KeySmart Pro Compact Key Holder with Tile Smart Location Reviews

The KeySmart Pro is a compact key organizer with Tile smart location that allows you to track your missing keys, all from the free Tile app on your phone. Includes a built-in LED light, bottle opener and a loop to attach your car key fob and 10 keys.
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Great idea but.....
Great idea, and like what it does as far as the tile part that finds my phone, or using my phone I can find my keys.
As far as holding your keys though it only really works if you have small keys, which nowadays with modern doors locks they rarely are. It takes time to get the right key out and is generally fiddly to use.
Can’t use keys properly
Nice idea but badly designed. You can’t use the bottle opener without taking your Carney off and the keys only go round to 90deg sonare awkward and difficult to use. Delivery and mobilefun generally were good but the product is t worth the money.
Great Investment
I was skeptical at first but now that I have the Key smart Key Holder I am very happy I bought it knowing that if I miss place my keys or phone I have a high percentage that I will find my item lost because of the awesome investment in the great idea of a key holder, only thing I would change is being able to put any key on the holder without having to worry if it will fit onto the screws that go through your keys to secure them on your key holder, I had to drill a little bigger of a hole in order for the key to properly fit the holder. but other than that I love the product.. Thanks Mobile fun
I only came across this recently and don't regret getting it at all. It really minimises the bulk of my keys. Great product

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