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Jabra Halo Bluetooth Headphones Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Jabra HALO headphones are Jabra's latest Bluetooth headphones.
Price: £49.99

Was £71.44 | 30% OFF

The Jabra HALO headphones are Jabra's latest Bluetooth headphones.
 4.8 stars from 12 customers

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Superquick service
After spending all afternoon researching different bluetooth headphones I had eventually settled on the Jabra Halo Bluetooth Headphones. After doing some more search I found them on sale at I placed an order about 6pm on a friday night (the day before New Years Eve) and requested a Saturday delivery although prepared myself that it might not be possible over the Holiday period. Imagine my delight when at 9.30am the next morning I had a knock on the door from my postmand with my headphones which had got to me in London from Birmingham. 2 hours later after a quick charge and a 2 second pairing with my mobile I was out and about walking with my new headphones! Would definitely recommend buying from this site!
Jabra Halo BT headset
Great product. Fantastic sound. I use them with my Samsung Galaxy S and even the 5.1 function works with them.

I also use with home PC for stereo listening.
love them
Great wireless product with real quality stereo sound & base for such a slender unit , initially sent first set back because I couldn't get them to work ,it was my fault & jabra helpline was great & realised I hadn't clicked them together properly.
excellent product
Fantastic depth to the sound, particularly bass. Really classy, simple to use and a snug fit.
Sure, the mic picks up a lot of noise when you answer a call but this thing is genius for just listening to music. A perfect match for an iPhone.
I wanted a decent bluetooth headset for my HTC Desire HD mobile phone and the choice boiled down to the Jabra Halo (£70ish)or the Nokia BH-905i (£170ish). I was very concerned by stuff I read on the net about the Nokia having problems with music control functionality on some phones (they're obviously OK with a Nokia) So that, and not the money, coloured my choice. I got first time connectivity, very sensitive volume control, easy skip back/forward, good balanced sound, comfort and clear telephone calls and all without buttons and knobs ! My only slight concern is with the build quality, but only time will tell and they could do with a decent case...but hey !
A great present
Really excellent sound quality with iphone 3GS. Much better than the wired headphones and great to be able to control volume and track from headset. Volume controls are a bit hypersensitive and beep when you are going up and down but the controllability is getting better as I'm getting used to it. Haven't tried it out on a phone call yet. They feel much more comfortable than in ear phones also...very lightweight but simultaneously sturdy.
Excellent... but not perfect
Purchased for use with iPhones and an iPad. Works really well with the iPad for music and gaming. Also good with the iPhone though you have to keep the phone in your front pocket as the signal drops every 30 secs or so if the phone is in your back pocket! Perhaps I need to re-establish the bluetooth connection again as with my Jabra SP700 car kit. The Headphones sound great, are light and the controls simple to use. Folding then can be tricky initially as the joints are tight and stiff but once completed a few times then they loosen up. Excellent value for money for those who hate wires and in ear headphones like me...
sweet design , great job sound s gud , my first B.headphones with im happy , just one think don t work proper with iphone i need to change track on my phone not like the producer said on headphones , i use in same time laptop and phone wait ready i like that
im happy, service mobilefun best one in uk , i will buy from them more in future , ..well dann...
just what I expected (good)
These are working well.
Tricky to pair initially (my phones fault really). A bit hit and miss on the next/prev track but now seems okay.
They do not initiate voice dialling.
No one has called me while listening so I cannot tell how well they work in call.
Their range seems to be about 3m due to line of sight limitations. Even a thin stud wall causes drop-out, but re-connection occurs immediately in line of sight.
Some might feel the response to input is slow but I got used to it.
Very nice, but.....
The acoustics are very nice on these headphones better than my Sony DR-BT101's and they are much comfortable as my Sony's are very loose on my head. with my other Jabra bluetooth headset (BT3030) watching videos on my iPhone 3GS is a nightmare as the picture and sound are out of sync. As for sound, design and comfort these Halo are great but for all round performance the Sony DR-BT101's get my vote.

Oh, Thanks to the previous reviewer (Scotland) I had problems charging the Halo but having read his post, all is fine. Open and lock the headphones & it does indeed charge. Thanks dude.
Jabra Halo. Excellent!
To charge the headset it appears the headset needs to be open, and then LOCKED into positon. If you don't lock open, then green light flashes, but will not work properly. Sounds pretty good! I'm using the Halo with an iPhone 3G and lower volume settings are fine. (iPhone 3.1) Comfy, but have not tried jogging with the 'phones yet!
It worked!
Had to read the manual to find-out how to turn it on/off... - but how clever it is = You close it and it turns off. Cool!

The range is 5-6 meters and I could get a cold Danish beer and leave my iPhone on the charger.

If it had a Bang & Olufsen label it could sell for a lot more.

Not everything from Denmark is expensive and I only give four stars to give GN/Jabra a chance to improve and to supply a British mains plug, but the USB charger is fine.

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