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Jabra Stone 3 Bluetooth Headset - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The black Jabra Stone 3 takes Bluetooth handsfree to the next level, with innovative features such as voice control and included portable charger, which recharges in flash!
  • Mobile Fun ID 40236
$96.25 inc. VAT
 4.7 stars from 6 customers

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Great bluetooth headset
Awesome headset.. Slimline, good quality sound from both ends, worth the money!
Jabra Stone 3 Bluetooth Headset
Jabra Stone is a great bluetoot headset in its innovative recharge ability, design and operation. It's unobtrusive and actually looks very stylish in shape, functionality and colour. Check it out.
Jabra Stone3
Nice little Bluetoot headset for a light,moderate user.
Your talk time is 1 hour and 30 minutes .
I'm a Courier driver ,inside my truck cabin impossible to hear voice guidance ,the phone is ringing ,she is giving me instructions,I'm yelling answer,answer, and after 4 or 5 rings person on the other side hangs up . I wish I could just answer the call .
Good for quiet environment only
Other than that I love it .
Anyway thats my experience with it,hope thats helps others in their decision.
Elegant , convenient and easy to use.
Once I worked out how to open the package and disengage the stone from its stand it was full steam ahead. I had to search for online forum help to do this.
It virtually set itself up to my Nokia Lumia phone and started working straight away. Oh..... After I charged it with the USB with it's uselessly tiny length of cord. It also came with a power cord, but it was for UK . I ran around to search for an adapter for Australia.
But once it was popped into and onto my ear it was great. The sound was good, it did not cut out and the battery was plenty for my use. I only wanted it at the gym and for walks.
It looks and feels fantastic in black and red , almost like a large red back spider pod thing.
Worth every cent!
Good Qualit
This is a nice headset. My only con is the battery only lasts for about 2 hour. The receiver charges the unit about 5 time completely.
A necessary piece of equipment
Very smart and neat headset.great charger and very comfortable to wear on your ear.

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