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Kensington 4.2A Dual USB Travel Mains Charger Reviews

The Kensington AbsolutePower 4.2 Amps Dual USB charging adapter can quickly charge your smartphone or tablet, while the extremely sleek and portable design makes this charger easy to use at home or work. Includes 3 different adapters for the UK, US and EU
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 4.7 stars from 53 customers

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Handy device
A smallish sized device, with two usb connections towards your devices, and a good selection of easily clipped on adaptors to fit differing countries powe outlets.
By the way when I say smallish I mean smallish physical size, according to the rating plate there’s 2.1A per outlet available.
A good piece of kit that does its job well
The adapter clips on securely, and even when charging to almost flat devices it doesn't get hot to touch as some chargers do. I am pleased with it.
Just what I needed
I am going away and was fortunate to buy one and get one free making this charger even better value. I don’t understand why the connection points aren’t in the top but that seems to be the majority of plugs so there must be a reason. Unfortunately one of the plugs didn’t function properly but to Mobile Funs credit within 5 of requesting a return I had the replacement delivered which works perfectly. The speed of charging is excellent even with 2 items attached. Off to the states shortly so will know how it works abroad shortly but can’t imagine a problem.
Very good product
It worked well. Neat to carry when plug unit removed, several options for socket types so useful home and away but no NZ plug unit.
Simple and powerful charger
Nice charger, nice high power output. Has interchangeable plug adaptors although these are very light plastic so wouldn’t want to change them too often. However, nice for yearly holidays.
A great offer!
This is a wonderful !All in one" set of connectors that has many
functions. It is excellent to take on holiday and is very compact.
I am impressed with the quality and the finish. The price was a "Steal" making the purchase a real bargain.
I am greedy, being a Scotsman, I got 2 sets so I am most pleased.
Grab a real bargain!
Ideal for trips abroad
I've recently purchased the above item and I find excellent I've tried it at home and it charges my tablet and iPhone at the same time, with no issues. I am about to travel to Europe and with the multiple socket attachments I can't envisage any issues. The added bonus with Kensington travel charger is I got 2 got the price of one Bonus I will add to the review when I return from holiday on how it performed abroad.
Great product
This product is Just what I needed
This is a great and compact traveling charger great for my holiday to Bhutan in oct
Dual charger
Great to be able to charge both my phone and tablet from the one socket at the same time.
This the best travelling charger money can buy
This the best travelling charger money can buy. it is quick and I can use it and so can my better half.
It's good product
It's good product and can used for iPhone and tablet too so can charge both at same time
Excellent Double Charger
This is a great device with 2 USB sockets. Each sockets can supply 2.1A or 4.2A in total. The device comes with 3 country interfaces.

There are many other high current devices but none provide more power per usb port. I have now purchased 4 units with 2 as gifts to family members.
used this with 2 phones from a wall socket to replace 2 plugs
found it to be slower at charging my phones than the normal phone charger
the location of the USB sockets on the charger is a little difficult to reach if you have to plug in another lead.
Functional and charges phones as required, recommended
I like this product so much I just bought my SECOND copy of it
I like this product so much I just bought my SECOND copy of it, and the next day I bought an extra one for my sister because she is going abroad for the first time after many years.

It is good quality, easy to use. I charge my Nexus 5X at home and also when I go abroad. Gives a fast charge, and I can easy carry it in my hand luggage so I can charge my device on UK mains at the British Airport, and later on continental mains at the European Airport. Never need to be out of charge.
Compact, solid.
Good size for travelling. Not big and bulky. Has several power options. Seems pretty solid. Easy to grab and insert into power sockets.
Wonderful Contraption
I cannot believe I have never purchased one of these before! I am a frequent long haul traveler having to cart a seemingly endless supply of chargers and this is the best thing I have bought for awhile. Some reviews I read stated that devices took longer to charge but I have not found this to be true. I have already used it to charge my Apple ipod, e-cig, Nokia phone and Asus laptop. Looks great too!
Great product.
Quality, solidly built product.
Charges 2 phones quickly.
Comes with 3 click-fit adaptors for worldwide use
Great offer with free selfie stick
This is my third! They perform well
This is my third! They perform well, charging devices quickly and reliably. This one has been set with the European plug fitting,so I can get the same rapid results when I am on holiday.
Best gadget ever!
Why has it taken my so long to get one of these.... I am a frequent long haul traveler who has to pack endless chargers (phone, laptob, e-cig, ipod)... First thing I did was use it to charge my e-cig and laptop. I did not appear to take any longer than using the supplied charger for each device. Love this!!
Excellent Travel Charger.
This unit fully charges my mini iPad and my Vodafone Smartphone (Ulta 6) overnight. Saves travel luggage space and weight when flying abroad as I need only to take my leads without having to take the plugs. The Continental, USA & UK plug conversations means I can use it wherever I go. Highly recommended.
Fantastic.Works like a charm
Fantastic.Works like a charm. Very happy with the service.
Perfect charget
Excellent unit. Very useful having two outlets. A very simple to use travel adaptor kit means this is an ideal international travel companion.
Very good quality and great value for money, Very happy with this purchase. Joan
Home or Away
As the bedside sockets are always in use, I was considering installing a new dual 13A socket with integrated USB ports. It would have cost about £15. Then it struck me that buying the Kensington dual USB would give me the same result for less cost and the ability to chage up my iPhone and iPad while away in Germany, where we travel a lot - and with no need to take a Continental adapter plug. And all this for less cost than putting in a fixed socket at home. The device was delivered quickly, nicely packaged and easily charges both devices at full speed. The interchangeable country-specific plugs are easy to change. Well pleased.
Charging abroad
They've solved the problem of being over charged when you use your phone abroad.
But what happens if your phone is under charged and you want to make that call from abroad?
The Kensington 4.2A Dual USB Travel Mains Charger sorts that for you. Not only does it come with two USB Charging ports, but it also comes with a variety of interchangeable mains plugs for Europe and US as well as UK.
So you can charge your phone up and call home from wherever you happen to be!
Kensington marvellous charger
This is the third of these chargers we have bought. They are great: dual charging, both at 2.1A and thus fast. Excellent travel adaptors. We may soon buy a fourth....
Nice little twin usb travel plug-charger
Was after a plug-charger with twin usb slots for travel use, when I saw this one. Has interchangeable UK, European & USA plug attachments, seems well-made (have been using for around a month at home) and hopefully will be very useful on a future trip to South America. It was keenly priced and arrived quickly, thank you.

(No connection, other than as a customer, etc. !! )
4.2A dual USB world charging
Good concept. But not happy with the chargers performance.. Not charging fast. It's too slow.
Suppose it's ok to take on holiday as long you charge before going to bed. During the day you will be wasting your time to charge via this plug.
Excellent charger
My second one, an excellent charger at a great price.
Excellent Double Charger
The product does exactly what is defined, 4.2A = 2x 2.1A @5V. The package does not come with a USB cable but it does come with 3 styles of country adapters = UK, US & Euro. There is no LED to show either power to device or devices under charge.

My Apple 6S does not seem to change as well as the 5S, it may be an Apple thing. The Kingston charges the Apple 6S slower then the Apple supplied charger.

I purchased 2 units manly for Android devices and I am very happy.
Very useful
Makes charging numerous items so much easier, very pleased with it.
Product arrived within days well packed.
This item does exactly what it says it does
this item does exactly what it says it does - thanks
The only power adaptee you need ever buy...
Superb bit of kit, bought six now, not because they keep failing but because they do exactly what they say - charge any two devices pretty much anywhere in the world without a hitch. Don't forget you need your own cables of course!!!
Very good charging set.
Very good charging set and very good value
Very bulky and durable
Very bulky and durable, best charger iv had.
Charging Adapter
It arrived in good time. It seems very good for what I wanted. The different parts fit together easily and are just as easy to get apart again after use.
Great little charger
This is so very useful. Before I would have taken on holiday the usual pack of power adapters for phones, tablets etc, now I only need this. It is very easy to put together and to change the plugs for wherever you are
Kensington AbPower 4.2A Charger I'm sure is fine. Your purchasing pages are repeatedly faulty, however! Completing card details repeatedly fails, telling the purchaser that "you need to fill in the card type" but this is greyed out and will not respond; only by repeating the process a number of times will it eventually respond. Hope that you can fix this annoying error - it's brought you close to losing my custom! But, your kit is good so I always return! JS
Extremely useful if you travel abroad
I bought 3 of these having purchased one earlier, I think that says it all!
Kensington AbsolutePower
This power adapter works great.
Brilliant for traveling a must have for the traveller .
At last a dual USB power supply that can charge both devices
I have a few USB chargers, but none charge as well as this. With 2.1A available on both sockets, devices that support fast charging charge ultra quick. The device also comes with power plugs for Europe and USA as well as the UK type. The product is also quite small with a kind of heatsink top,so it doesn't get too hot. Excellent product.
Nice piece of kit
Yes this a good addition to to my travel kit. Looks good and takes two USBs, which is great if you have a wife who has her own iPhone, no fighting to plug in when it runs out of juice. Would highly recommend it.
A really useful gadget
I purchased this item for my husbands birthday - its just what he wanted - he will use it on our holidays both in the UK and when we go abroad. Its a present he will enjoy, find very useful and not be put away and forgotten about in a drawer - Oh - and it was a great price too.
Universal Adapter
Due to international travel, I needed an Adapter for various countries. This product fit the bill entirely. I had no problems with this adapter at all. It was needed in: Norway, Italy, USA etc. Quick delivery. Would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs various adapters. Does everything it says it's suppose to.
Excellent product
Does exactly what is promised on the website. Very useful when travelling.
World class
Great item for use at home on when travelling. The 2.1Amp ports means fast charging of every device we have tried including phones, tablets and kindle.

So great compact unit and ideal to drop in your luggage
Kensington AbsolutePower Charging Adaptor, Reference 56789
The product was delivered in good time and works well.
Unfortunately, the product did not come with the connecting leads indicated in the advertisement - or offered as an additional extra!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Stephen

Apologies for any confusion, this item does not come with the cables - however, if you contact our Customer Services team - we can assist you in choosing the correct cables for your devices.
brilliant piece of equipment
Fantastic piece of equipment to charge your phones or tablet while your abroad. All the adaptors you need. Neet little charging unit. I deffenitly recommend anyone to buy one of these items.
Great little kit!!
Got this on an offer email as it does what it says in crging 2 x devices at 2.1A - iphone and ipad simultaneously. Exactly what was needed for home and for holidays abroad too. Can't recommend enough!
Great item
Used in europe excellent transfer from uk to europe plugs. Recommend as friends also used it and loved it !

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