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Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker - Black Diamond Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The black Jawbone JAMBOX delivers stunning stereo audio in a speaker so compact you simply won't believe it until you hear it.
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 4.6 stars from 16 customers

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Jambox by Jawbone
I gave 5 star rating not 4!
I love the Jambox (Black Diamond) from its premium quality to its perfect sound quality! Its the best for playing all music genrie from classical to the very hardest metal nothing sounds less than perfect even on full volume, its amazing! 24 bit 192 Khz tracks sound superb.
I wasted hundreds on speakers trying to find a good one even Monster speakers all rubbish compaired to the Jambox!
Fine Product
The product is good as per description. Little disappointed with the sound output which could have been higher considering the competitive products available. All in all a good product but there is some scope for improvement
Big Jambox
Amazing sound quality for such a small piece of equipment with clarity right through the range from high to low at both very low and very high volumes and the high volumes are really high, more than most people need in a portable device. Everyone who has heard it has had the same amazed reaction. Rarely does a product come along that lives up to all the claims about it but this is one.
Exprensive but excellent little speaker
- good sound quality for the size
- wireless
- easy to connect with any phone via Bluetooth
- good battery life
- high quality stylish product as you would expect from Jawbone

- price
- bass
Jambone Jawbox
This is a very good product. I use it to hook up to a small iPod to play stuff on the iPod (mainly voice, recorded from the radio or from audiobooks) in the car. My car does not have a means of connecting an iPod (why can't all car radios have a simple 3.5mm connector?). The rubberised finish means that it can perch safely on the dash in front of me without sliding about, and the controls are readily available. The sound is sufficiently good to be plainly audible and clear despite a less than quiet car at 60 or 70. A great journey-shortener! It is a bit pricey, but it is very convenient to use. Haven't tried the bluetooth/handsfree side of it yet, but as a playback medium it is very good, bearing in mind its size. I recommend it.
Fantastic product!!!
Everyone should have one of these it is an exceptional piece of technology. The sound quality is amazing and it takes literally a couple of minutes to connect with your device. The size makes it perfect for taking anywhere with you so you never have to compromise with sound. Having had another bluetooth speaker of a different make I can honestly say this wins hands down. This is a purchase that you will never regret.
Suprisingly good
A good little gadget.
great but ...
Great but not loud enough for my 15 year old son.
Small Neat & Tidy With a lot of Umphhhh!!!!
Just got this splendid little bit of kit to play my tunes and vids for my htc desire / lapdog and for xtra noise on gaming. And I am totally impressed, it can bang out up to 85db, it uses bluetooth to connect with your ios or otherwise stereo bluetooth-ready device or by a lead. The price may be a bit steep to some, but you pay for what you get. I'd say there are 4 things I have found which are a tad annoying. 1)moving about with your source device with you(phone) affects the bluetooth signal so your tunes jump about. 2)i cantget to grips answering calls on it, iseem to cut people off rather than talk to them. 3)when I connect via bluetooth it also turns on other bluetooth devices on my phone. 4) you can't take pics or shoot vids whilst playing it cuts out!!! so if you hosting a party get a friend to capture the goings on on their gadet. Overall though it is a great bit off kit.
Doesn't disaapoint
Read loads about this - especially comments about the cost. Bit the bullet and purchased without trying - have not been disappointed. Quality product that liberates the tunes from my i phone functionally and with style. Not as happy with its performance as a hands free speaker for calls in the car (callers talk of muffled call quality). If you want it for a bluetooth speaker only I cannot fault it.
Every once in a while it happens, the perfect product gets invented, and usually has the apple logo on it somewhere,well this is the exception,no apple logo but it ticks all the right boxes. And is a lovingly put together box of delight, the attention to details goes far beyond the speaker, the perspex box it arrives in opens cannily with clasps, all accessories are carefully packed in compartments,individuality separates this from its competitors , industrial grade rubber blends seamlessly with a sculptured grill, it even talks when the battery needs charging, the sound belies it's small size, and extends the pleasure of iphone tunes, the price of course may make some head for the inferior alternatives, but long after they have been discarded, this will still be providing the owner with satisfaction , this could become a design classic in years to come, well done JB you nailed it with this speaker.
what a great sound
What can I say, fantastic speaker,seen this speaker on the site but wanted to hear it before I bought it, so found it at an apple shop, had a play around with speaker,you will be blown away by the sound quality,set up was so easy with my desire hd (unable to use sound effects over bluetooth connection)can connect via line in as well, with that said still a great sound, as for the price you pay for what you get buy cheap buy twice.
Ideal for Ipad or MacAir
Easy to work it, best packaging I have ever seen even better than Apple
This is absolutely great work first class with the Ipad. When working with AirBook be care that you accept the bluetooth headphone option for sounds large difference. Think I will get on for the kids.

Also great to use for hands free if you don't have bluetooth in you car.
absolutely brilliant
Had this for xmas and havent stopped using it!good sound, good bass. Works well with iPhone 4!.
GOOD product!
The Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker IS expensive, but you get the QUALITY that goes with that price!
I had it working AND paired to my android mobile in Under a minute after unpacking it!
IF you want true Quality buy this, its size belies its quality and decibels, it packs one hell of a punch; in fact it is quite able to vibrate itself off of a table, so be careful LOL.
For something that you can fit into your pocket that produces this much sound and Quality is quite amazing, in fact I would go so far as to say that this has to be THE mobile accessory to buy for sound!

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