobile.
I have charged my phone twice so far and it still has most of the lights illuminated so will probably do a few more charges before I need to think of charging the unit back up. It seems to take about 2.5 hours to fully charge my phone which is very good.
It took a long time to charge up the unit first time around but then it is storing a huge amount of battery power. I will just charge it over night when I need to.
Just what it said on the tin.
Looks fine. Works fine.

Its nominal 10400mAh charged my nominal 2100mAh battery 4 and a bit times; which is fine as charging a battery from a battery cannot give 100% output. Over 80% is just fine.

Actually mAh without multiplying by voltage means little anyway!

Only slight disappointments were
1) No charger charger supplied
2) One of the adaptor fitting broke - but not one I need I am pleased to find.
Got me out of jail
Bought this as I was going to Paris for 4 days. I used it as back up a lot as I was using both bits of kit constantly. Never let me down once.
Dual USB portable charger
Just what I needed.
very good
I have charged my phone 3 times and my tab twice and only just had to charge it. Very handy and good compact size. Alsogreat selection of adapters.
USB Portable charger
Very pleased with this product. Easy to charge up initially, and then proceeded to charge both device in very quick time. I think it will prove to be a very handy pack on vacation, when possibly not near to a charge up facility temporarily. Bought it for the family so that we can swop it around, depending who is on holiday at that time. Good investment.
A great "just in case" product
A nicely designed and practical product. To be truly versatile it needs to be lighter and smaller to make it more "pocketable".
Great product
Very interested having such a useful power pack with me at all times, especially as it could be used for both my iPad mini and my iPhone5. Handy to have on holiday incase main power is not available.
Don't get caught with your Power Down!!!
Been caught with not enough charge on your device and your backup power supply not strong enough? This is the device for you. I charged both my smart phone and smart watch up with this at the same time - its a real life saver and not expensive either. It works well, is reliable and easy to use.
Not bad
I haven't used it much but seems to be okay. My gripe is around the attachments that came with it. None of them fit an iPhone 5. So I will have to carry my wire. The second is that the power button is sunken and a bit shoddy. I had to use all my power to switch it on. So not bad!
You will never look back if you get this item
I have looked for and used various portable power supplies but none were as good as this unit. I can charge my phone up 3 times and have some power left over. Other things barely give me one charge. This is fantastic value for money, not too big, and looks good too. It is slightly on the heavy side, but with such a lot of power that is to be expected
Brilliant piece of kit.
Great item, light & compact & does exactly what it says it does! Used on a weekend camping trip & charged 2 x iPhones twice, plus my electronic cigarette batteries & still kept half it's charge. A real life saver if away from power points. Also very handy charging your phone with those annoying short IPhone charging cables, plug it straight into the charger & no restriction of staying next to the plug! Great delivery service as well. 10/10
Great but no paper work
Seems great sofar and was able to us it to charge a dead phone as soon as it arrived. No instructions though may be your tec team could provide something basic. .
Feels like an unfinished product
Although I give this item only four stars, overall it's a great item.
It is a real life saver. I am a heavy phone user, I commute a lot and use my phone all day so this product keeps my phone charged and ready to go no matter where I am. And do not forget the winning price tag.

BUT there are several things which takes the other star from it:
1) The charger has 4 leds that indicates how much power is left in it. The problem is that when there is only one led on, the charger is 95% empty and dies within several minutes. So the leds aren't trustworthy.
2) The charger has only 1A input, so it charges forever.
3)WHY the miniUSB? Just another useless cable in my bag.
Charges beautifully, short on cables
Charges fine, but very mean on the cables.
I can charge tablet and phone simultaneously, well within the capacity of the device, which is very impressive.
The charge-up cable is too short, only 20cm.
The only connectors are iPhone 4 and micro-usb. There is no iPhone 5 connector supplied.
An Essential Accessory
After charging the unit for 4 hours,I used the emergency charger to charge my phones. I charged a Nexus 4 and a HTC Cha Cha twice over two days. The emergency charger still had charge to spare. An awesome product.
Does what it says on the tin
I find it more convenient to charge my phone from a portable charging "brick" than to use a mains adapter. I have already recharged my phone three times and have only used 25% of the charge. Please note that the power button on the emergency charger need to be pressed twice to bring on the blue lights and then it will charge.. An excellent piece of kit.
High powered charger
Charging it up as we speak. Hope it does what it says.
Fantastic bit of kit :)
I Brought this charger to leave in the car to cover me whilst away/visiting friends. It has been perfect for that charging the phone quickly, I have charged the phone 3 times so far and the unit will not need chraging for at least another 5/6 charges. The only thing I would say is that it's a little heavier than I expected but as it sits in my car its not an issue for me. Great bit of kit you will not be dissapointed :D.
"Just what I needed".
An Excellent & very useful Product which is extremely handy for all emergency charging needs.
The only reservation would be: Although this product is very easy to use, there is no instruction booklet or written documentation with this product.
Didn't know I needed it, but do now
Bought another gadget, as you do. However this will be one that wont finish in the box of "I've got one of them somewhere" toys.
A brilliant bit of kit.
I seem to have done this before.
No matter, this product arrived really quickly.
Apart from the long charging time (5-7 hours), it is really handy to have.
Nice Work all round.
Never be looking for that plug socket on the train again.
Charger arrived within 24 hours . Brilliant. Just one problem . Will not charge Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with device switched on. You have to switch it off to charge and it seems to take a little longer for a full charge.
Just right for travellers
Received promptly, ready for use immediately.
Very pleased with product & service
What A Winner
Received it today having ordered it at 17.50 yesterday; talk about speedy!

Just used it with my BlackBerry 9320, and now can recharge it via my Swiss Travel Adaptor plug which has a fitting that lets you use USB plugs.

For the price this is one seriously good piece of kit.

Well done, Mobile Fun
It came to pass..
Had already bought one of these for myself but it disappeared of to festivals with my sons - I therefore predicted I would have to buy another one... ...sure enough, my prediction came true...!! Brilliant bit of kit and come ready fully charged...!!
transformed my life in meetings
In a world of paper-lite, we are all using iPads. Previously I was hampered by the battery life running out mid way through the day and not near a socket to charge a device. This is a pocket-sized, light and simple to use charger that I recharge overnight at my desktop and take it to meetings, to the envy of others, that I can go all day in meetings without fuss. Its a life-saver if you have forgotten to charge your device too. Thoroughly recommended.
Great product, exactly what i needed.
I've ordered this yesterday, and now while writing this review is charging my SG4. Delivery was fast, customer service perfect, since i had to call them to change the delivery address. The charger looks stilish, matching my white phone. It's not that big, the size is almost the one of pack of 20 cigarettes, just 1 cm wider than the pack. You can carry it in your pocket, perfect for when you run out of battery as I do, because my phone dies after 6-7 hours.
Good product
Arrived on time, very good product. Mo more out of battery
Bags of charge
I bought this because I was going to Ireland for my grandson's christening and my SGS2 doesn't always last a full day.
It did exactly what I wanted. By carrying this little device around I could keep everything (phone, tablet, camera) charged without having to find a power point or carry a load of chargers. It's capacity is big enough to charge everything more than once without running out itself.
It's small enough you can stick in your pocket with your phone and charge it while on the move.
I'm delighted with it and recommend it to anybody who travels.
Ok, but with one exception
It looks god and charges my phone (Galaxy Note) a couple of times before I need to recharge. Unfortunately it does not work with the Note tablet. I forgot to check compatiblity before ordering, but that is my fault. Otherwise great device
Just what the doctor ordered
Bought a Pebble Pro the day before, read it's reviews and then found this unit. The pebble is professionally packaged, but very heavy and as it doesn't have the lightining connectors for the later i-devices you need to use your own cable. Enter the KIT charger. Slim and sleek, use your own lightning cable, but charge two devices at a time. Charge it from your mains i-device charger or anything else with a usb port. Very pleased and the unopened pebble was sent back for a refund. If you travel alot then this is perfect. Smaller than a portable hard drive and cheaper than the pebble pro.
Excellent device with huge capacity
Excellent device, the design is simple and makes for easy use. It has tremendous capacity; for example fully charging a large mobile phone several times without the need to be re-charged itself. Ideal when away from home etc. The instruction video could be better regarding the information from the LED's
Mixed performance
Charges S3 OK, Note shows red bar through charge indicator when turned on but charges very slowly when turned off.
Good product
I was a little concerned on receipt of this product as ther was absolutely no information supplied.
However I e-mailed the tech department hwo answered my queries
1. Yes you can charge from a USB port on a computer, mains charger or in car charger.

2. When it is fully charged, all of the lights will show be solid blue (not flashing).

3. The battery does not need to be fully discharged before being re-charged.
Impressive piece of Kit!
This little powerpack is exactly what I was looking for!
Possibly more expensive than others, this charger is amazing: it looks good, it's solid, has a massive charging capacity and most importantly, has 1A and 2.1A ports, meaning I can charge my iPad at the same time as my iPhone. Many others on the market may be cheaper, but only offer either one or two 1A ports and are nowhere near as powerful.
I would definitely recommend this charger to anyone looking for dual phone/ipad charger.
It's a fantastic little piece of Kit ... which I shall not be without - thank you!
Smashin' bit of kit..!!
With Kindle, iPhone & camera all wanting power when away with the canoe, bike or hiking a solar panel just doesn't cut it in the UK.
This pack gives all the power required for a whole long week-end and more. Trouble is my sons have got their eye on it for the festival season..!!
Very impressed with this high capacity charger.....still cannot quite believe its 10400amh.....ive only ever found 6000amh before and that was in a long tube like thing caused a nightmare at airport security !! Didnt take an excessive time to charge up the unit itself, remains to be seen if I actually always get the full 10400amh life but overall its a five star product.
Good engineering, and does exactly what it says "on the tin".
This emergency charger has excellent power storage characteristics, (10400 mAh) and is so simple to use that it doesn't need an instruction manual, or even an instruction sheet. Which is handy, because it doesn't come with one! A few basic clues as to which lead to stick into which orifice would have helped,otherwise my four stars would have been a no-brainer five. it would have received five stars from em.

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