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Jabra SPORT Stereo Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Enjoy wireless music and calls while exercising with this rain, dust and shock proof headset
  • Mobile Fun ID 32374

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 3.8 stars from 32 customers

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Works very well for the price
I used to have an older version of this product (Jabra Backbeat 920) this is essentially the same product re engineered to be much more resilient. The battery is good for around 3 hours playback, so plugging it in to charge at night is good. It comes with 3 different ear mounts, but I haven't found comfort an issue.
Earphones with mind of its own
I bought Jabra earphones after a disappointing experince with a competitor product. I followed the instructions from the start, and found none of the instructions what the earphone actually does! The earphone works well but only when it works. For the start, the charging supposed to be flashing blue line and when fully charged solid blue. In reality it charges with green flashing light and the light goes off when charged! When turning on to connect, it is a game of chance, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it disconnects for no apparent reason despite the phone being in the same position! Sometimes the volume buttons pressed will suggest battery charge level and sometimes works as volume. The FM radio is not reliable, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. However when it works, it is very good. So you can decide to have a lot of patience with a unit that has a mind of its own and does what it likes! For the money it is too expensive for the level of unreliability. My suggestion is to call it Jabra Sometimes, or Jabra Mood. You never know what you get when turning it on!
Worth Every Penny
The headphones are light and comfortable when placed behind the ears almost to the point that you forget you have them on. The sound is very good, bass response is excellent and the controls are easy to use. The built-in FM Radio is an added bonus and works well for reception. The only slight downside is the battery power and the length of usage time but when weighted against quality and comfort they are certainly worth purchasing.
Great product
Took me a little time to work out how to fit the ear gels properly as they kept falling out, but then I discovered a tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJmahiatmyk)from Jabra which explained how to fit them correctly. They are very comfortable and the sound quality is great with my HTC One.
perfect choice
Crystal clear music,simple to set up
Perfect price compared to others leads to perfect choice.
I received mine yesterday, still not test it in my runnings, but so far, Jabra does what promises: good sound quality, FM Radio with good quality too, fits ok in my ears, and its very light.
In relation to battery life, also have not had a chance to test.
In my opinion sportsmen music lovers ...its worth buying!
Great headset
I use my Sport wireless mostly for running 5 times a week. Quality is good and it just work.
Bad Product
This headset plays sounds horribly, it's on and off every other second. I do not recommend spending your money on this item, there are much better headsets in the market. I've tried everything to fix it, paring it again and re-installing the firmware i send an email to Jabra support and took them 10 days to respond. Moreover they have the worst customer service, not helpful at all!
Pairs with my Galaxy S3 and my Note table, but I can't hear 5 consecutive seconds of any song without breaking up. It's like a broken record, tried a million different things, and same result. Crappy product. NOT RECOMMENDED! I got a better product(wireless headset) from ebay from China for $15 bucks
Jabra Sports
The Jabra Sports looks flashy, and feels nice in the ear, but that is all it is, flash.
The sound is limiting, absolutely no bass (as promised), and the voice over commands are very annoying after a while. There is no way to stop the voice over commands. You just have to remove the ear piece.
Don't buy
This is by far the worst product I've ever purchased.

I've had them replaced 3 times within the last 6 months and the latest set just died on me.

There's something faulty with the design. I'll never buy from Jabra again.
Great Headphones!
I recently bought these from Mobile Fun and firstly the delivery was quick.
The headphones are comfy and have great sound (to me anyway) even though some reviews on the sound were mixed.
It's great having no wires as I was fed up with them pulling on my ears and then falling out!
I also love the controls as I can skip to the next track without having to try and swipe my finger on the touch screen or get the ipod out of my pocket whilst on the move.
The only negative is that the cord which connects the earphones together could be a tad longer so it lands on your t-shirt and not neck. It does't cause any discomfort though.
I would definitely recommend them.
Just what I wanted
Wanted a set of bluetooth headphones that I could use whilst running and could withstand some light rain as I continually get fed up with cables. Looked around the internet and found these so thought I would give them a try.

Arrived in a nice package and partially charged but topped them up anyway. Played around with the different fittings to get ones that were comfortable and helped hold the earpieces in place. Paired straightaway with my iPhone and I was off on a run. Easy to use on the move to alter volume and skip tracks. As it happened, I got a phone call whilst on the run and was able to answer that as well.

I've since tried them a few times and the only (very minor) issues I have are:

1. Range is very limited - they recommend using an arm-band on the right arm and I can see why. Even using them with the phone hand-held can result in occaisional dropping of the signal.

2. Play time is around 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Depends on the individual whether that is a problem or not.

Haven't tried using the radio feature so can't comment on that.

For me, they rate at 5 stars because I don't have a problem with the play time or the signal distance. They do exactly what I wanted them for.
Perfect gadget
For a long time I wanted this headset however read so many negative comments on the web which stopped me to buy.
But after all I was brave enough to get as it is exactly what I wanted as I am running and cycling every day no matter what the weather is also love music but hate cables.
So the item is great sound quality is great (obviously during workout you need a decent quality shouldn't have high expectation like a home HIFI) Connection is great even working outdoor if the ipod is in your back pocket below your waist. (using with iPhone 4s) Battery life is 3 hours sharp listenning music no more :(.
After a week usage the headset get mad after turning on activate the Siri called the last dialled number then turned off... I was about to send it back but before I have done a factory reset and now is working fine. Suggest to use this option as can solve the problem.
FM radio is not really useful but might be the area where I live is the problem as I tried in France and it was perfect.
All in all I love it does exactly what I need wish the battery life would be longer.
if you hesitate due to the bad reviews give it a go as I did and you won't regret.
Exactly what I wanted ... but
This product is excellent when it works as specified. I have had two of these and they have both had the same problem, the radio is louder in one ear and can switch randomly as the volume is adjusted, some times the balance is OK.
The Bluetooth connection is good in respect of both the MP3 player and the 'phone, and the sound balance is always OK, the problem appears to relate only to the radio.
A bit more volume would be appreciated.
As most jabra products this is very good, light and very comfortable, my only grip is the volume doesn't go high enough for me, but the sound quality is very good for a wireless product, obviously wire headphones are better but annoying in the gym or running.
So all in all very good product. Only downside is volume limit! Would recommend and have given 5*

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