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Kidigi HTC 10 Desktop Charging Dock Reviews

Synchronise and charge your HTC 10 with this stylish and case compatible desktop dock which also acts as a multimedia stand. Supports USB-C (USB Type-C).
  • Mobile Fun ID 59463
$32.65 inc VAT
 3 stars from 1 customers

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Too large and not a fan of the angle of the connector
Not the biggest lover of this device. It looks massive and it is! The thumb wheel at the back raises the USB C connector up and down so that if you have a case on your phone it will ensure its in far enough to charge.

What I misses is a ratchet action on the angle of the actual connector. After ruining 2 HTC M8s on the previous Kidigi stand, I'm very conscious now to ensure I push my phone down onto the charger GENTLY so it locates nicely rather than mashing the socket.

With this charger it automatically rotates too far towards the back plinth and means its always at the wrong angle... I have to pull it forward then pop it on the stand.

Wouldn't have taken the designers a few minutes to add a ratchet mechanism so it would click and hold at the angle you want.

There must be better ones out there.

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