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Jawbone ERA Motion Controlled Bluetooth Headset - Midnight Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Meet the Midnight Jawbone ERA - the world's first intelligent motion-sensor equipped Bluetooth headset.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28481

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 4.3 stars from 4 customers

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good sound poor battery
the sound is good but the battery goes down fast, start with 5hr after a 15 min call its down to 3 hr another 10 min call its down to 2 hr. for the price its poor.
jawbone era
I had the original jawbone for 4 years and decided that it was finally due to be replaced so I decided to go the whole hog and get the new Era. It is a lot smaller and comes with a myriad of earbuds that will fit anything from a gnome to an elephant so there is plenty of choice. Only thing with that is it may take you a bit of time to finally get the fit just right. Pairing is an absolute doddle and if you want to change the voice you hear when using it then the jawbone website is easy to use and as there are plenty to choose from. Only bad thing at the moment is there isnt any apps for win phone 7 yet but I hope the bods at Alphi will work on that in the future.....all in all its a great headset well worth the money.
Yes, it's pricey, but, it's comfortable, easy to pair, easy to use and set up! Really clear to hear and other end say it's really clear! Never going to be used in a really loud environment, but it is really good using it today. No complaints!
Perfect for the job.
As with all Jawbone products, perfection comes at a price. But you definitely get more than you pay for with the Era.

The latest noise cancellation makes it impossible for any external noise to disrupt a conversation. Callers on the other end can hear you clearly, and have no idea how noisy it is where you are, believe me, I've tried. The Era even increases the volume to compensate for your environment.

The new caller id is a very nice touch, instead of just reading the number (working on my Desire HD). The only downside is you have to set up your caller info on-line, which is then installed on the Era directly. No contact sync as of yet. All the Android voice command apps seem to work OK, both stock & 3rd party.

All in all, an excellent piece of kit. And a great improvement on the Icon. (size, weight and looks)

I would recommend to anyone.

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