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Key Ninja Multi-Tool Key Holder with Torch Reviews

The key ring has been reinvented with the Key Ninja. Keep up to 30 keys organised in a sleek compact design which also features LED lights and a bottle opener.
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 3.3 stars from 12 customers

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Great! Bought as a gift and was just the job!
is very practical,i have to use several keys for diferents lock
Is very simple.
Fantastic product
Great tool, doesn't come undone, keeps everything neat and tidy. A must have item!
Good product
A compact gadget that is very useful, and stops that annoying 'key rattle'...
Essentially a great idea, but poor design. It has novelty value but little practical use, one side is metal, the other plastic, housing a touch at each end. I added 6 keys, then revised down to 4, as they can be hard to open out. You can also then add other items, like car key, with a clip. It presented well, but two features in particular really let it down. 1) the space between the pegs is too small, standard Yale lock keys do not fold neatly away, the end of the key touches the key holder of the opposite key, this makes for an unsightly bunch, not neat. 2) the clip attachment if used means you cannot then unfold the key under it! this makes it a little Pointless and a good example of very poor design.
Needs Plenty of Improvement
A lot needs to be said about this product. It's definitely handy, and does collect your keys in one compact package. However, design flaws have forced me to give it a 3 out of 5 star rating. First off, the plastic used for one end of the enclosure feels a bit cheap. It seems stupid and careless to build such a sturdy metal chassis and then blow it all to hell by giving it a cheap plastic bumper. Secondly, the plastic O-rings included in the package to separate the keys and/or to provide a leveling buffer for the two ends to sit parallel with each another DO NOT provide enough friction for the keys to stay put. That is to say, they allow the keys to swivel freely and haphazardly when you least want them to. I somehow managed to find some rubber O-rings instead, and am using those instead as they get the job done. So, as I said before, the designers' heart is in the right place, but this 'Key ninja' definitely needs some reworking.
no good for different keys
Item is great as long as all your keys are yale type. If different shapes then wont close as it should do
Good idea
The jet ninja multi tool key holder with torch is a good concept, but practically it's not very use ful.
The attachment supplied to hold the key ring keeps on undoing.
After placing the keys it's not easy to open the keys. When you put the extensions to hold more keys it's too bulky and difficult to select correct keys.
I don't recommend this product though the idea is good.
Key Ninja missleading
I received the item quickly and securely but the dummy keys used to illustrate the facility were found to be very small examples. All my keys were much bigger and therefor overlapped the unit and wouldn't fold back as advertised. Otherwise the idea was interesting and the torch bit worked fine.
The extra clip to fasten onto a chain or a knife was suspect in its strength and my knife was lost the first day I used the tool holder.

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