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Kandle II by Ozeri Clip-On Reading Light for Amazon Kindle - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The white Kandle II light from Ozeri turns your evening Kindle reading into a relaxing pursuit, now with three super bright LED lights instead of two!
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 4.9 stars from 54 customers

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Kandle - what a catchy name!
This is what I've needed for ages. I can now read by Kandle Light without disturbing my husband.
what a great piece of kit
came across sight by accident whilst browsing. best prices great range of goods excellent service & delivery. would definitely use again & recommend to friends & family.
Great website
The product is top quality and the postage was super fast.
Ideal Product
This was what I desperately needed to enable me to read my Kindle in bed so as not to disturb anyone else. I am really pleased with it & don't know what I did without it.
quick delivery, good product
arrived within the stated time, decent product well packaged.
Perfect E-Reading Light
Love this light. Easy to use and lights up the whole page. Just ordered a second one. This light is a great gift idea for e-readers.
Good product.
This light is adjustable and lights up the reading area very well. I have read reports of the batteries not lasting very long, time will tell. I have been using it for a week and have no complaints, it is easy to use, light and does what it was made to do.
Best little light in Belfast
I have been trying for some time to find a good bright light for my Kindle which doesn't fall apart at first use! The whole thing is sturdy with excellent light. And the delivery was very rapid. I would use Mobile Fun again
really good idea
bought this for my girlfriend , she was really impressed with it , then it just stopped changed batteries still nothing , sent it back really easy , new one replaced it, took out of box not working , sent back again , really straightforward, hopefully just a poor batch as it is really good when working .
A perfect light
I bought a gooseneck light, and although it is very good it will be cumbersome to pack when I am travelling so I bought this light and it is perfect. It is very neat with adjustable sections so the beam of the light can be changed. It clips onto the top of the kindle firmly without being intrusive. It also comes with its own travelling case so it can go in my bag without me worrying about it getting damaged. It is such a clever design.
Just what I wanted
Good service, delivery very efficient good little device saving me from having to get an electrician in which I was planning so excellent result all round Thanks, Gwen ps was going for the two light version but was out of stock so went for the three light version. Perfect.
Great product
Product was great, exactly what was described on the website.
It's small compact, comes with pouch and extra batteries.
Product also offers great light for Kindle.
Light up my kindle
Works very well fits nicely bought two, one for my husband as well. He would have used his on our French holiday but left it in the first hotel! Mine still going strong! Nice to have spare batteries supplied! service really quick! easy to click on and lights up text well!
Very Good Product I have used it constantly since I bought it
Great product. Quick delivery. Excellent working order. Very happy
Best booklight you can buy
This booklight is great, I've used many of the gooseneck style and other types of booklights, all of which project bright 'hotspots' on the kindle screen despite how you position them. This casts an even light across the screen that is bright but not obnoxious (I haven't had to use the bright setting as the first/low setting is sufficient). It's also very light and doesn't add any noticeable weight to the kindle. Highly recommend it.

Also excellent customer service from mobilezap. The first light I had was faulty, but based on the positive reviews all over for this I contacted them and they express shipped a replacement which arrived in a few days. Kudos to you guys! Great work and a great product.
Very neat
Much less obtrusive than the bendy lights and seems secure in place. Good illumination even on lower setting though it obviously diminishes slightly towards the bottom. Enough give in the clip to fit the Kindle plus a not too thick case I think. Nice little protective pouch for travelling. Seems a bit expensive but guess that's the LEDs. Will wait and see how long the batteries last but at least you get spares to be going on with.
at last
I ordered this for my wife as she sometimes has trouble sleeping at night now she can read in bed without keeping me awake you can also dim the lights thanks for a great divice would recommend to all
Fantastic peice of kit
This was purchased when my wife was admitted to hospital because the nursing staff had let her borrow a torch to read her kindle in the ward at night so as not to disturb the other patients.The torch was HUGE!!it was a three cell stainless steel Maglight which after holding above her head for a couple of minutes seemed to weigh a ton,,,one look on your web site solved the problem instantly and it was delivered the next day,Thanks
I had read a lot of reviews for kindle lights before I decided to buy this one. It is excellent. Two light settings and I hardly ever need the brightest one. Someone said that it can't be used with a kindle cover but that isn't true. This is a great purchase and very good value for money as you even get two spare batteries with it. Would recommend.
Just what I needed
Brilliant light for my Kindle well worth paying the extra for a better product
nice, small and compact
Good product at a good price. Very light and compact. Excellent to get extra batteries as well.
Fantastic decision
Adjustable, bright,fits onto my Sony eReader really well.

Best results when clipped onto the side - gives a better spread of light over the whole device

And it comes with spare batteries! What more do you need?
Tried several different types of clip on lights for my Kindle but this is by far the best! Thank you
Just what I needed for my Kindle.clips on securely excellent spread of light and I do not disturb my wife-result!
Smashing device
This clip on light is really great,well designed and works...I fully recommend this produce without any hesitation whatsoever..
Also the service I recived from you was very good...thank you..
the kandle ii lights for the kindle are brilliant ,it has 2 different light settings and is very light ,easy to pop in your bag and overall a brilliant little thing
Kandle !! is excellent
A great product which enhances another great product.
Great design
Neat and tidy and just what I was looking for to take on holiday. Excellent value especially with the case and spare batteries.So impressed I recommended it to my sister who has since bought one!Also great for theatre use in the prompt corner where too much light is an issue.
Kandle II
Great clip on light for the kindle or any other ebook, with two light setting's as well. Its very small in size and comes with a carry case which makes it ideal for traveling.
Kandle II by Ozeri Clip-On Reading Light for Amazon Kindle
Excellent item - the only one that REALLY does the job of lighting the whole width of the Kindle page. The lower intensity setting is fine. Very happy to recommend.
great gadget
ideal for reading in bed - clips onto kindle or books, good light
Exactly what I was looking for
I bought this particular light for a Kindle because of the very high number of very good reviews of it, similar devices from this and other websites all had much more mixed reviews. I was glad to find that these reviews were accurate and I am very pleased with my purchase. Also very prompt delivery.
The besst light
Have tried several different reading lights for the Kindle and this is easily the best. I have also bought one for my wife.
Illuminating First
I was given a Kindle 4 for Christmas but like any book it is difficult to read in the dark, so I tried several Book Lights which were being sold with this model in mind but alas to no avail they did not illuminate the whole page. I then received an email from Mobile Fun advertising the Kandle II by Ozeri Clip on reading Light. Although considerably more expensive than the ones I had previously bought I decided to get one. This model has 3 LEDs within an adjustable head with two levels of illumination and even on the lowest setting it gave an even light across the page and the grip clip is just the right size so not to cover any pert of the screen. I recommend to any person looking for such a light even to read a paper book to look no further and pay the extra cost for a superb piece of kit. P.S. it even comes with a spare set of batteries and a velveteen storage bag.
Exceeds expectations
After being woken by my wife during the night useing her bedside light to read her Kindle, I bought her a cheep clipon light to avoid the distubance.However there was considerable light overspill and I was still disturbed, then it ceased working.I then bought a Kandle 2, wow light stays on the screen, now overspill, bliss I can sleep once more.
Perfect gift
This was bought as a present for my mother who had recently purchased a Kindle keyboard. She was very happy with it - especially impressed with the number of batteries you get in the pack. The black Kandle perfectly matches the colour of the Kindle, is compact & clips on easily. It took a little fiddling to work out how to open the light, but only because we didnt read the instructions(!). Also impressed with the different light settings. Definately a good buy.
Kindle Reading Light
Excellent product, unbeatable price and next day delivery. Can not fault.
Even neater than I imagined!
A very neatly designed item. Its output is very bright and it has surprised me by the fact that it is even better than I expected! Thank you so much for the extra batteries, neat pouch and the dinky little screwdriver which is an added bonus for me!
Great Gadget
Brought 2 small and cheaper clip on lights that were a waste of time and money. Found this one on-line and it's perfect for the job!
Delivery was amazingly fast
Love the two light settings which helps avoid eye strain
This is so much better than the previous light I used.
It does the job perfectly. No glare, and easy to operate.
Well worth the money.
Exceeded my expectations - and then some!
I was worried that the Kandle II would not clip on easily once my Kindle was in its case. I chose the case quite carefully carefully - it flips down from the top, folds back behind and has a 'prop' that folds out to form an 'easel' stand. The Kandle II clips on the top edge of the case rather than the Kindle, with the top of the Kindle nestling very snuggly in the recess where the lamp usually sits when the Kandle is closed. The Kandle does not pinch the leather and is very stable and secure.

The light is well focused on the whole screen and doesn't spill over much so I can read in bed at night without disturbing my wife. The double hinge mechanism is a work of genius for adjusting the light beam 'just so'.

The 3 LED light switches off by just closing it - even though the Kindle in its case prevents the Kandle from fully closing while in situ. I use the first, dimmer light setting (to extend the battery life although it thoughtfully comes with a spare set anyway) which is quite bright enough for me to read by comfortably.

I couldn't believe the price was so much cheaper than the nearest competition - I thought it must be for the Kandle I not the II!

No one else can "hold a Kandle" to MobileFun for excellent, prompt service, too!
Kindle II Clip Reading Light
This clip light was purchased for my partners Kindle I bought for her Christmas present, which I did not know at the time Kindle is not back lit and I bought thinking my sleeping pattern would improve because of the bedside light would be off and she would be able to read her books without being on. Thanks to the Kandle clip on light the hours of sleep I have gained in such a short time is amazing!! Thanks again.. zzzzzzzzzzzz
Excellent Product
I spent some time researching the best light to buy for my new Kindle 2 and decided on this model despite it being significantly more exensive than most of the others I looked at. I do not regret spending more at all as the light is perfect - compact, bright and very neat. It has two settings and even comes with a carrying pouch to protect it when travelling. I would definitely recommend this product and think it was worth every penny.
Kandle II by Ozeri Clip-On Reading Light
This is a handy little light, and ideal for when the hubby wants total darkness to get to sleep.
Having said that, it doesn't clip on as firmly as I'd like and does move about a little bit, and I do find that the light doesn't illuminate the bottom half of the screen as well as the top half which is a bit disappointing as your eyes are straining to read the bottom half.
Also there isn't much difference between the two light settings.
Excellent product
I am really pleased with my kindle reading light. It is compact, clips on perfectly and gives an excellent light. I was particularly impressed with the mobilefun service, with emails confirming my order and giving dispatch details. I ordered at 5 pm and received it the very next morning. Fantastic!!.
A Good Reading Light
Gives quite a good light, but seems to dim quite quickly, having said that, it does come with two spare batteries which is very unusual. The batteries though are not your usual triple A but button batteries which I'm not sure how easy they are to buy. Overall a good reading light.
A Useful Accessory
The light is ideal for reading my Kindle in poor light or darkness. It is not heavy and fixes on securely. I like the fact that I can choose which brightness of light I need to use. I don't know yet how many hours of reading I will get from each battery, or how much new batteries will cost.
Great light for kindle
This was purchased to replace light that came with my kindle case that was difficult to use and cause glare on the screen.

This product is excellent, no glare/reflection on screen, clips securely to kindle either in or out of case.

2 light settings also very useful.
Perfect solution for bedtime reading
A really beautifully designed product that does the job perfectly. Fully adjustable. Plenty bright enough. Easy and neat to store. If I'm being super critical the clip can slide about a bit and there is not a huge amount of difference between the two brightness levels otherwise I would have given five stars. But i definitely recommend this if you are looking for a kindle light. Comes with a storage pouch and a spare set of batteries too which is a nice touch.
Brilliant Light for the kindle
I was looking for a light which would illuminate the whole page of the kindle and not produce spots of light. The Kandle II was brilliant. The 3 led bulbs gave an even spread of light across the whole page. The folding action was neat and it was easy to leave the light clipped on the top of the Kindle,.
Kandle II
Hi. I ordered a Kandle II from Mobilefun,got the usual e-mail to confirm the order and I got the order within a few days. Great service. I tried the Kandle II out before I wrapped it as it is a Christmas present and I thought it was very good. Good light, two levels of light and could be positioned easily. I would recommend it.
Bought this for the wife, she likes reading in the car especially when we are on long journeys.

Normally as soon as the sun begins to fade, the Kindle needs to be put away, but not any more!

This is a fantastic little light, provides more than enough light to read in pitch dark for about 24hrs off of one set of batteries, three different light levels too, which keeps eye strain to a minimum.

Great bonus feature, even when the wife uses this in the front passenger seat, it does not distract me while driving as the light is directed straight onto the Kindle screen and is very localised.

You can also use this light on paper backs and hard backs, so even if you don't have a Kindle, this can still be a good choice!

Well worth the 5 stars!

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