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Kenu Airframe+ Portable In-Car Mount & Stand for Larger Phones - Black Reviews

The world's most portable car mount for large smartphones, attaching to any air vent and weighing only 27g makes The Kenu Airframe+ in black perfect for everyday use.
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 4.7 stars from 117 customers

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Clever Air Vent Holder
I had been searching for a time to find the ideal phone holder that did not have to be attached to the dashboard or window. After an extensive search found one on this. It fits most phone and is expandable.
Easy for use
Easy for use and not much space need to keep ll the time with me and install to another vehicle any time. Thank you
What a remarkably simple and efficient device
What a remarkably simple and efficient device. It does exactly what it says on the box. As the Constabulary are pulling drivers with windsceen mounted device holders, I cannot recommend this item highly enough.
works as described
Although slightly difficult to actually mount onto the air vent (I was concerned I would snap the air vent), the phone holder works as promised once in place. It is quite easy to put the phone in the holder and take it out, and yet it is quite secure. I wouldn't want to change the phone holder position from vertical to horizontal though, with the difficulty I had in mounting it the first time.
Because you're worth it...
Really pleased. Quick delivery. Fits my iPhone 6+ and sits in my air vent sterdy! Was worried was going to be loose.
So easy to put in and take out and looks smart.
Bit pricey but 100% worth it!!!
Great and easy to use
A simple and easy to use phone mount. Couldn't ask for more.
Works well
Holds my Galaxy securely, although the air vents/dash trim in my Skoda are angled such that you can't have the phone perfectly vertical. Not a fault of holder though, and still works ok. Primarily bought to use when in hire cars for map use.
I have now bought four of the above car phone holders as when I bought mine all my kids wanted one. It is a brilliant holder and keeps the phone tightly in place with no wobbling or falling out.

I would highly recommend it.
Great Product
Great way of mounting phone in the car, easy to fit and giving a stable platform
Works well
Easy to use. Grips the air vent well. Holds the phone firmly. It looks good; it's not cumbersome. Nothing is in the way of connecting the charger. Very pleased with it.
Works Well
It's not the cheapest phone mount but it certainly works well.
Super easy to fit seems to be well made. There is no way your phone will slip out of the tight grip.
Very good stand for phone
Good firm hold of the phone and also the mount on the air-vent in car is firm and stable. Now it is very easy to use my GPS, receive and make calls without taking my eyes off the road. Good quality material that the mount is made from. Value for money !
Good grip
Since upgrading from a iPhone 6S to 6S plus my previous holder could not stretch enough. After being very satisfied with the Kenu Airframe for the old phone, I decided to go for the + version but was concerned the additional weight might be to much. Well I glad to say this version is just as good and I am very satisfied with the product, price and off course Mobilefun for their great service. I have used them before and will continue in the future.
Does a great job at the right price
This mount comes highly recommended. It holds firmly my 6s plus. The dash of my car is NOT smooth, which worried me a little, as I wasn't 100% sure it would hold firm. Well it did hold firm, very firm! I have had no issues with it becoming loose and falling off. You can also adjust the angle and orientation of the phone so it's great if you have TomTom or another navigation app on your phone. Given the nature of the grip, you can of course charge your phone in situ. Really pleased....
Reviews were right, it's amazing!
Being a value for money eyes sort of person, I recently bought a new car and was quite grumpy when my old cd slot phone holder wouldn't fit and then broke!

Believe the reviews, I love this item. Super firm grip, fits very nicely on the vents, I just adore it.

I am never worried about it falling out, or off, it has a super strong grip on the phone and the vent, I can see this item lasting for quite a long time.
Kenu airframe +
I ordered the kenu airframe + phone holder for my iPhone 6s Plus and I must say it works very well at holding the phone in place I use it in my Lorry and my car no problems with it at all brilliant bit of kit. Thanks to mobilefun for great service
Wish we'd bought it sooner!!
Simple and it works. Nice and small, so it's not in the way.
I tried a few mounts to keep my large Note Edge easily accessible in the car. Most were cumbersome and did not hold up. This little mount just plain worked. It held my phone with a case installed and allowed me to use several options for placement. It helps the AC vents of my Audi S4 with no issues. The phone stayed mounted in its place and was easy for me to access.
It's fantastic!
Very small and easy to use. Feels really secure too which is nice. Don't want to put my phone in something flimsy! Feels really solid. Highly recommend.
Good product
Good product. Holds phone solid in postion.
Love it so far
LG G5 fits perfectly
LG G5 fits perfectly, the problems are the car vents, some have bad vents that aren't good for securing and dash stops the phone sitting the way I want. Product is very good.
Good device , does what it says
but the teeth could be tighter , but otherwise good product.
Good product .
Best in car phone holder I have had. Looks like it will last longer than the sticky windows ones. Holds my Sony no problems. Easy to use. Will recommend.
looks Good
Looks solid well made,holds the phone well.
Good for impersonating UBER drivers
In car holder
Too expensive for what it is. Phone still wobbles slightly. Better than being stuck on windscreen though.
Does what it says
Perfect as nowhere to put phone in my truck except passenger seat. Fitted perfectly in vent next to steering wheel so ideal to see phone when using for navigation. Phone is held firmly in place and there is no bouncing up and down as my vent fins are relatively firm
I was looking for an in-car phone holder and was interested in the Airframe, but didn't know I needed the normal, or the Airframe+. As ever, customer service from Mobilefun was excellent, and the '+' was recommended.

It arrived in good time, feels very sturdy, and grips my Nexus 5X perfectly. Very happy.
At last.
Shamelessly I'm not one for writing reviews but I always read reviews and I bought this item after reading all the reviews. It fits, after buying three in car mounts for my phone I have finally found one that fits and stays in place. Yes, its very expensive but you get what you pay for.
Large phone in car holder- Kenu Air Frame
This is a no frills spring loaded holder which grips your phone securely on the sides. The spring needs two hands to safely place it and take care not to grip any side buttons. The mounting to instal it in the car vents seem secure. It can not be angled or tilted but this is not a problem in my honda for me viewing or touching the screen. Perhapsa tad expensive, but is of robust construction and I forsee it lasting and not breaking.
Expensive but well made.
Simple and unobtrusive. Well made. The all essential clip has four prongs and grips extremely well. Probably the best holder around but it is expensive.
This is the best in car holder for larger smartphones that I have purchased got 2 I recommend this as it fits most variants of air vents
Finally, a place for the phone!
I have a phone that, like you, I use for navigation, calls, text, audiobooks etc when I'm in the car. So it is pretty inconvenient to have to go searching or digging for the phone or have it slide under the seat while I'm driving. Enter this Kenu Airframe. The device clamps onto the air vents in my car, or any other car that I'm riding in. The phone is held in a vise like grip. And the angle of the phone is totally movable. Now, instead of a simply having a phone, I have an integrated computer that is attached to my car, that allows me to see what is going on, and that I can use it without taking my eyes off the road. It's only been a short while but the holder appears to be solidly built and does no damage to the car or phone on repeated removals. I just bought 3 more for family members!
The Perfect Match
Have invested in various dash/windscreen mounts but was never wholly satisfied. Then I looked at the air vent variety and chose the Kenu Airframe. It fitted snugly onto the vent and its design makes it very unobtrusive. My iPhone 6s Plus and Anker case fits perfectly. Very nice piece of kit and would highly recommend it. A tad pricey.
It's simplicity is what I like best
I am not writing this review because I might get a £20 voucher, but because I truly do think the above product is great. It's simplicity is what I like best. It fits snugly and securely onto my Suzuki dashboard air vent and the phone is easy to pop in and out quickly, even with one hand.
I did wonder about the price but it is worth every penny.
Great product. Great Buy.
Excellent Quality, Works Well
Wish I had bought this years ago. Fits perfectly to the air vent in my car and grips the phone very well. The whole thing does not move or vibrate at all whilst driving, and it just feels like a solid quality item. Fitting for the vent has two different sizes, and will hold your phone vertically or horizontally
Practical anf works very well
I have a 5.2" Microsoft 950 Smartphone and this is perfect to hold the phone in the right position in the car. No slippage, just right adjustable fit and its portable (I can take it off and store in the car as needed). Exactly what I wanted!
Without stuff air vents this product isn't great
I drive a Toyota Landcruiser 70 series and this product doesn't work very well at all holding the phone in place. The actual product is great but the little mount cannot get enough purchase on the vent (as its thick at the front and thins out - probably need consistent thickness the whole length of the vent its mounting too). Phone jumps around too much. Back to Quadlock for me.
In the words of John Barrowman - "Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic!"
Some say it's expensive for what it is. Sure, but worth every penny! It's built to last and does what it's designed to do. So light and portable too. I love it!
Some say it doesn't work. Oh Yes it does! The back has two sizes of slots, make sure you use the correct size for your vent fins.
Strong rubberized grip holds phone safely without damage and doesn't fall out or vibrate. This is the best and only car mount I'll ever use again. Highly recommend!
Very good but expensive
Before I bought the mount I was a little concerned that it would hold my phone securely. I needn't have worried it does the job perfectly without slipping. I would recommend the product.
Quality Product
Simple idea, the holder's made of strong quality materials and just does what's needed. Prompt delivery.
Holds phone tightly
I was pleased that the mount held my phone securely. An added bonus is that the mount moves in and out of the heater vent easily. It's expensive but well made, neat and tidy.
Small and reliable
This holder is not bulky and works very well.
After trying numerous devices to keep my phone safe in the car this by far beats them all. It keeps the phone secure and more importantly the phone stays in position and doesn't wobble about. Excellent little device.
Very good
Very good and easy to use.
Incredibly over priced
Whilst the holder fits the phone well it doesn't fit the vent very well and the cost of he holder is incredibly over priced. I would value the holder at less than half the actual cost.
Great Product
Second one I've had, only reason I changed was my new iPhone, plus size didn't fit the standard Airframe. Used for two years, minimal, great st it's job and reliable. Worth buying if that's the kind of holder you need.
Does it do what it says on the tin.........
Despite having lots of positive reviews whiny read the description you still wonder, bearing in mind the competition, this won't work
When you get it out of the packet and look at it you still think - this won't work. When you fix it into your vehicle (notwithstanding it's a bit of a banger) you still think - this won't work.
When you drive off you think - is this going to work.
A drive to London and back on a Friday tests most things.
And yes I am happy to confirm it worked - brilliantly - awesome - simples!!!
Very Well Made
Basically there are two aspects to the Mobile Holder. The rear Air Vent Grip will fit either the standard 3 piece vent or the thicker single style vents and it click twists to fit vertically or horizontally and has not become detached at any time during driving. The front facing 'phone holder also has a very strong sprung grip which prevents the 'phone falling out. Very well made and works extremely well.
Great product
Great products and great customer service
Very Useful!
I bought the Kanu Airframe so I could use the navigation app on my iPhone 6. It arrived the next day as planned. It may seem a lot for a bit of plastic but it sits perfectly in the air vent and holds the phone easily, you can even take it in and out on the move with little trouble. I bought the version for larger phones so it can fit my wife's 6+ but my 6 fits just fine.
Brilliant in car holder
I spent a lot of time debating which in car holder to buy. I play my music from my phone through an aux lead in my car (so that I can listen through the car stereo), I needed to buy a device to hold it securely. The Kenu Airframe+ is simply Brilliant, it slots easily into the air vent and holds my phone safely. I drive a mini and I was concerned it wouldn't fit the round vent but its great. It easily holds the iphone 6 or my ipod touch and it doesn't move around going over bumps etc. Very happy. Thanks.
excellent service
Product to spec, quality good and does the job it was supposed to do. Delivery also prompt. Happy customer!
Kenu Airframe works a treat!
I needed something that would hold my iphone 6 whilst in its protected case and this works a treat. Slides onto air vent well and stays there too!
Good, but not great
Firstly, the Kenu Airframe+ is very well made and does feel like a quality item. It grips my phone great and I feel there is little to no improvement which can be made in this area. The part that needs work, is the part which fixes to the vent. It just isn't secure enough on my airvent for me to trust my phone in it. It moves easily and needs two hands to insert the phone. I've since removed the back part and fixed the front part to a Brodit Pro Clip,specific to my car, which now gives me a solid and secure phone mount.
It actually works!
At last, a phone mount that actually works as described. My car is a Hyundai i10 and I have not found a reliable phone mount that works - until now.
Not only does it hold my phone (HTC One m8) securely but it also blasts cold air over it so it doesn't overheat.
Great product, swift service
The best smartphone holder in the market, ideal for using your phone for navigation. Hassle free ordering and swift delivery from mobile fun
Good on Paper but not in Practice
I have taken some time practically using with this in Car holder before commenting.

Unfortunately there are are two clear design faults with this item.

Firstly you cannot tighten the back fitment which attaches to the vent however you can loosen it to the point were it detaches itself from the main body!!

Secondly and most importantly it does not cater for the up and down or side to side movement of the air vent, so when fitted it "flops around" due to the movement of the air vent. Very very disappointed....
Great product
This is the best car-mount I've used. Light weight with a simple but elegant design. Perfect for using my phone for navigation, saved me a lot of money buying a separate GPS device. Highly recommended!
Best of the bunch
I have tried many car phone holders. They have all attached to the windscreen and have various methods of attaching the phone to the holder. This model beats them all. The air vent mount is secure. This compares well with windscreen-attached models which all eventually fail and result in falls that have damaged my phone. The spring-loaded clamp holding the phone is secure. The narrow height of the arms ensures that it should be possible to attach all models of phone without snagging buttons or ports. Dead simple device. Highly recommended. A welcome addition to my life.
Works well
This item is a great car cradle for those who want a cradle big enough for iPhone 6 plus, and which clips to the air conditioner vents.
This in car holder is BRILL it holds my large 5.2 inch screen phone very snugly and fits my grill very well, who ever designed this is probably quite a rich man lol its simple less to go wrong and dose the job what more could you ask for.
Kenu Airframe+
Excellent product, this is second for me. First was bought few years back and still working like a new one. That's why it was easy to order another one. I recommend these to everyone, although there is one small problem.. Once you buy it, you don't have to buy a new car holder anymore.. :) Thanks for great service too..
Great little tool
This Kenu airframe+ is a great little tool. It fits perfect in the various cars, it holds the phone well and doesn't damage the frame of the phone.

The service was spot on and product was as described on the site.
Great Little Device
I did think twice before purchasing this item because of the price. Over the years I could have kept a small country solvent with the money I have spent on ineffective items.

However this is a little jem . Great quality and so easy to use. When it is securely in place the phone sits very securely with no wobble at all.

I even find it handy at home . I can leave it attached to the phone & can sit the phone on the side and it is held at an angle to help with reading txt whilst I address world domination in my kitchen.

It's a very well made product and I am very happy with it . Two of my friends were equally impressed and have ordered one each. Shame I am not on commission !
Great Little Device
I did think twice before purchasing this item because of the price. Over the years I could have kept a small country solvent with the money I have spent on ineffective items.

However this is a little jem . Great quality and so easy to use. When it is securely in place the phone sits very securely with no wobble at all.

I even find it handy at home . I can leave it attached to the phone & can sit the phone on the side and it is held at an angle to help with reading txt whilst I address world domination in my kitchen.

It's a very well made product and I am very happy with it . Two of my friends were equally impressed and have ordered one each. Shame I am not on commission !
A perfect solution
Really pleased with this, it doesn't look much for the money but is a great bit of design and up to the job. Fits my Samsung Galaxy 6 and clips onto my round Audi vents holding phone securely and very neatly. Most car holders look quite bulky.
The part on the rear that protrudes into air vent rotates so you can phone in landscape or portrait mode. I think this is brilliant
Used with Galaxy s5 with Lifeproof Fre case. Very firmly held. Used in Hilux Surf. It is on centre Air vent above cup holder. I pull out cup holder 2cm to provide a base for phone otherwise the vent drops down. Good viewing, near stereo, and out of sight.
Simple and effective
One of the few mounts to fit my car's spherical air vents, this is such a simple yet brilliant idea. Worth the money, it's well made, far superior to the cheaper imitations. Would highly recommend anyone to get this if they need a vent mount for a larger phone.
Kenu Airframe+
Really happy with this product. Previously used the Kenu Airframe in all our comapny vehicles and these are perfect for the largest iphone. Fits on all of our different vehicles and doesnt require bolting on a holder to the vehicle.
So simple it works
So light, so easy to instal. Works on BMW and Golf with no problems.
i can now see the screen when using apps for navigation. I purchased mine for iPhone 6 plus.
would recommend this product.
Great solution for mobile device cradle on the move between cars and office
First impressions. Keep It Simple and Smart (KISS) very easy to fit to a cars air duct grill and I have tried it in a number of cars Audi, Honda, Vauxhall, BMW. Driving along some bumpy country roads the grip of the Kenu is firm and the phone stays in place. As the clasp is slim you have a number of options to place the phone in it. In my case with the Xperia there are a few buttoms in the body that get in the way of other generic phone clasps. Fits in your pocket for the journey away from your car to the office for example. Then with the use of a store/credit card can provide a simple way to use the phone on the desktop.
Not quite a universal fit!!
Dont doubt that this is a good product. However having a Vauxhall Astra (2010) this thing does not fit. The surround of the vent means you either secure it in the vent without being able to insert your phone, or you insert your phone but the Kenu is going to fall off at the first speed hump.
Complete waste of money. Not happpy!
MobileFun Reply
Hi David

We are sorry to hear you are not happy with the accessory. Of course, we offer a 30-day returns policy if you are not satisfied with your item.
Just awesome
Simply loving it. Very high quality product and can be even carried in pocket, if required. Initially ordered Airframe but was not suitable for the gigantic Nexus 6. Then ordered Airframe+. It holds both my S3 as well as nexus 6 quite comfortably!
Cool little thing!!!
Small, very easy to use and high quality product.I was anxious that I paid much for this but when I used it the first time, i already knew that I should give my review to win the 20£ and buy another for my other car!!!
Great Piece!
This item was beyond perfect! I am now free of my phone in the car as it sits directly in front of me. It is perfect for music connection, GPS, and Text/Call-through Siri of course.

The piece is strong and holds my Iphone 6 Plus perfectly. It does warm up my phone a bit so I am careful about running the heater. I would strongly recommend this product for it's value, ease, and safety benefits.
Best Phone holder ever
I have bought lots of car phone holders in the past and although this one seems more expensive it is 100% defintley worth it. It holds the iPhone 6 plus in the case and doesn't loose hold on the air vent at all. There is no fixing involved. I would without hesitation recommend it
Small and Descete
This is an excellent phone holder for your car. I can't believe how small it is and yet it provides excellent support for my Note 4. What's really nice is that you hardly notice that the holder is there when not in use. The product is well made, easy to fit and easy to operate. A great product for a huge range of phone sizes.
Brilliant design
I drive a DS3. Although quirky inside it is notorious for having nowhere to mount a phone. I don't like windscreen mounted holders and being a driving instructor, I don't like anything obstructing a pupil's vision. A previous vent supported cage left scratches on the shiny facia. This little gem is amazing. Slots onto any vent and grips my Lumia 1020 solidly. Who'd have thought such a simple idea would be so effective. It won't look much when you take it out of the packaging, but it's a well made piece of kit and it will definitely grow on you when you put it to use. It might seem expensive for what it is, but you get what you pay for....and this is the real deal. And it's so portable you can take it from car to car in seconds. Very, very neat indeed!
lost with out it (phone not me)
This phone holder is the perfect solution to a multi car family. It is discreet, compact and does exactly what it says on the tin.
Strong little holder
This phone holder is great, I ordered it for the iPhone 6 plus and it works well, I do have a case on my phone and this holder still opens wide enough to hold the phone in place.
There is no movement when driving and the phone is held nice and tight.
I'm using the holder in a mk7 Golf and it fits nicely on the air vents, I also tried it in my wife's Focus and again worked well.
The only downside I'd say it is a bit pricey for what it is, but overal a very good phone holder and I would recommend it to others
I wasn't sure when I first ordered this item as I didn't think it would hold the phone that well and there would be issues with it staying on the air vent. I was wrong! Quite impressively wrong at that. This holder is now my favourite phone holder and if you carry a spare around with you then it works on the desk with a credit card. Highly recommend this holder.
Simple and effective
Was looking for a quality product to use in car for my iphone 5 as a Sat Nav. Built in Audi unit was rubbish and using the iphone in my lap or on the centre console was just dangerous. Unit does exactly as described, simple and inobtrusive with no drilling and damage. Got the Airframe + version as may upgrade phone to larger iphone 6+ at some stage. The + still holds the smaller smartphones so it seemed most sensible at little extra cost.
Superb, Brilliant worth every penny!!!Works perfectly.
I purchased this item from Mobile Fun who have been excellent. Delivery was swift and as predicted, The item purchased Is of the highest quality and does what it is intended to do with no shaking, vibration or movement to the phone.

A superb and excellent product, Well done Mobile Fun for sourcing a truly magnificent product. 5*+
Quality Car Mount
Works perfectly. Holds phone extremely securely. Easy to fit / use / remove. Looks good and feels well made. Slightly expensive but worth it for the undoubted quality.
Kenu Airframe
Good service and product
Great compact and unobtrusive holder.
For over a year, I was using the standard Keanu Airframe with my iPhone 5S for and this without any issue. I believe it is the best holder on the market as long as your car vents can accommodate it. I recently upgraded to the bigger iPhone 6 Plus so I needed a bigger holder. The new Airframe + works equally well. I also like the fact it is now all black. The Keanu Airframe fit perfectly into the vent of my Audi. A great compact and unobtrusive holder.
Very nice product
I received the product, works very well with my airframe in my car. I'm looking forward to buy some other stuff from your website.
Thank you!!
Been waiting for this to land in the UK as I needed the airframe plus as I have a 5s with a juicepack on. Normal airframe is just not deep enough - the plus is JUST deep enough. Width wise is fine.
Easy to install phone and remove with one hand.
Holds the phone exactly as advertised, firmly and the airframe clips securely onto the air vents (VW Polo 60 reg)
Hasn't fallen off, doesn't feel like it's going either.
Looks smart.
Highly recommended - MobileFun are the only stockist I've found so far.
Awesome product
Best quality. It is worth the price.
Made of gold?
It must be made of gold to be 25 quid. It works, that's why it gets 3 stars but seriously, this is one expensive piece of plastic.
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